July 24, 2017:




Yesterday’s service was a bit different as the Knotts were visiting family out of state, but we kept calm and carried on, and had a good time together at church with several new faces in the crowd in spite of the buckets of rain falling.  Tyler and Noel Yost stepped up to lead worship, and they taught us a new song, “Great Are You Lord” which many of you said you hoped we will sing again. Pastor Bob Smith delivered the message about redemption with text from 1 Peter 1:18:19. Since Pastor Billy posts sermons online on Mondays, this particular upload will be delayed this week, but not to worry. It will show up.  Just be patient.  (Speaking of Pastor Bob, he turns 63 Saturday, so show him some extra love this week.)


Kathleen Milligan asks you to review your directory information she has typed and mark corrections or write “OK” beside yours so there will be no errors when it is printed.  Thanks to everyone who has already proofed yours.


Children’s Ministry is in need of a couple of good hearted volunteers to step up and fill vacancies while some of our regular helpers travel and have maternity leave.  The Sandovals are super easy to work with, and they will train you so you will feel confident with our little ones.  Who will help serve in this area? Will you just TRY IT?


We will be participating in the disco themed Labor Day parade, and we need participants and walkers.  We are seeking candy donations early to assure having enough for the entire parade route.  Can you bring a couple bags?


Did you enjoy the Fiesta Taco and Swim Party at the Grifford’s home last Saturday? 18-20 adults attended, and we heard there was a lot of good food and fun there.  Thank you for supporting this summer connection event!


Below are more upcoming events.  Sign -up sheets and location/dates/times are on the Welcome Table.  You are encouraged to invite, invite, invite!


Anybody wanting to learn the basics of Christianity is welcome at Bob and Heather Smith’s Sunday morning free classes that meet in the nursery. You will be done in plenty of time before church begins.


Women: July’s “Time Out” is Wednesday, 6:30 pm at Gatto’s in New Lenox at Schoolhouse Rd/Rt. 30. They hope to sit on the patio, so dress accordingly.  RSVP to Michelle Grifford who is the designated seat saver for these events.


Seniors 55+ will gather at JC and Sonia McHargue’s Frankfort home at noon on Wednesday, August 16 to share a meal.


August 19th is a women’s event hosted by Penny Knott in Manhattan.  “Hello, My Name Is” brunch with a speaker is Saturday from 9-11 am.


Larry and Eileen DeSando are hosting our next adult cookout on Friday, August 25 at 6:30 pm.  They also are hosting a Single’s Ministry meal on Sunday, August 27th, at 4 pm.


Happy Anniversary to Darren & Mishel Rych!  Happy Birthday, Leslie Graniczny!  Birthday wishes are going out to Antigone Moore reading this all the way out in Arizona!


We are saying another temporary goodbye to Grandma Mildred Ferguson and Harvey, Jr. as they return to Memphis, TN this week.  Their faces will be missed! Safe travels!


Congratulations to Ryan and Amanda on the birth of a daughter, RUBY ROSE.  She was 19 inches and 7 lb. 6 oz! We are eager to meet our littlest princess in person.


Thank you to everybody who showed up early, stayed late, and pulled extra weight to make sure Sunday went off without a hitch.  We want to see everybody back next week as we share in Communion. 



July 16, 2017:



Pull up a chair, friends, and let’s catch up on what’s happening!


The worship team welcomed the Knott’s son-in-law, Tyler Yost, on guitar and vocals this morning.  He was on the team when we launched, but married and moved, so today felt like old times. We were awfully happy to see our bass guitarist, Phil Graniczny, back in his spot after last week’s hospitalization.  We wish him continued good health. Pastor Billy’s message was from Colossians 1:21-2:5.  If you missed, you can see this sermon late Monday on our home page by clicking WATCH.


Thank you, Pastor Julian and Miriam and the entire VBS team of volunteers who helped to make “Heroes Unleashed” a success! We had more visitors than our own kids, so that was encouraging that we reached out to so many new families.  Six children accepted Jesus at the final service!  How awesome is THAT?


Many thanks to Greg and Judy Fash for hosting the Seniors 55+ fried chicken lunch on their gorgeous back porch last Wednesday.  Everybody was talking about the beauty of their backyard and their swing.  We had first time visitors attending, and it was super fun in spite of the rain.


This afternoon Brenda Hajek hosted the Singles BBQ at her home in New Lenox.  Twenty-five attended this event with about half being guests! Thanks to all who helped make this a successful gathering.


Adults, you are invited to the Grifford’s Manhattan home Saturday, July 22, 2 pm for a cookout and optional dip in their pool.  Sorry, no kids for this one. Sign up and get a location card at the Welcome Table.


“Hello My Name Is” women’s brunch is 9-11 am, August 19th at the Knott’s Manhattan home.  Food sign-up and RSVP is on the Welcome Table.  You are encouraged to bring a girlfriend!


Check out the Welcome Table for upcoming get-together opportunities for singles, seniors, adults, and ladies.  You may also take home FREE books and helpful literature found there.  Revolution Church T-shirts are for sale there if you don’t already have yours.


It is harvest season for several of our gardeners, and we believe in sharing. Penny Knott has already started bringing thyme and cilantro for us. If you have extra produce, there are people here who would love to help you eat your bounty!


We will participate in the Labor Day parade in September, and we are collecting candy for throwing. If you will pick up a few bags when you shop, it will be greatly appreciated!


Anybody wishing to tour the library at the juvenile delinquent facility in Joliet should let Tammy Smit (the piano player) know ASAP.  The folks there would like us to see how they are using our donated books.


Happy Sweet 16 Birthday to Samantha Jasinski!  She has been with us since we launched this church, and we love her lots. Inmate Ray in Oregon sends thanks to the many people who signed his group card when he was set free earlier this month.


