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December 7, 2014:


Hello again!


We welcomed December this morning by kicking off a new message series, “I Won’t Survive the Holidays”. If we are honest, I believe many of us tend to feel overwhelmed with the hustle and the frenzy of Christmas chaos, so you will want to be here each week to learn what the Bible has to say about where our focus should lie during the holidays.  Justice Petersen gets a round of applause for portraying the Virgin Mary as Pastor Billy’s living prop! Her mother, Cynthia, has an excellent eye for costuming, and we appreciate them bringing drama to the stage. Claps and cheers for our Revolution Kids who treated us to two fun songs this morning.  I betcha not many adults in the crowd have memorized the books of the Old Testament like these little ones did! Great job! If you enjoy children and want to serve in this church, there are immediate openings in our children’s ministry for you. 


It was real good to have Dean Schuldt back on acoustic guitar after several weeks’ absence.  He was kind enough to step up to lead worship for a church in a neighboring community that had an immediate need, but now he is back with us.


The Tech Team welcomed Bruce Smit to the world of video recording this morning.  Thank you, Bruce, for volunteering to learn something new.  He was surprised how easy it was, so if you would like to take a turn taping the sermon for online viewing, Darren and Doug will be happy to give you a quick inservice.


Did your children attend the pizza/game night at the Arnott home Friday?  I hope so, because the kids had a whoop-ti-do time eating, playing spoons, dancing, and just blowing off steam.  Thank you Nicki and Doug for hosting this event!


New December sermon topic cards are at the welcome center.  Let’s use every single card this month and let the community know what is happening.  Take several and leave in public places or slip inside your Christmas cards to spread the word that we are here.   Revolution T-shirts are also for sale at the welcome center. These would make a nice Christmas gift, if you still haven’t finished your shopping.


Women’s Christmas gift exchange/potluck is THIS Saturday at 1:00 pm at Allison Merkel’s home in New Lenox.  All women are welcome to come and bring friends.  Just bring a dish to pass and a wrapped gift worth about $10, and join the festivities.


Revolution celebrates our first Christmas on December 21 with a potluck luncheon immediately following the service.  We want everybody to stay and fellowship together, so bring your favorite recipes and make a bit extra for our visitors, too. 

Congratulations to the Rowleys on the birth of an itty-bitty granddaughter Wednesday!  Little Amelia Dee arrived four weeks early at 6:39 a.m. weighing 5 lb. 5 inches and 18 inches long!  She stayed in ICU for a few days for some extra special supervision, but is already home. 


Lauren Gross and her father (better known as “single dad” )who have been on our online prayer page for months praying for a handicapped accessible van were featured on WGN-TV last week, and donations poured in from viewers.  We are ecstatic to announce their prayers have been answered above and beyond what they ever dreamed with $58,294 already given.  Lauren will be sharing her story at Revolution within the next few weeks!


Effective immediately, you can now give your tithes and offerings online with PayPal! For long-distance supporters, those on vacation, working, or sick, this will allow you to continue to bless and support your church in your absence.  We have rent to pay and supplies to purchase, and we depend upon your generosity and faithfulness to keep this ministry strong.  Thank you for giving!


Mark Fischer and his wife, Shomari, will celebrate their anniversary on Dec. 12TH!  That brown eyed lump of sugar also known as Jo’lissa Williams celebrates her FIRST birthday on the 14th! Congratulations to these three folks! We wish you much happiness!


The Sharpe family is moving to Michigan, and they need your boxes and newspaper for packing up their belongings.  Next week will be their final Sunday with us, so give those items to Matt or Becky ASAP. Probably wouldn’t hurt to bring a wad of Kleenexes in your pocket, too, as I’m sure we will cry like big babies when Pastor gives them their going-away blessing.


We look forward to seeing you next Sunday.  Grab a buddy and come out and hear some Christmas songs as well as some pretty decent preaching. Come to the stage after service if you need prayer.  We are never in too big of a hurry to pray with you and over you if you need a little help.  We love and appreciate each one of you who nurtures this church plant and helps it thrive.  We are moving forward and gaining momentum, and there is a place for you, too!







December 1, 2014:


Welcome back, Friends, Supporters and Looky-loos!


We hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and remembered to roll your scales back 10 lbs. Wednesday night. From the looks of the number of us who showed up this morning in stretchy pants with drawstrings, it appears we all had plenty of turkey and pie to eat this week.  Did you pause to give God applause?  Truly, He has been good!


