September 28, 2015:




Pull up a chair and let’s get caught up on this week’s happenings here at Revolution Church.


Women’s Ministry was very pleased with their weekend trip to the “Women of Faith” conference. Penny Knott showed a few photos and addressed the congregation to share her thoughts and to read feedback comments from some of the women who attended. Michelle Grifford was instrumental in making the arrangements so all things would flow smoothly for their group. The following was contributed by Michelle:


“This past weekend a group of 14 ladies headed up to Hoffman Estates to gather for the Women of Faith Conference. The conference was Friday night and all day Saturday.  Before the event they enjoyed some pampering with pedicures and manicures followed by dinner at Panera.  After the Friday night session we gathered in a room for a very special time of building friendships and forming bonds.  Saturday we enjoyed a tailgate style lunch.  Much time was spent discussing the speakers, topics and life.  Forever Friends were made, our cups have been filled and are now overflowing into our families and ministry. The size of our church allows for us to get to know each other...REALLY know each other..  JOIN US!!!! In addition to weekly women's small group, events for the women are being planned.  They would love for more of the women of our congregation to experience the special fellowship that we have here at Revolution.”


Thank you to Antigone and Nick Moore for setting up our Communion tables and assuming this responsibility. Pastor Billy always receives positive comments regarding the way our church presents the Lord’s Supper.  We do this the last Sunday of each month.


Christian Hively was honored with a going-away reception after service, and we thank every person who ventured over to the table to wish him well as he prepares to leave for National Guard training in Missouri Tuesday.  We promised him we will write as soon as he lets us know his new mailing address.  He has been the hardest working, most faithful young person at this church since our kick-off Sunday.  He helps pack and unpack the trailer, assists with the trailer transport back and forth to Manhattan, totes our heavy cross, and assists with the chair ministry!  He never had to be begged or shamed into helping.  He just saw a need and filled it.  He will surely be missed. Too bad we can’t clone him before he leaves the area.  Thanks to Brenda, Tammy, Juri, Justin, Bruce, and Josh for preparing food and punch, decorating, and frosting dozens of camo soldier cupcakes while racing a clock.   When you pray for Christian, also remember to pray for his girlfriend, Diana, as she has already cried buckets of tears dreading the long distance separation.


Who enjoyed the drummer?  Hank’s “I Saw the Light” never sounded better! Wasn’t he the sweetest young man?  Juri drove an hour and 10 min. from Chicago to play with the worship team, and we loved him immediately. He also pulled up a seat at the cupcake decorating table and rolled up his sleeves to help us finish in time. We love people who are not afraid of work.  He has been in America four months, and he was given his FIRST Bible at our church yesterday.


There is so much excitement in the air regarding the long-awaited opportunity to purchase our own  building.  We have been offered a “steal of a deal” on a quaint old church in the New Lenox community, and what we must do is come up with the down payment by December.  Face Bookers might have seen the Go Fund Me page Pastor created last week.  This page was posted to make our need visible to as many folks as possible, but keep in mind this organization keeps 5% of your donation.  Mailing directly to Revolution Church PO Box 298 Frankfort, IL 60423 or dropping it directly into the offering basket ensures 100% of your donation goes into the fund.  Help us reach our goal!  What can you give to propel this ministry into its next phase? Pray hard, and let’s be generous toward God in this.


Bob Smith’s free finance class begins in October, so who needs to go and learn how to manage your money better?  You can’t beat FREE!  Let Bob be a blessing and share what he has learned over the years to help your money grow.   Pastor has often said Christians are to give of their “TIME, TREASURE, and TALENTS”, and this is an example of an elder sharing his talent.  We appreciate you, Bob!


NEXT STEPS class is coming up in October, and this is a day for you to learn what Revolution teaches and to check out what we are all about. Feel free to sign up without obligation or strings.  Just come and listen and get acquainted with some of the leaders and see what we can offer you and your family.  Mark your connection card, sign up on a clipboard at the table by the door, or contact Pastor to RSVP.


Here’s an easy way to be a BOOtiful part of a community outreach:  TRUNK OR TREAT which is held in our church parking lot is seeking more families to decorate their vehicles and pass out goodies to trick-or-treaters from 10 am-1 pm on Halloween.  We are currently accepting your bags of treats, so when you are buying Halloween candy, how about tossing some extra bags into your cart?


Speaking of THAT, this is the time of year in America when ghouls and ghosts and all things supernatural come center stage, so Pastor Billy’s October sermon series will be about “ANGELS AND DEMONS”.  This should be highly interesting!  He asks that you email him your questions now so that one service can be exclusively devoted to answering what YOUR inquiring minds want to know.


When you get then chance, take a minute this week and wish Debbie Struck Happy Birthday.  She is such a honey, and we love her lots! Hope to see you all back in church next Sunday at 10 am.  Bring that candy if you are able.  If not, then just bring yourself. 500 bonus points and a high five if you bring a buddy with you! Have a blessed week!









September 21, 2015:


Hello, Friends!

Happy Monday!