See you next Sunday at 10 am.  Check on each other, and reach out if you notice somebody is missing that has been regularly attending.  In this busy summer season, we do not want a single one of us to fall through the cracks or feel unloved or invisible.  Thanks for all you give and for all you do!                 ---- Tammy





July 10, 2017:


Happy rainy Monday morning! The weather was sunny yesterday, and many of you still chose to come worship and hear Pastor Billy preach from Colossians 1:9-20 in spite of the humongous Bluegrass Festival happening in Will County. We had a strong attendance with more visitors, and that always makes us happy to be able to reach those in our community. Remember to pick up your gift bag if you are a first or second time visitor.


Much appreciation to Remax Realty’s John Nordsell for stepping in to play bass at the 11th hour after Phil Graniczny found himself unexpectedly spending his weekend in the hospital.  Thanks, John, for your good attitude and flexibility.  Get well soon, Phil!


Thank you to Cynthia Petersen and her cast and crew who put on Friday night’s improv comedy show for us.  We had several visitors, and there were plenty of refreshments.  Thank you to everybody who mustered their courage to take the stage and just have fun together. Pastor presented Cynthia with flowers for all her hard work.


“Heroes Unleashed” VBS begins THIS EVENING at church, and we want all your children, grandkids, and your neighborhood kids there to participate!  Older youth may volunteer to assist with activities.  The Sandovals are in charge and are expectant God will plant many good seeds in the hearts of the kids this week!


Welcome to our two new deacons, George Carroll and Larry DeSando. Pastor believes these men will serve the congregation well.


This WEDNESDAY at NOON Greg and Judy Fash are hosting a lunch for ages 55+ at their New Lenox home.  She is providing fried chicken – yes FRIED CHICKEN – so that already gives this event 500 bonus points.  All you need to do is bring a side dish and a lawn chair, and let somebody know you will attend.


Singles!  There is a get-together for you at Brenda Hajeck’s New Lenox home on Sunday, July 16th at 4 pm! Brenda is providing the meat, so just bring your favorite side or dessert!  No need to pack a lawn chair for this one.


Who wants to eat and swim at the Grifford’s Manhattan home on July 22?  Fiesta themed party begins at 2 pm, and all you need to bring is a side dish and pool items if you choose to go in the water. RSVP at the sign up-table, please.


Ladies:  July’s TIME OUT is Wednesday, July 26 at Gatto’s in New Lenox 6:30-9:00 pm. Invite friends, and let Michelle Grifford know you are coming so she can get a table large enough to hold us all.


Happy 3rd birthday to Amanda Morgan’s son, Tyler!  Happy 18th birthday to Nathanial Herrera! Happy 2nd birthday to Avery Hippenhammer! 


See you next weekend. Music begins at 10 am, but coffee and fellowship start much earlier.  There is pre-service prayer in the kitchen at 9:30 for those wishing to attend.  Thank you for all you give and for all you do. Take good care of each other this week, and let’s check on those who have been AWOL for a while.  Everybody needs to feel loved and needed here, and we never want anybody to slip through the cracks.






July 2, 2017:




Happy 4th of July weekend!


This is typically the lowest attended service of the year for American churches, but we had a strong attendance, so thanks to all you regulars and especially all you visitors who came out to worship on this picture perfect day! Besides praise songs, we also did a patriotic medley of America the Beautiful, Dixie, God Bless America, God Bless the USA, and Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Harvey Ferguson, thank you for carrying the flag for us this morning!


Pastor Billy kicked off July’s new sermon series with “Jesus is King” using text from Colossians 1 Pastor Julian and Miriam are vacationing, but they Skyped from GA with us to plug VBS.  They urge you to register your kids, grandkids, and neighborhood kids so we can have a church full beginning July 10-13, 6-8:30 pm.  This is FREE!  Can’t beat FREE!


Bring your friends and family to a night of snacks, give-aways, and audience participation this Friday evening at 6:30 pm for IMPROV NIGHT here at the church! Admission is FREE, so come out, relax, and laugh with Cynthia Petersen’s cast of actors and actresses. It is always good to clap and cheer for one another, so mark your calendar now!


Seniors 55+ and their significant others are invited to our second summer potluck at Greg and Judy Fash’s New Lenox home at noon, Wednesday, July 12.  RSVP at the sign-up table, and while you are there, pick up an address card from the clipboard. 


Brenda Hajeck’s New Lenox home is the site of the July 16, 4 pm second Single’s Ministry’s meal.  RSVP at the Welcome Table!


Time Out was a nice time of fellowship amongst seven of our ladies who met at Bulldog Alehouse in New Lenox Thursday evening.  The next Time Out will be at Gattos in New Lenox on Wednesday, July 26, at 6:30 pm.  If the weather cooperates, we hope to sit outside.


Our next adult connection event will be July 22 at the Griffords’ Manhattan home with a FIESTA theme pool party! Sign up and details are available at the Connection Table.  If you are attending, please indicate what kind of side or dessert you can bring. Sorry, but this is for adults only. No childcare provided.


Happy Birthday TODAY to Jackie Hernandez!  Happy 42nd Anniversary to Pastor Bob and Heather Smith!  Congratulations to our own Magic Autumn Hensle for being selected to entertain the community of Frankfort at Breidert Green with his balloon creations and general silliness last weekend!


We hope to see all of you back with us next Sunday at 10 as Pastor continues teaching from Colossians.  Thank you for all you do!  You are valued, appreciated, and loved!






June 26, 2017:



Hello, Friends!


This was a busy and productive week for Revolution Church!  This morning we celebrated Communion, and Pastor Billy taught us the story of Nicodemus from John 3 which concluded June’s “Summer School” series. The monthly prayer meeting was held afterwards for those who wished to stay.


Our Singles Ministry kicked off this afternoon with a BBQ at Tom and Pat Wozny’s home in Frankfort. 15 RSVP’d with nine of those being guests!  This is great, as the whole idea is to invite friends and get to know more people.


Special thanks to Kathy Felchlin for hosting the Senior Adult Ministry’s cookout and potluck at her home in Manhattan Wednesday.  We had seven new folks join us under the big trees in Kathy’s back yard for grilling and lots of laughs and good conversation.  The next gathering for those 55+ will be in New Lenox at Greg and Judy Fash’s home, July 12 at noon.  Please sign up!