Thank you to those hospitable folks among us who scooted over Thursday and set an extra plate for church friends who would otherwise have eaten alone.  We encourage you to consider doing it again for Christmas.  We have people sitting in this church who are hours away from any family.  Some of us are separated, freshly divorced, grieving the loss of a spouse or new to this congregation.  Some of the people sitting beside you have moths living in their wallets where once were dollars, and you could be a tremendous blessing by making an effort to include them in your December festivities.


Since this is the 5th Sunday of a month, today was “Family Sunday” when every child (with the exception of screamers and squawkers) stayed in the sanctuary and worshipped with their families. Since this was also the final Sunday of the month, we celebrated Communion, too. It was precious to watch parents leading their children to the table to partake of the Lord’s Supper together. As we gathered around the tables the worship team sang a new Newsboys song, “We Believe”, and many of you commented that you loved those lyrics.


Tom “Imminent” Williamson is such a good sport! He was a trusting soul and a brave heart on stage during this morning’s sermon that involved a rickety kitchen chair and an electric saw.  If you missed today’s service, you MUST go to the home page and click “Watch”.  Not only was this hilarious, but it was a powerful visual that will help us be stronger Christians.  This concluded the November “Death to Selfie” series.


It was great to see Greg & Deborah Struck back in church today.  They were tan and smiling, just home from their honeymoon in Mexico. They were eager to help our crew clear the stage after service, and we appreciate them stepping up so we could all finish faster. Kevin Seets and Geno O’Brien were also hustling, so we applaud their efforts, too.


We have lots of birthdays to celebrate this week! Laurell Palacios  who has attended several of the women’s Bible studies celebrated on Nov. 25th.  Melanie Seets turned 23 on Nov 26th.  She is the daughter of Kevin and Joyce Seets who have been with us several weeks now.   Joe (not to be confused with Joey) Divittorio blows out his candles Saturday.   Jeff Jones from Blue Island, IL who frequently says hello online celebrates his special day on December 5th!  The worship team’s guitarist and singer, Dean Schuldt, turns 55 tomorrow. Thank you for sticking with us from day one, Dean! You are appreciated and loved!


The women’s Christmas get-together on Saturday, December 13th in New Lenox has many women RSVP’d to attend.  You should bring your favorite passing dish and a wrapped present valued near $10 for a fun gift exchange.  No “white elephants”, please.  Invite your friends to join us, just be sure and let Su Parker know how many to expect  Don’t be shy!  Nobody bites, and we could all use some laughter and stress relief during the holidays.  We should always have room for one more friend in our lives!


See you next Sunday at 10 a.m.  Free coffee and snacks are here for your enjoyment, compliments of our hospitality department.  Our children will be on stage singing next week, so parents and grandparents bring your cameras, and expect something special!  The 2014 Christmas season has officially begun, so look for ways to be kinder than necessary to each other and especially to the LAST, the LOST, and the LEAST.  We must never lose sight of our mission.







November 23, 2014:



Hi, Friends!


Thanks to all who came out to worship with us again today.  We have many already out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, and others soon to be on the road and at the airport as they trek back to friends and family.  Let’s pray for safe travels and decent weather, because as busy as we all are nobody’s got time for drama.


Pastor Billy’s message stepped on many toes according to comments after service, but that was a good thing.  The topic was about being content and thankful and resisting the urge to compare our possessions, lifestyles, and relationships with those of others.  Cultivating an attitude of gratitude helps us see what is THERE instead of what ISN’T. If we take Pastor’s words to heart, we should all have a lot less WHINE with the cheese platter come Thursday.


What a strong showing from Revolution Church yesterday at Children’s Hunger Fund toy wrap! Many more wanted to attend, but it was RSVP, and seats filled quickly. Can you believe hundreds of volunteers from various suburbs came together and sat elbow to elbow wrapping near 17,000 stuffed animals for needy children?  That number is NOT a typo!  How fun!  Thank you, Mark Fischer, for organizing this service opportunity for us.


Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies as well as three small groups in three different towns are available if you wish to visit and see if you like them.  There is no obligation to join, so feel welcome to take a peek. Ask any of our leaders for more information, and we will direct you to the folks who can best help you. 


Remember our worship team is in immediate need of a rehearsal room and small, secure storage room near the church for our musical and stage equipment. Dr. Bruce Smit and Dr. Pete Kahlhammer gave us a large office for the last 9 ½ months and never charged this church a cent for rent, but now it has been leased.  What a gift while it lasted!  THANK YOU! If you ever find yourself in need of foot or dental care, give these guys a call.  We believe in patronizing those businesses that are good to this church.


On Thursday Brenda and Ron Hajek would’ve been married 43 years.  She says good memories are always worth mentioning, so we can’t let this special day slide by without a tip of the hat to this couple.  Love you, Brenda! It is amazing how strong you can be when strong is your only option. 


