March 27, 2017:



Welcome back to “What’s Happening”!  Thank you for stopping to read our latest news.  We’ve been busy bees this week!


Saturday’s first session in our Raising Champions community outreach parenting class taught by Pastor Julian and Miriam was a success!  We heard positive feedback from several of the parents who attended.  Huge appreciation to Brenda Hajek and her nursery attendants who supervised children so their parents could learn in peace. Thank you to Women’s Ministry for providing their free continental breakfast.  We enjoyed the surplus donuts and pastries before service with coffee.


Did you check out the new Dutch door on our nursery? Pastor Billy, and Larry DeSando installed it last week, and it not only looks great, but will keep the sound of squawking to a minimum in the sanctuary.  A round of applause is in order for Elena Sandoval who just about wore herself out selling homemade tamales to raise money to purchase this door.  Thanks to everybody who supported this fundraiser!


How festive and colorful was our sanctuary this morning thanks to the floral arrangements created by our favorite florist, Judy Fash!  The Wozny’s are responsible for the outside spring planters at the front door.  Goodbye, dreary winter.  Spring has sprung at Revolution!


Associate Pastor, Bob Smith, delivered today's message with text from Ephesians 6.  He taught us excellently about putting on the armor of God and growing in our faith as children of God.  He also wore his super cool emerald green tennis shoes, funky green socks, and beret keeping in step with the “Fifty Shades of Green” theme.


Keep in mind that Pastor Bob will being teaching “Foundations” (Christianity 101) beginning Sundays 9:15 am the week after Easter.  Each class is free, and you will be done in plenty of time for church to start.  He has to prepare materials, so PLEASE sign up at the Welcome Table if you want to attend.


Today was also Communion Sunday, and we must thank Larry DeSando for managing so well the bread, the wine, the set up and clean up of this ministry. He takes his duties seriously, and it shows. 


Ladies, our March “Time Out” food and fellowship evening will be at The Patio restaurant on 159th in Orland Park on Wednesday at 6:30-8:30 pm.  Purchase as much or as little food as you want, and let’s get to know each other better!  RSVP to Michelle Grifford so she can reserve enough seats together.


Gentlemen: Sign-ups are now happening at the Welcome Table for our Men’s Ministry Breakfast at the church on Saturday, April 29 at 8 am. Be sure your name is on this list so we can cook enough food.  Pastor Bob can answer any questions for you.


Congratulations to the Petersen and Meskin families as God has blessed them with new places to live!  We wish all these good people much happiness at their new addresses!  Congratulations to Jake Grifford for doing exceptionally well in his powerlifting competition!  Happy 30th birthday to Kristen Hippenhammer!  Happy birthday to Chris Meskin, too!


Have you invited your friends to our April 14th Good Friday service at 7 pm?  Ask now before people make other plans.   Easter Sunday is April 16th.  We want a full house!  Pastor Billy is back in the pulpit next Sunday with the new April series called “The Road”.  Don’t miss it! We start at 10. 







March 19, 2017:



Hi, Friends!


Today’s message was “Red Light, Green Light, GO!” in the “50 Shades of Green" series about GROWTH. Text was from Matthew 28, the passage about “the great commission”. We had another good crowd with more new faces, and that tells us we are doing something right here at Revolution Church.  Welcome, visitors! Please do come again!


The worship team taught us a favorite from Casting Crowns called “Lifesong”, and amongst other selections, we sang the countrified version of the beloved hymn, “In the Garden”. You might recognize it as “The Andy Song”: “Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me…..”  (That was a joke!)  Since our congregation is so diverse, we do enjoy a variety of musical styles in our praise.


Some in our church are struggling with some stressful issues, so after service the Rych family shared their new rescue pup, “Mike”, for folks who wanted to give him some petting. There is a possibility Mike will become a certified therapy dog like his fur brother, Lenny, who has put in several appearances here.


Did you pick up your copy of HELP WANTED at the Welcome Table? On this list you will find numerous  volunteer opportunities in a variety of ministries that will help our church run more smoothly.  Read it, and ask yourself where you can be a blessing.  We need EVERYBODY in here pulling in the same direction.


Michelle Grifford is in charge of this month’s “Time Out”.  Note the night of the week is NOT Thursday, but Wednesday, March 29th.  Ladies will gather at The Patio at 7830 W. 159th in Orland Park from 6:30-8:30 pm. RSVP so she can save us enough seats together.


“Teachable Moments’, the first session in a series of FREE parenting classes is at the church Saturday, March 25, 10-11:30 am.  Pastor Julian and Miriam need an accurate headcount since Women’s Ministry is providing a continental breakfast.  This event is open to the community.


Our online Daily Scripture has correlated with the parenting class.  If you are not signed up to receive the scriptures and devotional, go to our home page and sign up.  Thank you, Eileen DeSando for this blessing!


Speaking of breakfast, Pastor Bob is hosting another Men’s Breakfast and a short devotional here on Saturday, April 29th, 8 a.m. You must sign up so he will fry enough bacon, because there is nothing sadder than running out of bacon and having to listen to Phil Graniczny moan and sniffle.


Parents, please bring your young people to Wednesday Night Live at 6:30!  We have a lesson, games, snacks, and lots of laughter. Try it, and see if you like it!


Graybars Project pen-pals, check the table each week for your mail! Your cards and efforts are much appreciated! March prayer sheets are found on the table, too.  Take one home.


Remember to find an Encouragement Card under your chair and write some uplifting words to somebody in our church who can use a boost. Church pays postage and mails if you drop it in the connection box.


We are hearing glowing reports from the women who attended the Beth Moore conference in Iowa last week!  Thank you, Pat Wozny, for organizing this event for our ladies!


Congratulations to Nichole Arnott on finishing her first half marathon!