Are you guys still grinning about Revolution’s “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” Pastor Billy shared yesterday? Yes, FINALLY, it appears all the pieces have slid into place for us to have theopportunity to purchase our own building!  If this deal goes through, this will end “portable church”, and we can sit down and enjoy the blessing of permanency.  For those who only watch online or who show up just as service starts and hit the door after the final amen, this might not be such a big deal.  For those of us who have faithfully rolled out of bed while it is still dark and donated HOURS each week for the trailer transport, facility set up, music rehearsals, church tear down, and packing up that U-Haul again, this is a tremendously promising development!  Pastor will be sharing what we as a church body are required to do to help seal this deal. We need all hands on deck.  ALLLLLLLLLL.  Not some.  This means you, too.  NOW is the time to step up for your church.


Justin Graniczny was a double blessing yesterday.  Not only did he drum for us, but he also assisted his dad, Phil, in constructing the jail cell that served as Pastor’s sermon prop for his message about forgiveness. Didn’t that look awesome?  After service several folks had some goofy family photos taken inside just for fun. You might have seen them on Face Book.  We are glad you appreciated the ornate keys you discovered taped under your chairs.  Some said they want to slip these on a cord and hang on their rearview mirror or around their neck.  Keep them, and remember Pastor’s teaching…..that you hold the key to releasing yourself from an emotional prison when you choose to FORGIVE.  If you missed this service (or any other service), you can view online by going to our Home Page and clicking “WATCH”. The videos are usually posted by Monday afternoon.  Thank you, camera guys, for making these videos possible!


We are in the countdown for collecting your recipes for the church cookbook.  Thanks to the folks who already contributed! Several of you have good intentions but continue to piddle, and we don’t want you to be left out of this project.  Deadline is SUNDAY the 27th.  Let’s be good humans and not slam Michelle with a pile of recipes in the final minutes of the final day. Drop yours in the connection card box Sunday or better yet, email pronto to Sign your name to each entry so she can properly credit you.


The new men’s Saturday morning Bible study at Nick Moore’s has gotten off to a good start, and there is still room for any guys who want to go for study, prayer, fellowship, andcoffee.  Those who are not morning people still have the option of attending “Act Like Men” Tuesdays at 7 pm at Bruce Smit’s house in Frankfort. There is always food at the Tuesday gathering.


“Not.A.Fan” women’s Thursday night study is now in session at Sue Mulder’s place in New Lenox, and they will scoot over and make space for you if you’d like to check out what’s happening with this crew.  Remember to send up some prayers for those women from this church who will be attending the “Women of Faith” conference in Hoffman Estates this week.  Some are carrying heavy loads of responsibility and fighting battles we know nothing about, so we hope this will be a joyful time of rest and refreshing for them.  This month’s “Time Out” is cancelled because of the conference.


Who among us needs some professional guidance and FREE advice to better manage our finances?  If you just raised your hand, then you need to sign up for Elder Bob Smith’s class beginning in October.  He is a financial pro, and he can offer you some wise advice in this area.


Small groups – known at this church as Transforming Life Groups – have sign-up sheets on the welcome table.  Please check out the study options and also see which night of the week best suits your needs.


“Movie and Pizza Night” for the kids is this Friday and is hosted again by Doug and Nicki Arnott.  Tickets are $5, and you can’t beat that!  Please drop off your kids, and go enjoy some “you time” during this event.


“Trunk or Treat” is getting some sign-ups already, and we need a few more cars to participate in this community event lead by the Lincoln Way Special Recreation Center Halloween day here in the church parking lot.  Decorate your own car, or donate bags of candy for our participating families to give to trick-or-treaters.  This is a fantastic opportunity to show off your creativity and sense of humor, so put on your thinking caps and start brainstorming in advance.


If you have a flair for the dramatic and would like to be a part of our Drama Ministry, we urge you to volunteer with Cynthia Petersen’s group that is now forming.  She is fired up with enthusiasm and would like to share her vision with you!


We hope to see all of you back next Sunday as we say goodbye to Christian Hively before he leaves us for the military.  There is no young person in this church who has worked as hard as he has with the trailering, set up and tear down of Revolution Church, so plan to stick around a bit after dismissal, share some snacks, and wish him well.   As you leave, be sure to take your Rhema boxed booklets gift from the Knotts. Sunday is the final day they will be available from the welcome table.   Have a great week!







September 14, 2015:



Good Morning, folks!


Thanks for stopping in to visit our webpage again this week.  Speaking of visiting, we again were pleased to see new faces in the church yesterday.  WELCOME!  Make yourself at home, enjoy the refreshments at the hospitality table, and check out the sign-up sheets on the table at the entrance to see what learning and fellowship opportunities we offer to help you grow. Please accept the free boxed Rhema booklet set as a love gift to you from the Knotts.  Aren’t those great?  They will be found at the Welcome Table through September, so be sure and get yours. Grab a stack of sermon cards to share while you are there.