Happy belated birthday wishes are going out to little Lucas Anco who celebrated on November 1st.  Next year I promise to type it for the correct week. So sorry!  My bad!


Kevin Ward celebrates his 35th birthday on the 26th!  If you need some remodeling or painting done at your house, get in touch with Kevin for an estimate.  He is a hard worker and will try his best to please you and get your house looking great in time for the holidays.


Su Parker, we adore you!  Her birthday is a week from today, but she will not be with us next Sunday, so this gives us ample time to give some special loving a bit in advance.  Su can be found at the welcome center and passing out lanyards to the staff each week.   She is the leader seeking your RSVP to the women’s 1:00 pm Christmas lunch and gift exchange on December 13th.  This will be so much fun, so please, ladies, plan to join us in this holiday fellowship.


4th -8th graders, have a game night/pizza party December 5th in Homer Glen. Nicki Arnott is the teacher to contact at 630-200-5827 if you want your child to attend.


As Thanksgiving nears we are mindful that some of our members live far from family.  Others are recently divorced or widowed. Some are flat broke, 12-stepping, and just plain sad.  If you wish, Peace Lutheran Church across the street from Lincoln-Way Central High School in New Lenox, IL is having an 11:30 worship service and a lavish, free community lunch at noon.  Please RSVP to those wonderful people with our blessing, and soak up their holiday love.  We aim to be friends to all who are friends of Christ no matter the name on the label they wear. 


There is always, always, always something to be grateful for, and here at Revolution we say THANK YOU to each person who supports this mission with time, talents, and treasure. You are so appreciated and loved.  We may be small, but we are fierce, and we are making a difference in families and in our community.  We are proof that broken crayons still color!  To God be all the glory!









November 17, 2014:


Good morning!


Don’t you just love our church? Bob Smith, director of Transforming Lifegroups, was our guest speaker this morning, and he did an excellent job delivering a message about God loving us more than we love ourselves. Several of his relatives were in attendance, and we were happy to welcome them.   You can watch the sermon on our website by clicking “WATCH” on the home page Monday afternoon.


Again, Justin Graniczny was willing to step up on very short notice and serve as our drummer for worship.  We appreciate his sweet attitude and for getting up before daylight hustling stage equipment to the church and then being the last one out the door after it was all packed up again this afternoon.


Saturday afternoon Greg Struck and Debbie Kawka got married at the picturesque Landmark Chapel in Tinley Park, IL, and it was a gorgeous ceremony and reception with supper and Greek dancing.  How fun! Debbie was so sparkly in her fancy dress she looked like a princess! Some photos are already floating around on Face Book, but we look forward to them bringing their album to church so we can enjoy the professional shots with them.


Doug and Nicki Arnott are hosting a pizza and game night for 4th-8th graders at their home in Homer Glen Friday, December 5 at 6:30 pm.  Call them at 630-200-5827 for more information and directions to the fun. There is a suggested $2 donation, but all the kids are welcome regardless of ability to pay.  RSVP now, and mark your calendar today, because we know how December can snowball on top of us.


Oh, nooooooo!  Say it ain’t so! Sorry to the procrastinators among us, but all the volunteer spaces for toy wrappers at Children’s Hunger Fund have been filled.  Thanks to those of you who did reserve your place in time.  You will have a blast this Saturday playing “Santa’s helpers” to bless needy children in our area.


So many of you have been complimentary toward our music team from day one, so now is your opportunity to do something nice for them.  Their band room is being leased at the end of the month, and they need an immediate, secure, heated place near the church to rehearse a few times a month and to store their instruments and stage equipment. Who has a garage or warm basement they would invite us to use?


Lisa Rizzo, goodbye, and safe travels to Arizona for the winter! We hope to see you again with the first spring thaw of 2015. Brenda Hajek, while we shiver in mittens and bulky coats, you will be sunning your face in Florida, so we also extend prayers for a safe journey and hope you will enjoy your family down south.


Kevin Seets, you are fairly new to Revolution Church, but we are happy to send out Happy 60th Birthday wishes to you on Tuesday!   Mark and Jennifer Rhodes celebrate their anniversary Saturday, and we hope they have lots more years of togetherness!  They sure are good people.


We had three people give their heart to Jesus this morning! Several stayed after service for anointing with oil and special prayer.  We will always make room for you.  We will always make time for you.  Join us here next Sunday at 10 am to hear Pastor Billy’s Thanksgiving message as he continues his November series, “Death to Selfie”.  Feel free to contact us if you need us before next Sunday.  Have a blessed week!









