Welcome to Graybars Project!   We are a motley crew of volunteers shining our lights in dark places one greeting card at a time!  There is no subculture of people more forgotten and lonely than America’s prisoners.  GRAYBARS volunteers donate and sign encouraging cards for distribution at numerous correctional facilities both locally and across the country. We are currently also helping stock a local juvenile detention center library by collecting and donating paperbacks.


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WHO CAN HELP? --  You don’t have to be handsome, glamorous, hilarious, athletic, talented, highly educated, politically correct, or filthy rich to be part of this group, but you do have to CARE! COMPASSION is fluently spoken here as we reach out to the LAST the LOST the LEAST and the LONELIEST. All ages are welcome, but volunteers under 18 must have parental consent.




  • DONATE CARDS --  Christmas, Easter, birthday, thinking of you, and blank greeting cards are needed. Stock up during post-holiday clearance sales. Goodwill and local thrift stores also carry inexpensive cards. Cards with glued adornments or music are forbidden for security reasons.


  • SIGN CARDS – Holiday or special occasion cards need your cheerful, encouraging sentiments.  Pull up a chair alongside other volunteers and sign as many group cards as you wish before or after service. Many recipients cannot read cursive, so printing is a good idea.


  • DONATE STAMPS – Postage is our biggest expense!  Choose vibrant, colorful ones!


  • DONATE PAPERBACKS – Both new and gently used books will do.  Overtly sexual, violent, or racially inflammatory covers or themes will be rejected by the facilities.  Textbooks and hardcover books are other no-nos.


  • PRAY FOR OUR INMATES -- Monthly prayer requests from inmates will be posted.


  • GIVE US NAMES OF PRISONERS SPECIAL TO YOUR HEART -- We will be happy to put your loved ones on our mailing list!  No shaming. No questions asked. We are honored to do this for you.


  • VISIT OUR EXHIBIT TABLE -- You are encouraged to read our bulletin board.  The display will be refreshed as creative writing, art, photos, and letters are received, so visit it often.



Hebrews 13:3  -  “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them’”. 







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