A warm welcome to Kathleen Milligan who filled the part-time position of Administrative Assistant. She is working hard preparing bulletins, posting prayer requests online, replying to mail, and various other duties to keep the church running smoothly.


Graybars Project applauds you for donating 99 paperbacks to the River Valley Detention Center in Joliet.  This was our fourth successful book drive to expand the library for Will County’s incarcerated youth! Thank you for being a blessing to these troubled kids.


TIME OUT for ladies will be Thursday, June 29th, 6:30-9:00 pm at Bulldog Alehouse in New Lenox.  Invite friends, and RSVP to Michelle Grifford who will be saving seats.  This is Dutch treat!


Friday, July 7th at 6:30 pm is IMPROV NIGHT, and this is a free event.  Invite your buddies, and come out expecting to laugh.  If you still want to help in any way, Cynthia Petersen is the go-to person for this.


Have you registered your kids for VBS?  July 10-13, 6-8:30 pm, we will present “HEROES UNLEASHED”, and we want a fantastic turn-out.  Kindergarten – 5th graders may attend.  Older youth are encouraged to volunteer to help.  Pastor Sandoval, Miriam, and their crew are excited, and we need you to pass the word ASAP so we can get a head count!


There is a BBQ and pool party for ADULTS ONLY at Phil and Michelle Grifford’s home in Manhattan July 22!   There is an RSVP paper at the Welcome Table. Inviting friends is encouraged.


Congratulations to Justin Graniczny on landing a new job with a furniture company!


Next week Pastor Billy begins his July series, “Colossians- Jesus Is King”. Since July 4th is around the corner, the worship team will include some patriotic music, so be sure and be on time so you don’t miss it.  Join us for a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!





June 18, 2017:


Happy Father’s Day!


Today at Revolution we honored and remembered birth dads, stepdads, foster dads, grandpas, and all of the sweet daddies already in Heaven.  The worship team taught us a new Chris Tomlin song for the holiday called “Good Good Father”, and the hospitality table was full of “Donuts for Dads”, but anybody could eat one…. or two… or five.  Each man was given candy and a scroll of poetry submitted by two of our Graybars Project inmates.  After service, there were photo ops and free rides in Bruce Smit’s 1930 Model A Ford and 1930 Ford Tudor.  Thank you, Rich Benco, for helping jockey those automobiles back and forth to Monee!


Pastor Billy preached from Romans 3 with a message titled “Is It Good Enough To Be A Good Person” which you can see again Monday afternoon by going to our home page and clicking “Watch”. Once again, we had visitors, and that is always encouraging.  Be sure and pick up your welcome gift bag if you are new!


Cynthia Petersen led a quick meeting after church for those interested in participating in IMPROV NIGHT Friday, July 7.  Wanna help?  There’s still time to volunteer.  This event is FREE!


There was a strong turn-out for the first adult summer connection event the Knotts hosted Friday evening.  Thanks to them for grilling and doing the clean up, and thanks to the rest of you who brought sides and desserts.   The Griffords will host the July event, so listen for announcements and watch for RSVP sign-up sheets!


Seniors! The 55+ ministry kicks off with a potluck lunch at Kathy Felchlin’s home on Monee-Manhattan Rd. Wednesday at noon.  Please make every effort to RSVP and attend.  Bring a lawn chair and a buddy.


Singles Ministry will meet at the Wozny’s Frankfort home on Sunday, June 25th at 4 pm.  Let us be clear that the purpose of this gathering is simply for fellowship, music and good food.  This is not geared for matchmaking or for love connections, so fear not! Cupid will not be aiming for your heart!


Next Sunday is the final day to contribute books for the Juvenile Detention Center in Joliet. Children-High School grade levels, please.   Help us make this gift of love as large as the first three donations were.   When you’ve done it to the least among us, Jesus said you’ve done it to Him, so clean your shelves, and lets find Jesus some great paperbacks!


Ladies, June’s TIME OUT will be Thursday the 29th at Bulldog Ale House 2387 East Joliet Highway in New Lenox, IL 60451.  RSVP at the Welcome Table so Michelle Grifford can save us enough seats together.


HEROES UNLEASHED is our VBS theme! July 10-13, 6:30 pm your kids aged K-5th grades and their friends are invited to come and have fun learning about Jesus.  This is FREE!  Register your child by going to www.theRevolutionChurch.org.  Questions or want to volunteer? Ask Pastor Julian or Miriam to put you to work.  We don't want to be "Lazy Larrys"!


Happy 1st Anniversary to Tyler and Noel Yost today! It was sweet to see them slip in to surprise Pastor for Father’s Day.   Our Judy Johnson also celebrates her birthday today.  She works most Sundays, but it was sure good to see her at the picnic last week.  Nichole Arnott has a birthday Friday.  (Love on the Arnotts while you can, because according to Face Book, they will be moving in NC soon.)  Best wishes to Penny Knott who celebrates her birthday Friday!


Next Sunday we finish the Summer School series with “What If My Friend Dies Without Christ?”  9:30 is prayer in the kitchen, and there is always coffee and munchies if you come a bit early or stay a bit late.


Thanks to everybody who pushes up their sleeves and does the work here. Thanks for those who are generous when the offering baskets are passed.  Thanks for being mindful and looking after each other.  Have a blessed week!






June 12, 2017:


Well, friends, what a fun Sunday was THAT? We are hearing much positive feedback from yesterday’s service.  Pastor Billy continued with the “Summer School” series with a message from 1 John 1 about guilt and forgiveness.  We all enjoyed the story of Mr. Mike and Emma’s coffee table etching!


Thank you, Cynthia Petersen for finishing up our photos for the new directory.  She took a lot of time the past few Sundays to snap pictures for us. Get your business cards turned in pronto so Kathleen can finish her business portion of the book, too.