November 9, 2014:




Hey, folks!  Happy Sunday!


How about that stage?  Oh. My. Goodness.  Matt Sharpe summed it up best by saying, “Welcome to the Obstacle Course!”   Now and again sharing our auditorium with a middle school is an “adventure”, and today the stage was filled with chairs and musical equipment used for yesterday’s concert band festival.  You’ve heard the modern beatitude that says, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape”?  Well, today, we felt a little like Gumbys and Stretch Armstrong dolls adapting to our new “cozy” surroundings, but at the end of the day, what did it really matter?  It didn’t.  Preaching, praise and worship happened, and that is always a good thing. Phil and Cynthia we at the mics today, and we hope you were blessed by the selections we prepared. 


We need for you to be our eyes and ears as we seek a new rehearsal/storage room for our worship team.  Since February we were welcomed at no charge into a building near our church, but in two weeks that facility is being leased, and we have to relocate.  We need a place that is secure, protected from the impending winter weather, and is near the church for quick loading and unloading each Sunday.  Do you have extra garage space? Are you willing to donate a storage unit? Do you have a basement that has easy entry from outside? Now is a wonderful opportunity to step up and be a blessing to our music department.  Who will help us?  We have to act quickly!


Congratulations to Christian Hively for landing a job at the New Lenox Target! His duties include unloading merchandise, stocking, and rounding up carts. For as many months as he has helped unpack our U-Haul and carry heavy stuff for free, we feel he will be a natural at this paying job.


Kim Price, our martial arts pro, has a birthday on the 14th.  Holly Schuldt up in Chicago celebrates her 22ndbirthday on the 16th.   Drop me an email if you’d like your birthday or anniversary acknowledged here on this page.  We will be most proud to include you.


Folks wishing to wrap Christmas toys on November 22 from 9- noon must sign up online   Space is limited, so don’t piddle around, or all the seats will be filled, and then you will feel like a heel in time for the holidays.  Mark Fischer cannot sign you up for this event, but he can answer questions:



The address is

Children’s Hunger Fund

17451 Palmer Blvd

Homewood, IL. 60430



Remember, we have three Transforming Lifegroups open in Frankfort, Manhattan, and New Lenox.  If you would like to plug into a small group and study the Book of Acts, share snack, and get to know church friends a little better, you are welcome to hop aboard.  Write to or sign up at the hospitality table as you enter our building.


Men: If you want to study the book of James and share food and fellowship, come to New Lenox on Tuesday nights and join this fun group.  Write to for directions.   Ladies: If you are free on Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm, perhaps you’d enjoy studying the book of Romans. This brief course ends December 11. Write for directions to her home in Manhattan.


Women’s Ministry Director, Su Parker, invites all ladies to attend Revolution Church’s first Christmas mixer in New Lenox on December 13.  There will be an inexpensive holiday gift exchange and free potluck lunch, so be flipping through your recipe files now, and plan to bring your favorites to share with your friends.  (Spoiler Alert:  Allison Merkel will be making authentic Cajun GUMBO, and rumor has it that it’s so delicious one bite will make your tongue slap your brains out trying to get more!) Sign up!


Special recognition to all our veterans reading this page.  Tuesday is National Veterans Day when America pauses and appreciates your service to our country. We have several in our congregation, and that makes us feel proud. Thank you!


We have some folks walking through some rugged places, so be kind and look after each other. Some of us are too proud to share openly.  Others are too ashamed. Pay attention.  Listen between the lines.  Pastor Billy preached about compassion today, so let’s apply what we learned and be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who could use a hand up.  Click on the prayer box on our home page, and familiarize yourself with the needs within this church.  Maybe you can be the answer to somebody’s prayer.










November 2, 2014:



Good morning, Friends!


Yesterday most of you remembered to roll back your clocks an hour, and we had a good crowd show up to finish the “How to Hug a Vampire” messages by studying what the Bible has to say about critical people. If anybody has negative comments about the message, please raise your hand……Now put it over your mouth. (Laughing!)  I hope we ALL will be mindful of curbing our griping and grumbling, moaning and groaning after hearing what the Bible teaches about having a complaining spirit. If  you missed church, you can see the video online by clicking WATCH on the home page.  That was certainly a fun series! Next week Pastor Billy kicks off the November series, “#DeathtoSelfie” with sermons about how to follow Jesus and love others while the world’s focus is “it’s all about ME”.


Thank you, Justin Graniczny for stepping up to play drums for us with very little notice.  Huge thanks from the team for helping us load and unload all that stage equipment at the rehearsal building. We appreciated your muscles and your willing attitude.   We also welcomed Judy Christensen to the tear down team. She may be tiny, but that woman can WORK!  We just love our volunteers, and with the extra hands, we all got finished earlier today.