Here are some dates you should mark on your calendar:

April 14, 7 pm – Good Friday service at the church.

April 16, 10 am – Easter Sunday service

April 23, 9:15 am – Weekly Foundations Classes begin with Pastor Bob.  He will teach what it means to be a Christian.  This is FREE.  Sign up on the Welcome Table!

May – We will be taking photos for our new church directory.  Thank you, Kathleen Milligan, for working hard to compile our info from all the connection cards!


Let’s pass out the sermon cards and fill up this church next Sunday!  Thanks so much for all you do! Have a blessed week!






March 13, 2017:



Wow, what a busy Sunday!  Not only was it Spring Forward time change, but it was also Cinnamon Roll Sunday, Pajama Sunday in Kids’ Church, and baptismal service! Welcome to all our visitors!


Pastor Billy’s message, “Mr. Greenbacks” was taken from Matthew 19, Mark 10, and Luke 18 – the story of the rich, young ruler who trusted in his funds more than he trusted in God.  After service we were so proud to break in our new baptismal tank! Pastor Julian hosted a pre-service baptismal class for the four participants.  Justin Graniczny, Desiree Moss, Amber Hlad, and Gabriella Herrera (who came in all the way from Florida) were dunked by Pastor Billy, Pastor Bob, Pastor Julian and Miriam.  Thanks, Tom Williamson for assisting with the towels and making sure nobody took a tumble down the steps.  We appreciate each person who gave extra offerings that enabled the church to purchase the baptistry.


How did you like the new wall banners? Aren’t those colorful and inspiring?  There were so many complimentary comments heard yesterday, and it sure makes our church look like a church!  What a gift of love and hard work to adorn God’s house!  Round of applause for Judy, Greg, Diane, Tom, Larry, Eileen, Pat, and Kathy who collectively stitched, hung, and paid for them all! 


Ladies, did you enjoy Friday night’s “Evening At the Well” prayer and praise? Penny Knott is the woman to thank for that event.


Wednesday Night Live youth sure are having a fun time! They are learning about fruits of the spirit, and have been enjoying games of hide-and-seek, dodge ball, relays, and refreshments.  Your kids should check it out, and join the gang.  There’s always room for one more!  Thank you, Pastor Billy for making church FUN.


Elena Sandoval, our tamale maker extraordinaire, was forced to take a break because of arm pain, but next week she hopes to be back as good as new again.  Many families have purchased her tamales.  Have you?  See her for varieties and for pricing.


Remember there are encouragement cards found under the seats.  Look around and see who could use a boost.  Write your note, drop in the connection card box, and the church will add postage and mail.


Raising Champions Parenting Skills 101 will be taught at the church Saturday, March 25 by Pastor Julian and Miriam.  They have a burden not to criticize, but to help equip parents in our church and in our community to be more successful and find teachable moments to strengthen their families. Class is 1 ½ hours and includes a free continental breakfast!  Spread the word!


Good Friday community service will be at the church on April 14th at 7 pm.  Invite people now to mark their calendars to come with you then and also on Easter morning, April 16th.


Congratulations to Tim Meskin for making the Varsity Tennis Team!  Applause for Jimmy Leatherman who raised money to fight childhood cancer by having his head shaved at a St. Baldrick’s event on Saturday!  THAT takes guts!  Thanks so much to Calvin Petersen for sweeping away all the storm debris that had settled at the front entrance.  We always want to make a good first impression, and he helped us do that Sunday.


Get busy passing out those Fifty Shades of Green sermon cards.  We have a lot left over from the parade, and don’t want a single one to be wasted.  Thank you for your generosity and everything you do to serve here at Revolution Church.  We are growing!





March 6, 2017:


Hello again.  Thank you for visiting this page to find out “What’s Happening” here at Revolution Church!


Today Pastor Billy kicked off March with a new series titled, “Fifty Shades of Green”, messages about GROWTH.  “Green Eggs and Sham” was today’s sermon with text from Luke 19: 1-10, the story of Zacchaeus, the despised fraudulent tax collector, that Jesus spotted high in a fig tree.  


The worship team taught us two new songs:  A beloved hymn, “Come Thou Fount”, and the popular Christian radio hit, “Chainbreaker”. We even had a bit of “high church” organ during Crowder's “Doxology” for the traditionalists among us.  You can never accuse us of being boring when it comes to our variety of music!


“Irish Days” parade was Saturday, and it was c-c-c-c-c-cold and blustery! Thanks to the dedicated folks who designed, built, and performed on our bright green puppetry float, and for those who braved the  weather to pass out all our donated candy and 1300 church invite cards to parade watchers.  We had several first-time visitors in service, and we’d like to think it was because of our visibility in this community event.  Thanks to the Sandovals for pulling it all together, and thanks to Bruce Smit for providing the trailer.


“Evening at the Well”, a time of prayer and praise is open to all women Friday, March 10th, 6:30 pm at the church. Penny Knott is hosting this first-time event and can provide more information.


Saturday, March 25th every parent raising children is encouraged to attend “Teachable Moments”, the first lesson in our Raising Champions free parenting classes. Continental breakfast will be provided for this community outreach. Speak to Pastor Julian and Miriam for more info.


Fellas who love to eat, listen up!  Pastor Bob says there is another free breakfast in the works! There’s not much that tastes better than “FREE”!  Date to be announced next week.  YAY!


Congratulations to Pat Sennett and Homer Baker who were married in Memphis, TN Saturday!  Imagine Grandma Mildred Ferguson’s surprise at the reception when she learned it was also a surprise 94th birthday party for her! Tammy Smit, our keyboard player, has a birthday on the 9th! Destiny and Diamond Torres, the twins with the coolest sparkly shoes in the whole church, turned 13 this past week!