Graybars Project pen-pal volunteers were treated to gift bags filled with all things orange and yummy  for their faithful service to prisoners this past year.  The collection basket is quickly filling with books to restock the juvenile detention’s library in Joliet.  We need YOUR paperbacks so we can bless this facility for the fourth time.


Our oldest member, Grandma Mildred Ferguson, and her son, Harvey, are in town from Memphis, TN for several weeks, and we are always tickled to see them come through the door!  Enjoy them while we have them with us!


After service we gathered at the Round Barn in Manhattan for our third annual church picnic, and boy, was it fun!  Some of you folks slipped out after service, and you truly missed an A+ day.  We had sun and breezes and visitors joining us for the fellowship.  The miniature horse and the lazy goat were popular for those who enjoy critter petting.


 Anytime there is a special event of that magnitude, you know there are behind the scenes people who have shouldered the work so the rest of us can kick back and relax. Phil and Michelle Grifford oversaw this event, and that was a lot of responsibility and planning on their part.  Elena, Miriam and Pastor Julian Sandoval made sure the young ones were entertained.  Magic Autumn Hensle put many smiles on faces with his balloon creations and his manner of making each recipient feel like they were the most important person at the party. Larry DeSando organized and oversaw our bean bag tournament, and the man had the patience of Job with some of us who couldn't score a point if our lives depended on it! So many people were generous with the potluck, too, especially Blaine Petersen with his BBQ pork. After the place was nearly deserted, there was Pastor Billy and a handful of members still hustling to clean up the mess we all helped make. Good people! THANK YOU!


First place winners for the tournament were Pastor Bob Smith and Phil Grifford, and their names will be engraved on a plaque that will be displayed at the church. Second place went to Justin Graniczny and Pastor Billy Knott..  Congratulations, guys!  Last place award for most pathetic team that couldn’t hit the broad side of the Round Barn goes to …….  Drumroll, please……   You know what?   ......  On second thought let’s not even go there!  We had FUN, and that is all that matters!


Let’s shift gears and remind you of some announcements:


Our first Summer Connection is FRIDAY at the Knott’s home in Manhattan.  They ask again for your RSVP so they can plan for all of us! Bring a friend, a lawn chair, and a dish to share.  No agenda, no study, no business, just fun for ADULTS ONLY!


Wednesday, June 21 kicks off the Senior 55+ ministry with a lunch at Judy Felchlin’s home on Monee-Manhattan Rd at noon.  You need to bring a side dish, a lawn chair, and a friend!  Sign up at the Welcome Table!


Singles Ministry will meet at the Wozny’s Frankfort home on Sunday, June 25th at 4 pm.  Let us be clear that the purpose of this gathering is simply for fellowship, music and good food.  This is not geared for matchmaking or for love connections, so fear not!


Improv Night is July 7 here at the church!  Cynthia Petersen leads this evening of fun and silliness, so if you want to participate in the show or help behind the scenes, talk to Cynthia NOW! She is all the time seeking volunteers for Drama Team, too, so be brave and consider trying something new this summer!


Happy Birthday to Durk Lee yesterday!  Jan Golden celebrates 58 years on the 14th!  Happy Birthday to Inmate Dave out in Idaho whose fantasy birthday cake would be one with a file in it. Thanks for signing his card. Bushel baskets of confetti to welcome Bobby Smith home after all these years.  Blessings on his household and his family!  God is good, and we are thankful!


June 18 is Father’s Day, so remember to honor yours this week…except don’t be honoring him at the fishing hole or behind a grill during the hours of 10 am-noon Sunday, because that is when we want you in church honoring your Heavenly Father. Worship team will have some new music, so come on time so you don’t miss it.  See you then!






June 5, 2017:


Hello again!


Pastor Bob Smith took the pulpit today with a message from Luke 15, the beloved story of The Prodigal Son. This was a message dear to his heart, because on Monday his own son is freed from prison, and we are all overjoyed this great day is finally here! There was a special laying on of hands prayer for Bob and Heather by the congregation for a smooth transition tomorrow.  Thank you, Lord, for fresh starts.  Thank you for grace and clean slates.


Much of today’s music was geared towards freedom: “I Am Free”, “Redeemed”, and “Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone”. Pastor Bob encouraged us to be supportive of Graybars Project, our outreach to prisoners, as he says mail call is often the highlight of an inmate’s day.  You are also encouraged to thin your shelves at home and donate books suitable for junior high to high school aged readers living at the juvenile detention center in Joliet.  This is our fourth book drive for this facility, and they are so appreciative.  Books may be left at the Graybars table.


Directory photos were made again after church.  Next Sunday is your last opportunity to have your picture made, so remember to not wear green as that is the color of the backdrop, and it will just look bizarre if you do.  Turn in your business cards for some free advertising in the back of the directory!


There are so many opportunities for fun stuff at Revolution in June:


CHURCH PICNIC: NEXT SUNDAY after service in Central Park in Manhattan! There are walking trails, covered tables, a pond, games, and a bean bag tournament.  Bring your bag sets, a dessert or side dish, and join us.  We do need you to RSVP so we can provide enough meat and drinks.


The Knotts are hosting an ADULTS ONLY get-together at their Manhattan home on Friday, June 16 at 6:00 pm. Bring a lawn chair and a dish to pass.  SIGN UP at the welcome table!


55+ Senior Ministry kicks off with a lunch at Kathy Felchlin’s home on Monee-Manhattan Rd at noon on Wednesday, June 21st. Bring your friends! SIGN UP at the welcome table.  This group is looking for leadership.


The Woznys are hosting all SINGLES for a meal and wonderful music at their Frankfort home June 25th at 4 pm.  SIGN UP at the welcome table if you’d enjoy participating.


Drama Team director, Cynthia Petersen, announces IMPROV NIGHT Friday, July 7, 6:30 pm at the church.  If you need more info or are interested in participating or helping with this performance in any way, volunteer with Cynthia!


Pastor Julian and the children’s ministry team proudly announce VBS July 10-13! Watch for sign-ups to serve in this community event!  We smell F-U-N!