Much appreciation to Dominick Anco for running our overhead lyric slides this morning.  He trained last week, and today was working independently, and didn’t make a single mistake.  If Dom can learn it, so can you!  The tech team is eager to train all who are interested in helping with sound, camera, and slides.


Thank you, Bob Smith, for your dedication to make Transforming Lifegroups a success.  Our first group met in Manhattan at the home of Phil and Michelle Grifford Sunday evening to study Acts, share snack, and have fellowship.  Monday’s small group is hosted by Brenda Hajeck in New Lenox, and Friday’s group is hosted by Dan and Kristy Lehman in Frankfort very near our church. All groups meet from 6:30-8:30 pm. There is still room for you!


Mark your calendar NOW for Revolution’s Women’s Christmas Luncheon on Saturday, December 13 at 1 pm at Allison Merkel’s home in New Lenox.  There will be an inexpensive gift exchange ($10 limit) and potluck meal to share.  RSVP to or Su Parker at 


Are you skilled at wrapping pretty holiday packages?  Would you like to participate in another family-oriented community service project?  If you answered yes, come out and join us at Children’s Hunger Fund in Homewood, IL Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014 to help wrap Christmas gifts for deserving families in our area.  This is the same place where we packed the food boxes earlier this fall.  Missions Direction, Mark Fischer, can give you more info at


Special acknowledgement to Rachel DiVittorio, a student at Olivet Nazarene University, who had the joy of singing in the choir that backed up Christian superstar, Sandi Patti, at a campus concert this weekend. What an honor to get to participate!


Grace Bowes celebrated her birthday November 1st.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet girl!


Congratulations to Jordan Knott, Subway restaurant’s newest sandwich maker! If any of you have a hankerin’ to “eat fresh”, you should go to New Lenox and let Jordan make you something good to eat.



See you all back again next Sunday.  Until then, remember to pass out the new sermon cards, and bless a stranger with another Random Act of Kindness card and good deed.  Both of these cards are found on the table outside the sanctuary doors.  Have a fantastic week, and enjoy your November!









October 26, 2014:



Welcome Friends!


Pastor Billy was back in the pulpit today after missing last week with a horrible case of bronchitis.  He was much improved, but, unfortunately, his throat was not yet ready to sing. He played acoustic guitar, and Dean Schuldt was kind enough to step to the plate and lead worship for us this morning.  Thank you, Dean, for rearranging your previous plans to come help us again today!


We had more folks in church than we had last week, so that was encouraging! Did you enjoy the new “streamlined” format today?  Pastor has made some changes in the services that will allow him to dismiss 15 to 20 minutes earlier. This will provide more time after church for prayer and socializing with each other.  It will also allow Pastor more freedom to mingle with members before assisting the worship team in tearing down the stage and packing the U-Haul.


We shared in Communion by Intinction this morning as is our custom on the last Sunday of the month. Thank you, Mike and Diana Rowley for setting all of this up for us.  We appreciate you! It was encouraging to see a new face learning the ropes at the tech booth.  Peotone chiropractor, Dr. Dominick Anco, we welcome you aboard, and thank you for volunteering.  There is still room for others who wish to learn how to do overhead slides, mix sound, and film the services for online viewing.   Children’s Ministry again has opportunities for serving.  We always are looking for willing hearts and smiling faces to help out once or twice a month.


Two thumbs up to the many of you who helped bless the Knotts with Revolution Church’s very first Pastor Appreciation Day.  Apologies for the audio difficulties with the video, but, since we take pride in announcing “No Perfect People Allowed” we understand that sometimes “Stuff Happens”.  In spite of that technical glitch we presented a large basket full of cards, edible goodies, gifts, gift cards, cash and letters of appreciation.  We hope Pastor Billy will forgive us for what he called “hijacking”, and will enjoy the treats offered by a lot of loving folks who did their best to honor their leader.


Transforming Lifegroups kick off this week! If you would like to study from the book of Acts, there are currently three host homes open for you in New Lenox, Mokena, and Manhattan.  Interested?  Email to see where you will fit best.


Heather Graniczny finished her last class and has earned her BSN and MSN/Nurse Educator Certificate which means she can teach nursing at colleges or in the hospitals. The girl has worked HARD for a long time to finish her degree, and we applaud her.  Her mom, Leslie, was back in church today walking very steadily with a cane after serious foot surgery. Thank you, Lord, for helping her improve each week.