Many thanks to those who signed the birthday cards for Graybars Project inmates.  You’d be surprised how a “fiddy cent” card from the dollar store with our added sentiments and signatures cracks opens hearts and reminds a person in a bad spot that they still matter.  They go on and on about them in letters.  Happy Birthday to Dennis in KS, Stephen in GA, and James in NY.


Congratulations to our Ethan Fosen who received his diploma this week for his Associate’s Degree from Joliet Junior College! He not only completed the program early, but received high honors, too!  A+ job!


Clapping for Sue Zemaitis who is serving on a foreign mission trip to Guatemala!  How exciting that a person from our church is out helping change the world for the better!


Several women were excited to share a meal and fellowship with Antigone Moore who was in town from Arizona for family business. We still miss Nick and her at Revolution and continue to pray for comfort as their family deals with the grief of losing her dad.


Condolences to Carrie Grafrath and her family on the passing of her mother-in-law, Rose Grafrath on Feb. 26th. Thankful the family could come together in spite of delayed travel because of severe weather.


Next Sunday is TIME CHANGE.  Roll your clock AHEAD an hour.  It is also Cinnamon Roll Sunday, so come EARLY, and enjoy yummy pastries with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Baptizing is at the end of the service.  If you want to be baptized, tell one of the pastors NOW.  There is a brief pre-baptismal class at the church at 9:15 am with Pastor Julian next Sunday, and we would love to include you and answer any question you may have!


Have a blessed week!    ------ Tammy





February 27, 2017:



Happy Monday!


Yesterday Pastor Billy completed his “I AM” series with “I Am the Vine” using text from John 15. We were encouraged to note the difference between “real” and “fake” and to not fear the Master Gardener’s pruning shears when He shapes us to be more like Him.


Thanks to Justin Graniczny for being flexible and playing drums when we learned we were in a last-minute pinch! Two paws up for Lenny the Therapy Dog who put in an appearance during announcements and stuck around for loves and petting after service.


Thank you, Michelle Grifford for another successful “Time Out”, this time at Frankfort’s Noodles & Company.  Several ladies showed up for food and good fellowship.  They will do it all again in March, so listen for announcements for location.


The church hosted it’s February prayer meeting last night.  We appreciate the folks who showed up for this. This is a monthly gathering, and all are welcome.


"Jesus Called", women's Bible study kicked off Monday evening with a good sized class! Thank you, Pat Wozny for leading and for the refreshments.  Any other ladies interested?  We will save you a seat!


Are you walking in the Manhattan Irish Days parade this Saturday?  If so, contact Pastor Billy or the Sandovals for info as to where to meet and how you can be the most help.  Bring lollipops for sharing with spectators on the sidewalks if you can.


“Evening at the Well”, a time of prayer and women gathering strength from other women will be at the church Friday, March 10th, 6:30 pm.  Penny Knott will provide more details if you contact her.


“Parenting Skills 101” is now being offered by Pastor Julian and Miriam! One Saturday every other month parents of children and teens are invited to the church for “Teachable Moments”, lessons in raising champions.  Our Women’s Ministry will come alongside to provide a continental breakfast for this community outreach, so spread the word. First class kicks off March 25th!


Men, remember that we are forming “Iron Sharpens Iron”, a fellowship ministry that is led by Pastor Bob Smith. If you liked the breakfast a couple months ago, you will enjoy this great group of guys.  Speak to Pastor Bob for more information!


Have you been baptized?  Wanna be? March 12 during the morning service we will dunk believers in our brand new baptistry!  Sign-up sheet is found on the welcome table, or contact one of the pastors for more info prior to the 12th.


Yesterday was the final day for our regular attendees to take home their yearly Giving Statements.  Remaining statements will be mailed so you can prepare your taxes.    Thank you for every dollar you donated to further this ministry! We would not be here without your love and generosity to the Lord!


Our Calvin Petersen turned 15 last week!  Conga player Justin Graniczy and Deacon Darren Rych both celebrate birthdays this week!Happy Birthday to Grandma Mildred Ferguson in Memphis!  She turns 94 this week and is our oldest member!  Her daughter, Pat Sennett, is getting MARRIED this week, so let’s cheer and throw handfuls of virtual rice at Pat and Homer in TN! 


Next week Pastor Billy kicks off the March series “Fifty Shades of Green”, and it’s all about growth!  Come join us, and let’s pray we pull in several first-time visitors from our presence in the parade. Share those sermon cards and help us fill up the seats! 






February 20, 2017:



Hello again!


Yesterday Pastor Billy preached from John 14:1-7, “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. He will conclude the February series next Sunday with a message titled, “I Am the True Vine”.


We are so proud to try out our new baptistry! During the March 5th service we will have our first baptizing since relocating to our Manhattan site.  If you have received Christ but have not been baptized, please speak to one of the Pastors or Elders to schedule getting baptized during this service.


Tonight, Women’s Ministry Leader, Pat Wozny, kicks off her brand new study, “Jesus Called, He Wants His Church Back”. Classes are Mondays, 6:30 pm at the church. $15 to purchase the book.


Ladies, please join us at Noodles and Company at 21075 S. LaGrange in Frankfort at 6:30 pm Thursday, February 23rd for our monthly “Time Out”. Whether you decide to have dinner or just come to socialize, we would love to see you! Details are on Face Book, plus Michelle Grifford can give more info!


Every person is invited to join us for our monthly evening of prayer on Sunday, February 26 at the church beginning at 6:30pm.  There is no childcare provided.  


Pastor Bob Smith encourages all men to become part of his “Iron Sharpens Iron” men’s ministry.  Many of you enjoyed his yummy breakfast a few weeks ago, so you know of his big heart to pull men into fellowship.  Mark your connection card or speak to Pastor Bob to get involved.