Thanking the Lord for the visitors we had with us this morning.  Some came from hundreds of miles away, and we love that of all the churches in the area, you chose us.  There is a gift bag for all you new folks when you fill out a connection card.  Be sure and get yours at the welcome table.


Remember there is prayer in the kitchen at 9:30 each Sunday if you care to step inside.  If you’d like to be included in Penny Knott’s Prayer Team ministry, mark that on your connection card, and you will receive requests from this congregation via e-mail weekly. 


See everybody next week.  Remember to pack your picnic clothes, food, and a lawn chair or blanket.  Much love and appreciation to all of you who give your time, treasures, and talents to this church.  God keeps excellent records!





May 29, 2017:



Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you for leaving your pools, lawn chairs, and grills to come out and worship on this gorgeous holiday Sunday! Once again, we saw several visitors in the crowd.  We love that! Bob Hensle led us in a prayer remembering our fallen military members and asking God’s blessing on our country.


This is the final Sunday of the month, so we shared in Communion. (Thank you, Larry DeSando, for being so reliable and faithful to set up the elements for us each month.)   The piano that broke last Sunday was fixed this week, so we were back in the saddle again musically.


Pastor Billy concluded the “My Family Is A Circus” sermon series with a message called “The Human Cannonball” with text taken from Ephesians 5.  We learned about the four major personality types: Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic, and Sanguine, their greatest weaknesses, and how we can best pray to meet their greatest specific needs. 


We were tickled to pieces to see our Sue Mulder walk in the door all the way from Arizona this morning.  She will be in town for a couple of weeks, so take advantage of this and enjoy her while you can.  We were also blessed to have Jackie Hernandez back with us after a long absence because of her mom’s illness and funeral.  We have missed Jason and Jackie.


After service several folk stayed for a prayer meeting.  It was moved from Sunday night to this morning in hopes of increasing attendance since many of our members drive a long distance. 


Have you had your photo taken for our new church directory yet?  Cynthia Petersen will photograph you in the children’s area next week before or after service.  Remember, we are not permitted to wear green because of the green backdrop.  Kathleen Milligan needs your business cards turned in pronto if you wish to be included in the business section of the book.


Wednesday at 6:30 pm women and their friends will gather at Tom Kelly’s Chop House in New Lenox for the May “Time Out”.  RSVP to Michelle Grifford or on our women’s ministry Face Book page if you are coming, please.  These are always fun!


Church picnic will be after service June 11 at a local park in Manhattan! Sign up at the Welcome Table with number of guests and what you will bring to eat.


Each month this summer anybody over 18 is invited to a Connection Group fellowship event for food and fun.  There is no agenda, no Bible study, no  business- just relaxation and getting to know each other better.  The first one is at the Knotts’ place on Friday, June 16. 


Happy Birthday to Phil Grifford on the 30th. This  wonderful man is responsible for our beautiful kitchen cabinetry and is always willing to do whatever is needed here at the church. Happy 9th birthday, Micah Meskin!   Graybars Project members having birthdays this month are John in Idaho and Matthew in NC.  Thank you for signing their cards. There are more prisoner cards on the table for signing, so thanks for taking a minute to do that.


We will see you back here next Sunday as Pastor Billy begins a new series called “Summer School”.   Bring friends and come early for coffee and a nibble.  We don’t want to fall into the dreaded “Summer Slump”!  Thank you for all you do, for all you give, and for all your support!




May 22, 2017:


Welcome back, friends!


After an uneventful a.m. rehearsal, we experienced technical difficulties when just in time for the first song the keyboard stubbed up and refused to make one sound.  Big sigh…….  Apologies for the efforts at troubleshooting during the singing, but the ox was in the ditch, and it couldn’t be helped.  We should be up and running again by next Sunday.  Kudos to the band for never missing a beat and carrying on.


Today Children’s Pastor, Julian Sandoval took the pulpit with a message called, “How To Teach Your Children To Know God”. This was in contrast to simply teaching your children to know ABOUT God.   Thank you for sharing your heart, Julian.


Thank you, Cynthia Petersen for playing photographer before and after church as we are in the process of creating our church directory.  She will be taking your photos for the next two weeks.  We have a green backdrop, so dress in anything except green, please.


In the back of the photo directory we will have a business section to help keep our church family in work.  If you would like your services represented, please drop a business card in the offering or connection card box.  If you do not have a business card, fill out a form at the Welcome Table with your info, and Kathleen Milligan will include you.


Thanks to Eileen DeSando for opening her home for yesterday’s “Hello, My Name Is…”! Thanks to each woman who prepared food. Pat Wozny shared her testimony at this women’s brunch/fellowship event.  Ladies, aren’t you glad you went?


ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC is Sunday, June 11 immediately after church in Central Park right here in Manhattan. There is a sign-up sheet to RSVP and to indicate what side dish or dessert your family will be contributing. 


Ladies, May’s “Time Out” is 6:30 pm on the 31st at Tom Kelly’s Chop House in New Lenox.  RSVP so Michelle Grifford can save enough seats together for us.  Invite your female friends to this fun evening.


Adults, you are invited to a get-together at the Knotts’ home in Manhattan on Saturday, June 17.  No kids for this one!  Come and get to know each other better by sharing a meal and some games! Listen at church for more info.


Pat Wozny invites those of us 55 and older to help kick off the new Senior Ministry with a meal on Wednesday, June 21.  Watch announcements for time and location!


Singles! Tom and Pat Wozny invite you to their Frankfort home for a get-together on Sunday, June 25.  Listen at church for more info!


Happy Anniversary to Deacon Blaine and Cynthia Petersen!  Happy Birthday, Taylor Moore!


Our hearts go out to our Jackie Hernandez on the loss of her mother, Juana Leyva.  Arrangements are not complete at time of this posting.  We love and miss you, Jackie and Jason!


Next Sunday Pastor Billy will return to the pulpit with a message called “The Human Cannonball” (loving a family member who doesn’t share your beliefs). This will wrap up our “My Family Is a Circus” series. After service, everybody is invited to stay for a prayer meeting instead of being asked to return to the church Sunday evening for it.  See you next week!