Condolences to Judy Christensen on the loss of her beloved brother-in-law, Jimmy Latarewicz. Many of you have seen his prayer request for weeks on our online prayer page.   His memorial service was Friday. Continue to pray for his widow (Judy’s sister), as she restarts life without him.


Doug Arnott, our sound guy, turns 32 years old on Halloween!  Greg Struck celebrates on Oct. 29th, and Larry Klaaren blows out his candles on November 1st.  Happy Birthday, and God bless!


See you all back here next Sunday at 10 a.m. for the final message in “How To Hug A Vampire” series. Bring a friend, and come see what the Lord is doing at our church!









October 19, 2014:



Oh.  My. Goodness.   WHAT A MORNING!


Sometimes you don’t realize how much responsibility some people shoulder until they are absent.  This morning some of us thought we were being punked when we read a message from Pastor Billy saying he wasn’t coming, but that text was no joke. He was super sick, and couldn’t leave his house. When a person wears as many hats and works as hard as he does, it leaves gaping holes in the music, the singing, the set up/tear down of the stage, U-Haul packing and unpacking, not to mention the preaching.  For Revolution Church it quickly became a case of sink or swim, and we unanimously decided to REFUSE TO SINK.


The worship team trashed the prepared song set, added some members, juggled roles, “recalculated” and then basically winged it, and the Lord blessed our efforts. Different people commented they felt God in the room. Matt Sharpe worked all night and then learned this morning he needed to deliver the sermon. Many of us would’ve come unglued at that point, but he was cool as a cucumber and stepped up without grumping and complaining and delivered the Word of God to us, and it was beautifully presented!  The stage crew sorely missed Pastor’s muscles, but people jumped up to help haul in equipment, set it all up, tear it down again, load the trucks and trailers, and finally unpack much of it down the road at our rehearsal room.  So many people accepted double and triple duties today, and it was a beautiful thing to see what can happen when we all pull in the same direction.  It reminded me of the old beatitude that says: ”Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape!”


The paid position for Asst. Director of Children’s Ministry has not been filled.  If you are dependable, smart, good with kids, and love Jesus, come talk to Pastor Billy to see if you are the person he is looking for.  Again, we ask you to consider volunteering with our young ones.  We can train you how to check in the kids at the front door.  It is easy peasy, and only takes a few minutes.  Nursery can always put burping, rocking and snuggling skills to work.  Grannies reading this:  Will you take a turn so our young mothers can have an opportunity to sit in worship with their families more often? Teachers and assistant teachers are also needed.  Be a blessing, and serve Revolution’s smallest members.  Mark your connection cards, and we will get in touch.  Thanks in advance!


October 24th is a special day for two of Revolution’s young women.  Happy Birthday to BREE DROTTS (24) and to our perpetually smiling DIANA LOPEZ who turns 18 on Friday. Sending a shout out across the country to one of our online cowboy friends reading from NC, MR, RANDALL PARKER, who celebrates on Friday. Saturday KAREN DIVITTORIO (also known as Joey’s mom) celebrates her birthday, too.  Lotsa love coming your way, folks! 


Congratulations to Bruce Smit’s son, Brad, who will be leaving CA to become a worship leader at Generation Church in Mesa, AZ next month! If all goes as planned, he will soon be a pastor. How exciting to take this first step into ministry!


Do you know of a decent person needing a place to live?  Our own Judy Christensen has a vacancy near Silver Cross Hospital.  She is renting out a bedroom, private bath, and garage space with laundry and kitchen privileges, too.  This is a nice home, so creeps and skanky people need not inquire.  Seriously.  Don’t. 


Let us direct your attention to the Wish List on our Home Page.  Browse the list of needed items, go shopping, and bless your church.  We go through lots of paper, ink, Ziploc baggies, cups, and coffee here. We need to replenish our stock, so we need some shoppers!  While you are on the Home Page, click on the prayer requests, and help pray for your Revolution family’s needs.


Next week we share Communion, so come out for that.  We also conclude our “How to Hug a Vampire” sermon series, so use up your monthly sermon cards and leave them in public places, library books, store bulletin boards, restaurant tables….  Those cards are costly, so let’s not let even one go unseen.  It’s getting drizzly and chilly and easier to hit the snooze button and sleep in, but you need your church, and your church needs you, so GET UP. That includes you, Pastor Billy; but as Madea would say, “Ya’ll

don’t be bringin’ that Eboler around hurrr!”  Rest up. Feel Better.  God Bless!









October 12, 2014:



Howdy, neighbors! Pull up a chair, and let’s catch up on the week’s news.