March 4th, 10 a.m. is the Irish Days Parade in Manhattan.  We invite you to join us as we walk, hand out candy and represent Revolution Church in the community.  Please see one of the Pastors for more information. Donate lollipops if you can.  Last parade we ran out of candy early in the route, so we want to have plenty this time.


March 10th at 6:30 pm women are invited to the church for “Evening at the Well- Water for a Woman’s Soul”. This is a time of prayer and informal worship. See Penny Knott for information.


Are you aware we offer counseling?  Mishel Rych is a professional counselor, and she wants us all to live our best life and be at peace.  If you are in need of a godly listening ear, contact the church to see how she and our pastors can help.


We are happy our Ken Poort is home from the hospital, and we wish him a speedy recovery! Happy 18th Anniversary to Chris and Vivian Meskin!  Happy Birthday, Connie Vogt!  Happy 12th birthday, Jimmy Leatherman! Happy 21st birthday, Jake Grifford!   


There are two inmate birthday cards to sign on the Graybars Table.  Thanks for taking a minute to make a difference for Mike in Hillsboro, IL and James in NY.  Our guys and gals LOVE their group cards! Pen-pals, please pick up your mail each week from the table.


Check out our Home Page to see what we believe and to see what this church can offer your family.  You can sign up for online “Daily Scripture” from our own Eileen DeSando and also view past sermons you might have missed. We have PayPal for contributing online if you have to be absent.  Thanks to Pastor Billy for creating and maintaining our website for us.  We want to see every one of you back next Sunday.  First song begins at 10 am!





February 13, 2017:


Hello, Folks!


We will never again have to rent a pool at a school, because today we showed off our brand new baptistry! Woo-Hoo!  THANK YOU to those who have given so generously toward this tank!  It is a dandy, and we will try it out in the very near future, as we now have several people eager to be baptized.  It is nearly paid off, so if you would like to contribute, now is the time to do so. Let’s buckle down, and Git R Done!


John 11’s story of Lazarus was the text for Pastor Billy’s message, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life”, in week two of the “I AM” series.  Reinforcing the message, the music team led in “Because He Lives” and “My Redeemer Lives”.  Since this is Valentine’s week, the team wore red, and also focused on love with “Love the Lord” and “How He Loves”.   Thanks to the Chocolate Fairy for the giant bowl of kisses at the door!


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, we hosted a Kid’s Fun Night at the church Saturday until 11:30 pm so parents could enjoy a free date night!  Crafts, pizza, and a movie were some of the activities enjoyed by the nine children participating.  Humongous appreciation going out to Pastor Julian & Miriam, Brenda Hajek, Nathaniel Herrera, and Magic Autumn for child care.  You guys are fantastic and super thoughtful to forfeit your own Saturday night to help strengthen our families!


We thank Pastor Bob for opening the church three mornings a week for prayer for several months.  Because of personal and family responsibilities, he will no longer be praying at church on these days.  He encourages us all to be praying at home for the many needs among us.  He is also the man to see if you want to get involved in “Iron Sharpens Iron” men’s ministry!


This is the final day to sign up for The Beth Moore conference for March 17-18th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Money should be paid to Penny Knott. Pat Wozny can answer any questions.

Did you claim your Giving Statement from the welcome table yet? Several remain in the box.  Please take yours, as you will need it for your taxes.


Ladies attending the “Jesus Called” study are asked to read the first three chapters in advance of the February 20th class. We still have a couple more books if anybody else wants to sign up.

Saturday, March 4th, you are invited to march in the Manhattan Irish Fest parade with us! We are seeking walkers, helpers, and lollipop donations.  Sign up at the welcome table if you would like to help represent our church in the community!


Church Prayer Meeting will be February 26th, 6:30 pm.  Everybody is invited, but there is no childcare, so plan accordingly.  Revelation Bible study will be cancelled that night.


We were touched and so surprised when many of the art and poetry winners on the display board donated their cash prizes back to Graybars Project! Many of these inmates are nearly indigent, but they said they wanted to be a blessing and give back to this church to show appreciation for the cards and love we’ve sent them.  Talk about the “Widow’s Mite”!  WOW.  No kindness is ever wasted. Pen-pals, claim your mail!


This spring-like weather was awesome, but Old Man Winter hasn’t hopped the last bus to Albuquerque just yet.  For that reason, remember Pastor Julian’s “Warm Their Soles” project.  Bring new socks!


Kristi Leatherman was nearly a Valentine baby.  Wish her Happy Birthday on the 15th!


Next week’s message is “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”.  Join us at 10!






February 6, 2017:


Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, but as Deacon Tom said, “ Jesus is SUPER every Sunday!”  Thanks for joining us for worship, and for Pastor Billy’s first sermon in the “I AM” February series.  His text was from Psalm 23 and John 10 as he taught us what scripture says about our Good Shepherd.


Pastor Julian was proud to announce we now have twenty workers in Children’s Ministry, and the program is growing! Today he honored Kristen Hippenhammer as “Teacher of the Month”.  He said she is not only always on time, but early, and receives the little ones with love and acceptance.  You can see Kristen’s picture in the hallway!


RevKids is providing FREE babysitting, treats, and fun stuff this Saturday from 6-11:30 pm at the church so sweethearts can enjoy a Valentine’s date!  Magic Autumn will be part of the entertainment, so you know it will be a blast!  If you want to participate, contact Pastor Julian and Miss Miriam ASAP!


Remember, we are still collecting financial gifts to finish paying for our new baptistry!  Will you help us?  We have people waiting to be dunked, so this is a NEED vs a WANT.