May 15, 2017:


Happy Mother’s Day week!  We send out love to mothers who have lost children, those who have lost their mothers, those with strained mother/child relationships, those raising somebody else’s children, those who have chosen not to be mothers, and those yearning to be mothers. Bless all of you! We were happy to meet several visitors who attended church with their moms.


John Brant, a NC inmate in our Graybars Project, wrote us two poems about mothers, and these were typed on pastel paper, rolled and tied with ribbon and a lavender candy stick and given to each woman to honor the holiday.


Pastor Billy continued with his “My Family is a Circus” series with “The Knife Thrower”, a sermon regarding toxic family members.  Text was taken from Mark 5, the story about the demon possessed man who lived in the cemetery.  You can see this message by clicking WATCH on the Home Page.


“Hello My Name Is” women’s brunch is this Saturday! We need to know if you are coming. You are encouraged to bring a buddy and enjoy the food and the guest speaker.  This is FREE. Location and directions are given after you sign up.


Photos will be taken for our new church directory beginning next Sunday.  Because of a green screen background, do NOT wear green unless you want to appear as a floating head.  Be sure to fill out a connection card listing the info you want to appear in this directory.  Kathleen Milligan is also accepting business cards and your info for inclusion in the business portion.  We want to help our own when we can, so be sure and publicize your business for free with us!


“Get Connected” gatherings will be once a month at different members’ homes this summer. This is a time to hang out, relax, eat, and get to know each other better.  There will be no Bible study at these, no children, only fun for adults. The first one will be hosted by the Knotts in June.  Listen next week for more info.


55+, there is Senior Ministry starting soon just for you.  Next week you will hear details on vision for this new group here at Revolution!


Happy 17th Anniversary to Lisa and Joe Jasinski!  Happy 6th birthday to Heiden Delgado! Elissa Hively celebrates the “Big 4-0” this week!  Congratulations to all our college students who finished their semesters strong! Applause for all the nurses who attend Revolution.  This is national Nurse Appreciation Week! 


Next week the sermon is “The Ringmaster” (how to teach your children about God).  You are invited to join people in the kitchen for pre-service prayer at 9:30. First song begins at 10 am.  We would love to see you here!






May 8, 2017:



Happy Sunday!

It was great seeing all your smiling faces this morning.  Saw a couple new ones, which is always encouraging, too.  Welcome! We hope you will join us again.

Pastor Billy kicked off May’s “My Family Is A Circus Without A Tent” series with a message entitled, “Step Right Up!”. Text was from Genesis 49. This is going to be a really fun month since we all probably have a bit of dysfunction in our family circles. Upcoming messages will teach us how to break free of the silliness and drama that can drag us down.

Check out our brand new drum kit!  An anonymous donor was generous and allowed us to purchase what we needed, and they picked up the tab!  Thank you, Lord! Our other one was literally falling apart from so much use over the years.

“Hello, My Name Is” women’s brunch is May 20, 9-11 am, and this is also free! Location and address are available at the Connection Table when you RSVP.  There will be a guest speaker and lots of time to get to know one another better.  Space is limited for this one, so don’t piddle when signing up!

Are you guys enjoying Pastor Billy and Pastor Julian’s “Ministry Moments” on Face Book each week?  They are taking YOUR questions and answering them online.  Check it out!  “Daily Scripture” is online, and free just for signing up.  Thank you, Eileen DeSando, for making this available for us!

May 19th the Manhattan Police Dept. teams with the New Lenox Police Dept. at Dunkin’ Donuts for “Cop On A Rooftop”, a fundraiser for Special Olympics.  If you wish to contribute some dollars or change, you can drop it in the glass bowl at the front door, and it will be presented at the event.

Condolences are going out to Pastor Bob Smith’s family on the sudden passing of his brother, Mark, after a car accident Thursday.  Visitation will be Wednesday, May 10, 2-8 pm at Panozzo Brothers Funeral Home in Chicago Heights, IL.  His funeral will be Thursday, May 11 at 11 am. 


Happy 5th Birthday, Lucas Arnott!  Two of our inmates also have May birthdays, and their cards are ready for signing at the Graybars Project table if you have thirty seconds to make their day. New monthly prayer request sheets are also available on that table.

Thank you for your faithfulness in serving, giving, and attendance! This church would not exist without everybody doing what they do.  See you all back next Sunday!





May 4, 2017:



Good Morning, Friends!


Thanks for coming out to worship at Revolution Church Sunday!  We had several first-time visitors, and that is always encouraging!  Pastor Billy wrapped up to the April sermon series, “The Road” with a message about the arrival of the Holy Spirt using text from Acts 2. You can also view this message by going to our home page and clicking WATCH.

Special appreciation to Pastor Bob for hosting the men’s fellowship breakfast and devotional this past Saturday.  There was strong attendance, and we heard many compliments on the meal.  Thank you to each person who helped shop, prepare the food, attended, and stayed to clean up the mess.  Aren’t you glad you rolled out of bed and showed up?

Thanks to Michelle Grifford for arranging April’s “Time Out” at Stoney Point Grill last Thursday.  It was an intimate group who shared a wonderful time of fellowship getting to know each other better.  May’s get-together will be Wednesday the 31st.  Ladies, location will be determined soon.  Listen at church.

The gales and bluster did a humdinger of a deal to our roadside church sign, and Pastor found it on the ground AGAIN. (Big sigh…..) He put the word out he needed help, and the following guys showed up armed with muscles and elbow grease, and helped concrete it into the ground. Thanks to:  Todd Bullaro, Gene O’Brien, Phil Grifford, Phil Graniczny, Kevin Ward, and Blaine Petersen for stepping up.  Hopefully it will stay where it is supposed to this time! 


May 19th the Manhattan Police Dept. teams with the New Lenox Police Dept. at Dunkin’ Donuts for “Cop On A Rooftop”, a fundraiser for Special Olympics.  If you wish to contribute some dollars or change, you can drop it in the glass bowl at the front door, and it will be presented at the event.