Some people can just suck the nice right out of you, can’t they? Today we continued our October series, “How to Hug a Vampire” by learning what the Bible has to say about dealing with manipulative people. Join us next Sunday when we study scriptures that show us how to deal with hypocrites.  This has been such a fun and educational series, and we are learning a lot.


Thank you to Doug Arnott, for coming in hours before service to make sure all the sound and video equipment was set up properly.  Doug worked all night and had propped his eyelids open with toothpicks, but he was faithful to his task, and we give him two thumbs up for reliability.    Thanks to Darren Rych for manning the tech table this morning.  He had a lot of irons in the fire back there, and somehow, some way, he managed to pull it off!   These guys have some important responsibilities, and they would love to show you the ropes.  We are currently looking for four more dependable, smart volunteers to learn how to help with audio, video, and the slides.  They are a fun group and will train you and welcome you to this ministry, so don’t be shy if you want to help.   Thanks so much to the new folks who have been sticking around after service to stack chairs.  When we all stay a few minutes to help, we all get to go home at a decent hour and relax.


Congratulations to Allison & Brad Merkel who celebrated their love with a beach wedding in Aruba last week! The pictures circulating online are absolutely beautiful, and we are so happy for this young couple.


October 15th, our Tyler Yost swears into the United States Coast Guard. He hopes to become either a Health Service Technician or a Maritime Enforcement Specialist.  Boot Camp date is approved for June 2, 2015.  We are extremely proud and excited for him to begin this next chapter in his life!


A round of applause to Hospitality Ministry volunteer, Pat Kupres, who competed in the Chicago Marathon today! She ran in honor of her late husband, Vic, and her late friend, Ron Hajek, and wore their names on her shirt. She is so sweet!


Andrew Bowes turns 17 this week, so we are sending him festive wishes. (Ahhhhh… Wouldn’t it be awesome to be 17 again?) Our very own Mark Rhoades celebrates his birthday this Tuesday!  We appreciate these men, so when you see them out and about, make sure and show them some love. It is said that some women leave a trail of glitter everywhere they go, and that certainly applies to this week’s birthday girl and Revolution Church supporter, Pat Wozny, who also celebrates Tuesday. We love you, Queen Pat!


Thank you for attending.  Thank you for watching our messages and our worship music online. Thank you for sharing your time, treasures, and talents to help grow and nurture this church plant. IN THE SIX MONTHS SINCE WE LAUNCHED, WE HAVE SEEN 54 SALVATIONS AND 24 RECOMMITMENTS TO CHRIST! Some of the folks volunteering and faithfully attending Revolution had never had a home church before finding us, and this tells us we are doing something right.  All of this pulling together in the same direction is making a difference in this community!  Hold on tight, and refuse to sink!


Remember to always gather at the stage after church if you would like to be anointed with oil and prayed over by Pastor Billy and other believers.  This has become a special time for our people as we love them and offer one on one support and care for whatever is weighing heavy on their hearts. We welcome you to join us next Sunday at 10.  Free cookies, coffee, and hugs are waiting for you!









October 5, 2014:



Hey, Everybody!


Thank you for rolling out of bed on this frigid morning and coming out to support your church when it would’ve been easier to have slapped the snooze button and lounged in ratty pajamas all day.  Our set up crew was already on the road before 6 a.m. loading heavy equipment and setting up the stage, welcome center, hospitality tables, and classrooms to make sure you had a professional and meaningful worship experience.  These folks put in more behind the scenes hours than most of you realize. While many of us are still snoring, they are sweating and hustling and racing a clock to finish before you arrive.  After service when most of us are gathered around the Sunday dinner table, this crew is still huffing and puffing tearing down and hauling away this portable church.  They sacrifice much of their Sabbath serving this body of believers.  THANK THEM.  LOVE THEM.


Appreciation is also going out to our fantastic worship team.  So many of you speak of how you soak up Revolution’s music, and that blesses our hearts.  Do you know the members of this team give up their Thursday evenings for rehearsal?  Most have family responsibilities, and most rush in tired after working all day, but they do it with joyful attitudes. Since our launch in March some have not missed a single practice or a service. That is dedication!  Those music slides? They don’t design and type themselves.  The audio? That sure doesn’t mix itself.  All those worship You Tube videos you see floating around FaceBook were recorded by volunteers who rush home to upload them online because they know you look forward to them. Ever see the dozens of wires and cables that look like spaghetti all over the stage? Our tech guys show up so early to make sure all the sound, camera, and digital stuff is working as it is supposed to so we have no technical difficulties.  THANK THESE PEOPLE.  LOVE THEM.