Have you signed up and paid for your book for Pat Wozny’s, “Jesus Called, He Wants His Church Back” class beginning Monday, Feb. 20?  Many ladies are planning to attend.  Pat also invites you to a Beth Moore conference March 17-18 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Visit the fancy table with the high heeled shoe for more information!


Graybars Project’s table was filled with a display of the winning inmate poetry, greeting cards, and art.  Thank you for voting!  We are already receiving new art for the next contest!  Pen-pals, it is YOUR responsibility to check the table for your mail.  Unclaimed letters will be returned to sender.


If you were planning to pray at the church in the early hours of Wed. and Fri., please note that Pastor Bob will be away, and there will be nobody there for those two days this week.


Please visit the Home Page to sign up for Eileen DeSando’s “Scripture of the Day”.  She works hard to give us quality devotionals, and we sure do love her a lot!  Thanks to her husband, Larry, for repairing Pastor’s preaching/teaching stool and ridding us of that annoying squeak!


Visit the Home Page to check out opportunities to get involved in Women’s Ministry, Iron Men Ministry, Youth Group, and Bible Study. Click on PayPal to give tithes/offerings online, and click WATCH to see past sermon videos.  Pastor Billy has worked hard to give us a professional webpage, and it looks great!


Happy Birthday, Miriam Sandoval, Leah Meyers, Tyler Yost, and Jan Poort!  Much love to all of you!


Join us next week for “I AM the Resurrection and the Life” message.  Come a little early for prayer, coffee, and fellowship.  There are many new people attending now, so let’s be friendly and match some names with faces so all will feel welcome and loved here.  There are still several Giving Statements on the welcome table, so remember to get yours for tax purposes.  Have a great week!





January 30, 2017:



Hi, friends!


It was good to see all of you and our many visitors at church Sunday! We shared in Communion, and then Children’s Pastor, Julian Sandoval, completed the final message in the NOAH series.  This 5th Sunday was family Sunday, and youth were in service with the adults.  You can go to our Home Page and click “WATCH” to view this and all other past messages. Pastor Billy will begin a new series called, “I AM” next Sunday.


Thanks to all the ladies who went to Agave Azul Mexican restaurant in Manhattan last Thursday for January’s “Time Out”!  You will have another opportunity to attend on the last Thursday in February, so listen at church for location details. Thank you, Michelle Grifford, for leading this ministry.


Thank you, Dawn Gonda, for organizing Fishes and Loaves deliveries for one of our members who had surgery last week.  Blessings on the families who provided the lovin’ from the oven!


We appreciate everybody who took interest in the Graybars Project inmate poetry and art contest!  Your votes determined our winners, and they are:


POETRY:  1st- John in ID, “Depression is a Monster”, 2nd – Archie in TX, “Husband in a Closet”, 3rd—Ray in ID, “Child of Infinite Life”.   CARDS:  1st- Rene in TX, “Freddy Krueger”, 2nd – Jaime N, in ID, “Ink Lilies”, 3rd—Mike in IL, “Blue Teddy Bear”.   ART:  1st—Daniel in TX, “Portrait of Roy”, 2nd— Cathryn in TX, “Paid in Full Cross”, and tied for 3rd are Brian and Fred in Michigan City, IN for “Tiger” and “Carousel Horse Hankie”.


We are excited and eager for our new baptistry to be installed! Pastor has asked each of us to consider contributing a bit of money over and above our regular offerings and tithes so we pay can it off quickly.  Will you help us?   If we all give a little, nobody has to give a lot!


Check out our Home Page to see listings for opportunities for current and future Bible studies, Iron Men men’s ministry, Youth Group and Daily Scriptures!  There are many opportunities to grow here. 


Pat Wozny has an info/sign-up table for the Beth Moore spring women’s conference near the hospitality table! Interested? Stop by and let Pat gives you more details!


Happy 17th birthday, Joe Meskin!  Happy Birthday, Justice Petersen!


Sympathies are extended to Nick and Antigone Moore’s family on the unexpected passing of her father.  The wake is Wednesday, 3-9 pm at Krueger Funeral Home, 13050 Greenwood Ave., Blue Island, IL 60406.  Funeral is Thursday 10 am at the funeral home, and continues at 11 am at St. Spyridon Church, 12307 Ridgeland Ave., Palos Heights, IL 60463.  Interment following at Evergreen Cemetery.


Giving statements were distributed Sunday, and will be available again next week at the Welcome Table.  Remember to get yours, because you will need it for tax season.


Many thanks to all who volunteer and faithfully serve to keep this ministry running smoothly.  If you don’t hear it enough, let us repeat:  THANK YOU for all you do, for all you give! We appreciate you!  See you next week.  Bring a friend!





January 23, 2017:



Hello again, friends!


It felt like spring as we gathered for worship this morning! Once again, we had a good crowd which included more visitors, which is exciting!  Genesis Chapter 8 was Pastor Billy’s text in week four of the NOAH series.


This was the final week to order tamales from our greeter, Elena Sandoval.  Her little hands have been so busy filling orders to raise money for a new door for our nursery. The Bible says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might", and God will bless her for wrapping all that yumminess in corn husks for our enjoyment.


Graybars Project thanks all who voted for the inmate poetry and homemade greeting card contest today. Folks cast ballots for their three favorites in each category. Next week there is opportunity to vote on their art, so be sure and stop by and choose your winners.  These men and women are excited and proud to show off their talents.   A birthday card for one of the artists will be there for group signing, too.


Speaking of generosity, the “Warm Their Soles” project led by Pastor Julian is an ongoing collection, so watch for sales for warm, new, white or thermal socks for the homeless.  Yes, this weekend has been sunny and mild, but Old Man Winter will be back with a vengeance in a few short days, so keep those donations coming!