When one member hurts, we all hurt.  This week we extend love and sympathy to several in our church family upon the passing of Karen Smith.  She was an aunt to Taylor Moore and Erin Van Kuiken, a sister-in-law to Lori Fischer, and a sister to Dawn Gonda and Brian Moore. Visitation was yesterday, and her service was today in Joliet.  Thank you to all who were able to attend or express your love to all these good people and their extended family.  

Thanks for all you do, for all you give, for all your prayers for this church! We want to see all of you back with us Sunday a little before 10 so you can be settled in your seat for the opening song.  Pastor’s new series, “My Family Is a Circus Without a Tent” begins, and surely this applies to ALL of us.  Be here!



April 24, 2017:



Greetings!  What a gorgeous Sunday!


This morning at 9:15 Pastor Bob and Heather kicked off the new Foundations class that teaches us what it means to be a Christian.   Thank you to those who showed up to learn. Note that future classes have been rescheduled for 9:00 to free up the nursery for those needing childcare.

We sure had a lot of laughter in church today watching the bloopers from Pastor Billy and Pastor Julian’s new “Ministry Moment” online videos.  That was hysterical!  Watch Face Book for upcoming clips that answer YOUR questions in about 60 seconds.   The silliness we enjoyed today was all to remind us that Saturday is our MEN’S BREAKFAST at the church!  This is free and is hosted by Pastor Bob. Let’s have a room FULL of guys….. even if Pastor Julian ain’t comin’.

Pastor Billy taught us about patience and the ascension of Christ after His resurrection using text from Luke 24 and Acts 1. He will conclude “The Road” series with a message about the arrival of the Holy Spirit, so read Acts 2 if you want a sneak peek!

Our new church photo directory is coming in May, and typist Kathleen Milligan asks us all to indicate on our connection cards if we give permission to share our information in it.

Ladies, April’s TIME OUT is Thursday, the 27th, 6:30 pm at Stoney Point Grill in Mokena.  RSVP to Michelle Grifford so she can reserve enough seats. You can eat as much or as little as you want, and everybody pays for their own.  This is an outreach, so bring your girlfriends!

 “Hello, My Name Is” breakfast/fellowship for women is Saturday, May 20, 9-11 am.  Sign up, and pick up the hostess’s address at the Welcome Table.  This is always a fun morning.

Graybars Project pen-pals, your letters will now be placed in a mail receptacle on our table.  Check each week to claim yours and to sign birthday cards. If you need a stamp for inmate correspondence, take one. Inmates are “tithing” to us with them, so be blessed with their gift of postage. 

After church the Easter lilies and the palms that adorned the stage last week were sent home with folks to enjoy.  Thanks to the Woznys for their generosity with these plants!

Thank you, George and Darla Carroll for creating the acrylic overlays to cover our baptistry! Very professional job you did.  We appreciate that!

Bruce Smit spent several hours of his weekend assembling two cabinets for the children’s area so the crew can be more organized and neat.  We appreciate that a lot!

Happy Birthday, Larry DeSando! This man is so conscientious with our monthly prayer meetings, and setting up our coffee and communion.  Thanks for all your efforts, Larry!  Happy 2nd birthday to Jocelyn Meskin!  Happy 20th to Ethan Fosen! 

We can never say enough thanks to each of you who contributes your time, money and talents to this church. Some come early for music rehearsals, teaching, greeting, and setting up the food and coffee.  Some stay late for money counting and talking with those who need an ear and a prayer.  During service more are serving with nursery, children’s ministry, security, and videoing the message. Others from this church stay busy during the week preparing bulletins, sermon videos, teaching Bible studies, entertaining youth, overseeing fellowship events, writing encouraging cards and letters, or mentoring in the faith.  It is like a beehive buzzing with activity.  Where do you feel called to help?  There are “Help Wanted” sheets on the Welcome Table to show you opportunities to be a blessing.

Please join us next Sunday for communion.  Invite friends!  We want strong attendance and to reach new people in this community.  Now shut down your computer and get outside and enjoy the sunshine the Lord has provided!





April 17, 2017:


Wow, what an inspirational Holy Week!  Thanks to everybody who doubled down with music, hospitality treats, children’s activities, and decorating the sanctuary and cross for this week’s services! Thank you for inviting friends and for supporting your church!

Thank you, Pastor Billy, for a moving Good Friday service! If you were not there, you missed a blessing of songs all about the cross, communion, video clips of events leading up to and including the crucifixion, and prayer.  At the end of the evening, we each wrote a sin or something we are struggling with and nailed that paper to the cross. We left the candlelit church in silence, and opened the doors to a pouring rain. It was the perfect end to the evening of remembrance.

Sunday morning we had a good crowd with new faces! We had no Easter Bunny, but we did have “Lenny the Therapy Dog” on hand for K-9 lovin’.  The band debuted two new songs, “Every Praise”, and “I Stand Amazed”, and no Easter would be complete without a jazzed up version of the classic hymn, “He Arose”.   Several hands went up to receive Christ at the altar call after Pastor’s message from Matthew 28. Trays of donuts and muffins were provided at the hospitality coffee table.  Children were treated to a big whooptido with an egg hunt, and outdoor church with puppets and music proclaiming “Jesus is Alive”! Easter wouldn’t be near as much fun without the confetti egg smash to the head, would it, parents?  Thank you, Sandovals and team for planning such a memorable event for our children!

Foundations class kicks off next Sunday 9:15 am at the church with Pastor Bob for those who need to learn the basics of Christianity and what it means to be a Christian.  RSVP at the welcome table or on your connection card if you want to attend or need more info.

Men’s Breakfast is Saturday, April 29, 8 am at the church.  SIGN UP to give an accurate headcount for the people doing the grocery shopping and the cooking.  This is free, and we encourage men to invite new folks to join them.