Children’s Ministry workers are also deserving of recognition.  What a blessing it is to come to a church that has top quality lessons and worship for our smallest members. So much planning and preparation goes on during the week that most of us never hear about. While many of us are in the sanctuary enjoying the sermon and the music, unseen volunteers are down the hall burping babies and teaching age appropriate lessons so the adults can enjoy church without wiggliness and noise causing distractions.  These servants watch the sermons online later in the week, and while that is good, it is not their first choice, but they do it because they want to help this church grow.  THANK THEM.  LOVE THEM.


You, too, can step up and volunteer with these good folks.  We are currently looking for a couple more reliable people to join the tech team so our crew can take a much needed rest.  Children’s Ministry is seeking an Assistant Director.  This is a paid position.  If you are interested, contact for job descriptions .and let’s see how we can put you to work.


Pastor Billy kicked off his October series, “How to Hug a Vampire – Loving the People Who Suck the Life Out of You”, with a humorous message about “Overly Needy People”. Next week we will learn what the Bible has to say about handing manipulative people. Vampires! Just in time for Halloween. Is this a cool church or what? 


Mark Fischer treated us to a slide show of last Saturday’s church outreach of packing food at Children’s Hunger Fund in Homewood, IL.   What a strong turn out! We hope to be involved with a gift wrapping event in late November or early December. Thanks again for caring enough to serve your community.


Bob and Heather Smith opened their home for our monthly prayer meeting tonight.  Thank you to those who attended. Bob is also who you contact if you wish to be in a small group.  He is determining which nights work best for the meetings, so if you are interested in attending, speak up quickly.


What a joy to look up and see Grandma Mildred Ferguson come walking in from Memphis! Mildred holds the distinction of being the eldest member of Revolution, and we get all excited when she comes to visit her daughter, Brenda.  She will be here until November 4th, so visit with her before she flies south.


Deborah Kawka just had a birthday, so be extra sweet to her when you see her out and about.


Have a blessed week, and try to stay warm.   See you Sunday at 10!










September 28 2014:


Happy Sunday!


Today Pastor Billy concluded his series, “Revelation”, with a message about the Second Coming of Jesus. Attendance was good.  Preaching was good.  Worship was good.  Communion was awesome! It was precious to witness Shey and Senna Settles receive their first Communion in the presence of many of their relatives who joined us to observe this special milestone for the twins.  Remember, we serve Communion the last Sunday of each month with your choice of grape juice, wine, and regular or gluten-free bread for members with special dietary needs.


Pats on the back and high fives to the dozens of you who volunteered to pack food boxes at Children’s Hunger Fund in Homewood Saturday.  It always uplifts the spirit to step up and serve the needy in our communities. We appreciate how well you represented Revolution Church! Next Sunday we will share  photos and give you a detailed update of what took place as well as upcoming holiday volunteer opportunities.


Bob and Heather Smith open their home and invite everyone to come for prayer meeting next Sunday at 6:30 p.m. They live near Brookhaven Grocery in Mokena and will give directions and more info if you write to


Sympathies are extended to Kevin and Joyce Seets on the Saturday passing of Kevin’s father.  Those of you who read our online prayer page know that Ken had end stage Alzheimers, and recently broke his neck in a fall from his chair. Let’s support these good people with love and prayers as they walk through this rough time.


It was great to look up and see Allison Merkel in the crowd.  She got the miserably unpleasant surprise of an emergency appendectomy earlier in the week, so she and Brad got to test the “in sickness and in health” part of their two week old marriage vows sooner than they expected. 


Leslie Graniczny is expected to go home Monday after hospitalization to remove her toes and take out those stupid kidney stones that started this whole snowball rolling downhill.  We came a hair of losing her, but she is tough and refused to sink.  Brighter days are now in view, so things are definitely looking up in this family!


We want to congratulate Marlo Seigers for landing a new job as Intake Coordinator for Lifecore Social and Rehab Counseling in Oak Forest.  Her first day is Monday, so we are sending her lots of good wishes for success in this position. 


Happy 14th Anniversary to Jimmy and Kristi (Hajek) Leatherman on Monday! We would love to see these folks more often, but we are sure pleased to have their children worship here frequently with Grandma Brenda.


Next Sunday Pastor Billy kicks off his October series, “How to Hug a Vampire – Loving the People Who Suck the Life Out of You”, with a message about “Overly Needy People”. Surely each of us just snickered as a face (or two...or three) came to mind.  Vampires! Just in time for Halloween. Is this a cool church or what?  Come check us out Sundays at 10.  We have a nursery and fun stuff for kids, and we welcome you to come give us a try.  I bet you’ll like it and want to stay.  God Bless!























































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