“Hello, My Name Is” breakfast held Saturday in Orland Park was a success!  Thank you, Miriam Sandoval, for sharing your testimony.  Thanks to Michelle Grifford’s mom for opening her home for 17 of our ladies to eat, fellowship, and pray together. If you had a good time, you might want to check out “Time Out” on Thursday, Jan. 26th 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Agave Azul Mexican Restaurant in Manhattan. This is Dutch treat, and you are encouraged to bring friends!  Michelle Grifford is in charge of this event. RSVP is helpful, so enough seats can be saved together.


Pat Wozny leads a new Bible study,“Jesus Called- He Wants His Church Back”,  beginning Monday, Feb. 20th,  pm 6:30 pm at the church. Cost of the book is $15.  Sign-up sheet is on the welcome table.   Pat also has a table for sign-ups for two Beth Moore conferences in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. YOU LEAD, leadership training is March 16-17. LIVING PROOF LIVE is March 17-18.   Call Pat at 815-464-0611 or for more info.


Pastor Bob is eager to build a strong men’s ministry, so if you are interested in learning more about “Iron Sharpens Iron” please speak with him to see how you can become involved!


Let us remind you that Mishel Rych (the announcement lady) is a Licensed Clinical Therapist and she provides  counseling for our church for FREE. If you find yourself in a rough patch and need listening ears and godly guidance, please contact her, or simply write it on your connection card and we will put you in touch with her. Again, there is no charge for this ministry. We want all of us to make it and be the best we can be!


Thank you to those who came to prayer meeting at the church Sunday evening. Remember that we meet for pre-service prayer in the kitchen every Sunday before service, you are welcome to join in at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings.  Praise and worship kicks off at 10 am.  After church next Sunday there will be a brief meeting for all the children’s ministry workers, so plan accordingly if this applies to you.


Happy Birthday to Madilyn Leatherman and Erin Moore Kuiken!






January 16, 2017:


Hi, Folks!  Pull up a seat, and let's catch up on what's happening!


Pastor Billy continued the Noah series this morning with text from Genesis 7.  Keeping with the theme of the flood, the worship team led “Grace Like Rain” into Michael W. Smith’s, “Let It Rain”.   Special appreciation, again, to Larry Piwnicki ?  for drumming with us.  He is always willing to step in on short notice when our regular drummer is called into work. There was such a sweet spirit about the worship today.  Eleven people rededicated or gave their heart to Jesus for the first time at the end of the service!   Isn’t that incredibly wonderful?


After church many of the members stayed for our bi-annual business meeting which consisted of a detailed financial breakdown of the 2017 budget and Q&A with Pastor and several board members.  It was proposed the church purchase a baptistry, and we were asked to help contribute dollars in coming weeks to make that a reality.  Our goal is $2,500.  

Speaking of generosity, the “Warm Their Soles” project led by Pastor Julian already netted a bin heaped high with your donations of warm, NEW socks for the homeless!  YAY!  This will be an ongoing collection, so watch for sales.  There is a list of needed items at the bin, so read that, and see how you might best shop in coming weeks.  Thank you!


The Encouragement Cards found under the seats are well liked!  Thanks to those who are participating in penning uplifting words to those in our church who need a boost.  Thank you, Penny Knott, for this great idea and for mailing these notes!


Inmates have been sending their art and poems to us for months, so next Sunday their works will be displayed for competition at the Graybars Project table.  Each person will get two votes in three categories: art, poetry, and homemade greeting cards. Come a little early or stay a little late to browse the board and choose your favorites.  Inmate prayer request sheets for Jan/Feb are now available at the table, too.


“Hello, My Name Is” brunch is Sat, January 21st.  Address will be provided when you sign up.  This event is FREE and open to all women.  Be sure and RSVP so the hostess will know how much food to prepare.


“Time Out”, our monthly women’s ministry event will be at Agave Azul Mexican Restaurant in Manhattan on Thursday, Jan. 26th 6:30 pm.  This is Dutch treat, and you are encouraged to bring friends!  Michelle Grifford is in charge of this event. RSVP is helpful, so enough seats can be saved together.


Ladies, who wants to attend a new Bible study?  Beginning Monday, Feb. 20th, 6:30 pm at the church, Pat Wozny will lead “Jesus Called- He Wants His Church Back”.  Cost of the book is $15.  Sign-up sheet is on the welcome table.   Pat also has a table for sign-ups for a Beth Moore conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in mid-March.   Listen at church for more information!


“Iron Men” men’s ministry group welcomes you!   Pastor Bob is excited to lead this fellowship.  Field comments and questions to him to see where you can become involved!


Kudos to Oscar Hammerberg and Bruce Smit for spending hours helping Pastor Billy hang a new projection screen in the Children’s Ministry area last week.


Tom Wozny, the Christmas Tree King, spent untold hours perched high on a ladder taking down our magnificent tree and wreaths this week.  It sure was spectacular, and we hated to see the decorations go.   He and Pat put in a tremendous amount of effort to beautify God’s house, and we love them for it!


Happy 15th Birthday, Tim Meskin!  Happy Birthday to Drama Team leader, Cynthia Petersen on Saturday!  This woman workworkworkworks, and she deserves a day to relax and just enjoy!


Let us remind you there is prayer each Sunday in the kitchen at 9:30 am for those who wish to join the circle.   Prayer meeting will be January 22nd, 6:30 pm at the church.  Everybody is welcome, but remember there is no childcare provided.  And, NO, you don’t have to pray aloud if you are bashful about that.  No worries!  Service starts at 10.  We hope to see your smiling face next week!  Let’s grow together!






January 9, 2017:


Welcome back, friends!


More visitors joined us for worship yesterday, and we are so encouraged to see our church family growing! Pastor Billy began his NOAH January message series with text from Genesis 6. We also watched a bit of footage from the Noah movie that hit theaters a couple of years ago.