HELP WANTED!  Thank you to the people who have stepped up to volunteer in this church since the list of serving opportunities was given to you.  Some still have not indicated an area where you would like to help, and we ask you to do that.  If we all do a little, nobody has to do a lot. We will train you well, so you will be confident and prepared.

Be sure you have dropped your complete address and contact info into the offering basket or connection card box, as we are working on our new church directory. Photos will be taken in May.  There will also be a place to list businesses and services offered by our members.

What do Connor and Lil Kevin Ward have in common with Pastor Billy?  They all celebrate birthdays this week! Hope you all get to do something fun.  Remember, birthday cake has no calories! Eat up.

Join us next week as Pastor continues “The Road” series with “Straight to Heaven”, a message from Acts 1.  Love each other, and enjoy this gorgeous spring weather!






April 9, 2017:



This is Passion Week, the week leading up to Easter.  Today, commonly known as “Palm Sunday”, we remembered Jesus’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem riding a donkey. The worship team led us in songs about this celebrated Lord, including “Jesus Messiah”, and “Hosanna”. Pastor Billy preached from John 12 as we continued “THE ROAD” series.


Pastor also encouraged everybody to take a “Help Wanted” handout and “go on mission for Jesus” here at Revolution. As we grow, so does our need for more volunteers.  To those among us who are already busy serving, we thank you! For those who call this place home, we kindly ask you to read that list and find the areas that interest you and step to the plate and participate rather than continuing to spectate.  We will train you well, so you will feel confident and prepared to do an A+ job.  Thank you for being brave and trying something new!


Many thanks to those who invest 30 seconds to sign the birthday and greeting cards on the Graybars Project table. We continue to get humongous positive feedback from inmates who receive your kind words. One of the Idaho prisoners was released this week and told us he carried his card in his pocket near his heart “for good luck” during the long bus ride home.  Some prisoners are paying tithes by donating stamps!  Look in the prayer sheet holder at the bulletin board if you need postage to write them. Also, pen-pals, please check the table for your mail each Sunday.


Thanks to all who came out yesterday to welcome Orland Park Boy Scout Troop #318 to our church for “Warm Their Soles”, socks for the homeless project.  192 “blessing bags” of socks, water, snacks, and toiletries were assembled, and we had 400 pairs of socks donated! Thank you, Elena Sandoval for donating the mountain of crocheted scarves.  Thank you, Pastor Julian and Miriam for letting us share in the joy of this special outreach to the Last, the Lost, and the Least!

Our next community event is Good Friday service here at 7 pm, April 14th.  This should last about an hour and will feature a brief message and music you may not have heard for a while. Bring friends and join us!


Have you signed up for Pastor Bob’s FOUNDATIONS class beginning Sunday mornings, 9:15 am the week after Easter?  This class teaches beginners in the faith what it means to be a Christian.  It’s free!


Waffles, eggs, toast, BACON!  Who doesn’t love a good homecooked breakfast?  Saturday, April 29th, 8 am, Pastor Bob is hosting a men’s fellowship breakfast/devotional here at the church.  It is FREE, but you MUST sign up for the person doing the grocery shopping.


Happy Birthday to Kathleen Milligan, Sara Moehle, Magic Autumn Hensle, and Jordan Knott! Hope nobody is ever missed.  Slip a note to the piano player, and your name will be on the birthday list, too!

Sending a shout out to the “candy fairy” who repeatedly fills the bowl with sweet treats.  Thank you, whoever you are!

Easter is NEXT SUNDAY!  We want the house filled, so please come a few minutes early and be settled in your chair as we expect many new folks to be looking for a seat.  Make them welcome!  See you Friday night and again on Sunday!  Thanks for all you do!



April 3, 2017:



Hello, Family and Friends!


Thanks for visiting this page.  Here’s what’s happening at Revolution:


Pastor Billy began his April sermon series, “The Road” -- messages about following Jesus’s road to the cross. Today Jesus made a pit stop in Bethany where Mary anointed his feet with precious perfume from her alabaster box. We also learned different personality types from characters in that story and how we can learn from their characteristics to get along better with others.  Which were you?  The Busy Beaver, the Loyal Labrador, the Friendly Otter, the Snake in the Grass, or are you more of a fickle chameleon? John 12 was the text if you want to review.


Pastor Julian invites you to the church Saturday, 10 am to welcome and/or watch the Boy Scouts package the piles of socks we have donated for the “Warm Their Soles” project. In addition to collecting socks, the boys also have about 220 bottles of water to pack in the blessing bags for the street people. Sweet Elena Sandoval has joined efforts and been a Busy Bee again this week.  Although she cannot make tamales just yet, she has crocheted a large bin full of colorful, warm scarves to share with the homeless people! She has made almost 100 and is still making more! God keeps good records of all these quiet deeds done without fanfare behind the scenes.


Ladies met at the Patio Restaurant in Orland Park Wednesday evening to share supper and fellowship.  It was a fun time! We do this at the end of each month, so listen for April location details coming soon!


There are several names on the sign-up sheet for the men’s breakfast on Saturday, April 29.  Is yours there?  You must RSVP so there will be enough bacon!  Pastor Bob can answer any questions.


Happy Birthday, Pastor Julian!  Happy Anniversary to the Knotts!  Congratulations to Madison DesLaurier who was inducted into honors society at Joliet Junior College!


We were saddened to learn that Jan Poort’s mother, Sylvia Dyke, died this weekend.  We send much love to this family.  Visitation will be at Colonial Chapel, 15525 S. 73rd Ave., Orland Park, IL on Wednesday, April 5th, 9-11 am.


Next week is Palm Sunday.  Some know it better as Passion Sunday.  Then April 14th, 7 pm, is Good Friday service, and we want you to invite many people so we will have a full house.  April 23 is EASTER! Plan to be HERE!  One week after Easter Pastor Bob begins FOUNDATIONS class at 9:15 am.  This is free for anybody who wants to understand the basics of what it means to be a Christian. You’ll need to sign up for this at the Welcome Table.  Have a wonderful week!  Thanks so much for all you do!

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