Pastor Julian has invited us to participate in his “Warm Their Soles” mission to collect winter socks for the homeless around this area.  A Boy Scout troop will also be joining our efforts to help one of the young men earn his Eagle Scout award, so this project will surely be a success!  Socks must be WHITE or THERMAL, and NEW.  Who can spare a pair?  Or two?  Or 22?


It’s been said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  Well, that might be true, but there IS such a thing as a free breakfast, and it was at the church Saturday.  Pastor Bob cooked up and served a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, muffins, hashbrowns, juice and coffee.  Sixteen men enjoyed the food and fellowship.  How nice!  Thank you for making this event a success!  If you are interested in learning more about “Iron Men” (Proverbs 27:17), speak with Pastor Bob, as he wants this group to flourish.


Revelation Study resumed Sunday evening after the holiday break.  6:30 pm at the church.  FREE. Pastor Billy is the instructor, and he would love to have a room full of students.


The Encouragement Cards left on the seats seem to be popular.  You are invited to jot an uplifting note to anybody at church who needs a boost, and drop those in the connection card box.  The church will pay postage and mail them for you.   This is a super easy way to be a blessing!


NEXT SUNDAY after church there is a business meeting for all members, so plan to stick around for a little over half hour to hear the financial status updates and vision casting for 2017.  Your pot roast will be just fine in the crock pot at home for another few minutes, so try to stay and listen.


January 22 is our monthly churchwide prayer meeting at the church.  6:30 pm.  Sorry, no childcare that evening.  Everybody is invited, and if you are shy, you don’t have to pray aloud, so no stressing over that. Larry DeSando is leading this service.


Pat Wozny is the lady to see for more info for the January 21st, 9-11 AM “Hello My Name Is” women’s breakfast.  There is a food sign up and RSVP list on the welcome table, so please try to come out and support the event if you are free.  There is no charge, and you can bring a friend!


We are proud to announce we are expanding the size of our church by TWO FEET!  Jason and Kristen Hippenhammer announced they are expecting their fourth child in August!  Let’s pray for an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby.


Graybars Project is hosting an inmate art and poetry contest later this month, and we will be asking all of you to vote for your favorites.  Looking for a couple more enthusiastic folks with experience in creative writing and art to help critique,  judge, and name winners!


Tambourine shaker Vivian Meskin just had her 43rd birthday, so when you see her, give her some extra loving!


Condolences to the Agnes Ciametti family following the death of her father this past week.  Sue Zemaitis and Patti Fulmer have lost both an aunt and uncle recently. Loving wishes are sent to these good folks during this rugged time. 


See you guys back in church next week. Pre-service prayer is in the kitchen at 9:30 am if you’d like to step in for that.  Music kicks off at 10 am.  Come early for hot coffee and fellowship.  We have so many new faces, so take a few minutes and get to know who is sitting around you.  We want to be known as a friendly and welcoming church.  Have a great week, and stay warm!





January 2, 2017:



Happy 2017!


We had a good crowd show up for New Year’s Day worship!  Welcome, visitors!  We are seeing many new faces each week, and it is exciting to see God growing this church.   Associate Pastor Bob Smith delivered the first message of the year with text from Luke 4:18-19, and he did a great job!


Everybody found “encouragement cards” on the seats as we kicked off something new. We were asked to look around and then write an uplifting message to people in the church who might need a boost, and drop the notes in the connection card box.  The church will pay postage and mail them, so people will be reminded they are cared for and loved.  Some already received theirs and were very touched.  This is such a simple way to be a quiet blessing.  Everybody is invited to participate!


Since it was a holiday, Revelation Study was cancelled.  It will resume next Sunday evening.


Youth group for grades 6-12 will meet Wednesday at 6:30-8 pm. Pastor Billy leads our young people in a time of scriptures, team building, and getting to know each other better.  It will be FUN!


Men are invited to share in faith, food, and fellowship Saturday, January 7th,  8AM  at the church with a free breakfast! Pastor Bob encourages you to bring friends and come enjoy the morning.


January 15th is a day for “takin’ care of bidness”.   All members are invited to stay after church for a financial and 2017 vision casting meeting.  We will have two such meetings each year.  You can expect this one to last 30-40 minutes.


Our Christine Duszka has a birthday Friday!  Jason Hippenhammer celebrates Saturday, and according to Face Book, he will be 112!  Yowza!  Sue Mulder celebrates Thursday.  She returns to Arizona this week, and it was a joy having her back in church with us for the holidays. Thanks to the kind people who took a minute to sign January birthday cards for Graybars inmates. It means a lot to those folks.


Pastor Billy begins his January sermon series on NOAH next week.   He gave us a video sneak peek yesterday, and it looks interesting.  We will learn a lot about fresh starts and clean slates as we begin this new year.   Several have been out of town for the holidays, but we should see all of you back next Sunday by 10 am!




December 27, 2016:


Good Morning!

We survived Christmas 2016!  Here’s hoping everybody had a great week and was surrounded by treats and much love.


Thanks to all who came out for our Christmas Eve services.  “Mary, Did You Know”, “Oh, Holy Night”, and a candlelit “Silent Night” were some of the songs sung. Special thanks to Larry Piwnicki for drumming on short notice!  Several members read scriptures for us, and there was a brief message by Pastor Billy.  We also watched the beloved TV clip of Linus with his blanket: “ ….. And that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”  We had several visitors from the community, and got to love on old friends we hadn’t seen in much too long. Sue Mulder had flown back from Arizona, so getting to visit and hug on her was a highlight this week, and she was one in the crowd Saturday afternoon. 


Sunday service was joyful, and some of our visitors from the night before returned Christmas morning. Pastor Billy concluded his December sermon series with text from Luke 2 and Luke 10. We finished the service by sharing in Communion.


Do you like the new welcome desk at the entrance?  It’s a real nice fit there! It’s exciting to see our building coming together piece by piece!


Men’s Breakfast is Saturday, January 7th, 8 a.m. at the church.  You are encouraged to bring your friends. Pastor Bob is in charge, and needs to know how many hungry guys to expect, so please sign-up at the welcome table Sunday.  This is free.


“Hello, My Name Is” women’s breakfast is Saturday, January 21st from 9-11 am. This is also a free event.  RSVP for you and your friends at the sign-up sheet at the welcome table. Listen at church for location.


Have you checked out the Graybars Project bulletin board? The inmates truly appreciated the Thanksgiving and Christmas cards so many of you wrote to them, and they sent us cards in return!  Take a few minutes to read what they want to say to Revolution Church.  Many have specifically thanked Deacon Tom Williamson for personalizing their cards.   There are two birthday cards now on the table for signing. 


Extra donated cards were distributed to the 100 residents at the Frankfort Terrace Nursing Home Tuesday, and the people were beaming!  They were comparing cards, and asking all kinds of questions about this church that remembered them at Christmas.  Thanks for buying cards, for signing, for being a blessing to the LAST, the LOST, and the LEAST. Your kindness is not wasted.


Revelation Study was postponed Christmas night, and will also be on pause on New Year’s Day.  Class will resume January 8th.


Mishel Rych, AKA, “The Announcement Lady”, has a birthday on the 30th, so show her some extra loving this week!


Join us on New Year’s Day as Pastor Billy kicks off 2017 with a new series titled “NOAH”.  It’s all about fresh starts, and there’s not a one of us who can’t benefit from one of those!  





December 19, 2016:


Wow, it was C-C-C-C-COLD yesterday! When the music team arrived at the church early for rehearsal, we found Pastor Billy in the brutal temps shoveling and salting the walkway so we could all get inside without ending up in a body cast for Christmas. He is so good to lead by example. Kudos to the men who joined him in that behind-the-scenes thankless winter work while most of us were still sleeping in our cozy beds.


Jan Golden and her twins, Diamond and Destiny, lit the Advent candle of Peace and read scriptures for us.  Pastor continued with his “Unexpected Journey” series with text from Luke 2.  We got a good laugh out of the “Dear Baby Jesus” table grace scene with a clip from Talladega Nights that helped reinforce the sermon. Pastor Julian, his puppetry crew, and Lazy Larry in his sequined sombrero had us singing along to their version of “Feliz Navidad".  Our drummer was snowed in, so we welcomed Vivian Meskin and her tambourine to help with percussion, and she did great!  It was a joyful service!


Did you enjoy Ugly Sweater Sunday? Thanks to all who participated and got creative with bling-bling, battery powered lit shirts, doodleboppers, elf ears, and funkadelic socks.  Even Lenny the Therapy Dog was in a festive mood in his holiday sweater with red “Kiss Me” antlers!  After service, we mingled and enjoyed trays of Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and coffee.  Thanks to the people who provided those refreshments and cleaned up behind us.  It was fun! Maybe next year we can all gang up and decorate Jason Hippenhammer’s beard!


Graybars Project volunteers:   River Valley Juvenile Detention Center gratefully accepted your third donation of books for their young readers!  Special thanks to the Leah Meyers family for many of those items.  Your donated and signed Christmas cards were delivered to Daybreak Shelter and MorningStar Mission in Joliet this weekend! 240 inmates in Idaho were blessed with your kind words and bags of peppermint tea, and almost 50 others across the USA received your pen-pal letters and special cards, and they loved them!  There are special cards on the Graybars table written to all of us from  several prisoners.   In the basket you will find scrolls with prison-stripe candy attached.  That writing is a gift from one of our female inmates.  Please enjoy.


Men’s Breakfast at the church, Saturday, January 7th!  Who wants to bring a friend and come eat?  Pastor Bob is the contact person for this event.  Sign-up sheet is on the welcome table!


“Hello, My Name Is” women’s breakfast will be Saturday, January 21st from 9-11 am.  Listen and watch for more information coming soon.  Sign-up sheet is on the welcome table for this, and Penny Knott is the contact person if you have questions. Who will you bring?


Revelation Study was cancelled last night because of church wide prayer meeting, and will be paused until January 8th so you can enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.  Thank you to those who braved the frigid temps to come out and pray last night. Thank you, Larry DeSando for leading.


Youth group for 6th-12th graders meets at the church on Wednesdays at 6:30, and this group is all the time doing fun stuff! Watch Face Book for any weather cancellations.


Are you signed up to receive your Daily Scriptures online?  Eileen DeSando has taken on this ministry, and all you have to do is go to our Home Page and click on "Plug In" and follow directions. 


We recognize several birthdays this week: Lisa Rizzo turned 49 down in sunny Arizona. Reagan Hippenhammer turns 4 today!  “Camera Guy” Bruce Smit celebrates his birthday on Friday.  Deacon Phil Graniczny will be eating bacon with rainbow birthday sprinkles on Wednesday, and “The Hostess with the Mostest”, Brenda Hajek, celebrates on Christmas Day.  Love on her now, as she is headed to Florida for the holidays.


Congratulations to our college students who passed finals and can relax after completing fall semester!


Which Christmas Eve service will you and your guests be attending?  Two services: 3:00 and 4:30. Each should last less than an hour.  Expect beautiful music, a brief message, and candlelight as we honor the birth of our Lord.  We are thrilled that our Sue Mulder who ditched winter months ago will be visiting us from Arizona that evening. We can’t wait to get to love on her again!


Have a great week, and safe travels for those hitting the highways and the skies to be with family! Have a Blessed Christmas.




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