Thank you to Elder Bob Smith for being our guest speaker yesterday.  He did a good job, and in spite of him showing up in a Green Bay Packer’s jersey and tie in the heart of Bears country, we STILL love him lots! If you missed service, you can watch his message late Monday afternoon by going to our Home Page and clicking “Watch”.  You can also click Pay-Pal to contribute your tithes and offerings online to support this ministry. Much appreciation to those who faithfully and generously honor God with your contributions here!


We were saddened and disappointed that Rich and Chris Portwood were unable to be with us yesterday.  We were excited that after a long hiatus Rich was scheduled to sing and play with the worship team again, but because of complications related to his brain tumor, they had to cancel late in the week.  These are precious people who are in the middle of rugged circumstances, so please remember to pray for them every day.  Face Book them.  Call them.  Send a card.  Do something to speak your love and offer your support while there is still time.


You have seen some new faces on the stage lately as folks muster courage and try out new ways to serve. We appreciate willingness to get up and “do something”, and we believe God grows our talents the more we apply ourselves. Thank you to Bruce Smit and Justin Graniczny on drums and to Luke Wetzel on harmonica!   Children’s Ministry is proud to have Antigone Moore and Kristen Hippenhammer now helping with the little ones.  THANK YOU!


Men’s Ministry kicked off its new Saturday early morning gathering at Nick Moore’s home in Mokena with doughnuts and coffee for the guys.  The group chose to study 2 Peter, and they invite you to come check it out if you are free.  Tuesday night men’s group continues in Frankfort with the “Act Like Men” study since several of the members cannot attend the Saturday group. There is always good stuff to eat


Women are beginning a new study called “Not.A.Fan” which meets in New Lenox Thursday evenings. Their monthly “Time Out” will not happen this month since several of our ladies areattending the “Women of Faith” conference that week.


The new autumn Transforming Life Groups (A.K.A. small groups) are kicking off, and there are multiple opportunities for you to participate.  See the sign-up sheets for addresses and dates. leads this ministry and can answer your questions or help you find the group that best meets your needs. Thank you to those who are gracious hosts andhostesses!


The cookbook project is nearing completion, so TURN IN YOUR RECIPES now so we can include your family. is where to send them.  Some are writingthem out by hand, and that is ok, too, but be sure to sign your name to each one so we can give you credit. This is not exclusively for women.  Men and children of the church are alsoencouraged to participate.


Halloween isn’t far away, and our church is invited to take part in the “Trunk or Treat” event held in the parking lot here where we meet for service.  The Lincoln Way Special Rec Center welcomes families to decorate your vehicles Saturday, October 31st from 10 am -1 pm and distribute treats to the little ones as they make their trek from car to car.  This is your opportunity to show off your creativity while passing out treats to the neighborhood kids.  They need at least 10 more cars.  Sign-up sheet is at church.


Speaking of creativity, who wants to sign up for the Drama Team?  Cynthia Petersen is the leader, and she is looking for folks who are not afraid to dress up and have a good time at church. Mark your connection card or find her near the trailer after service to be included in this budding group.  Sounds like FUN!


4th and 5th graders are having Pizza, Bonfire & Movie Night on Friday, September 25th 7-9:15 pm at the Arnott’s home in Lemont! How fun! Remember, this is strictly for our children and their little guests, so parents need to find something else to do during this time.


Remember to keep our students in your prayers.  School is barely back in session, but some of our older ones are already stressed and dog paddling to stay afloat between homework, jobs, and trying to have a sliver of a social life.  Some of our young parents are now racing the school bus.  Some of our teachers could use words of encouragement, too.  It's more difficult for some than for others, so be supportive when you sense them struggling. Help out when you can.


Hope to see all of you back with us in church Sunday for the next message in the Rhema “It Is Written” series about Forgiveness. I hope I haven’t missed any birthdays, anniversaries, announcements, or your other special news.  Apologies if I did.  Pobody’s Nerfect – including me-- so let me know, and I will make it right.  


Blessings to all!







September 8, 2015:



Good Morning, Friends, and Happy Labor Day!


This column is a 2-weeker as I was on vacation last week minus the laptop.  Apologies to those who came here to read but found no post, but it’s all good now, because here we are together again.  Welcome!


We’ve been seeing several visiting couples and new faces in the services the past three weeks, and this makes us happy!  We are so glad you are interested in what’s happing with Revolution Church, and we hope our people welcomed you and made you comfortable.  Do come back and check out our table that holds sign-up sheets for upcoming Life Groups as well as new autumn groups forming for women, youth, and men.  Don’t assume we know you will be joining.  SIGN UP so other newbies can find their best fit and those opening their homes can be prepared to be A+ hosts. Go back to the Home Page, and click on the different boxes to see what we are offering.


Speaking of hosting, here’s a great big thanks to Bob & Heather Smith for opening their pool so Pastor Billy could baptize Kristen Hippenhammer last week after church.  We appreciate all of you who drove over to witness this special day and show support for Kristen.  She was presented her certificate of baptism in yesterday’s service.


Thank you to the good people of Ozinga who donated the Rhema gift box that you took home yesterday.  It was like being on the Oprah show:  “YOU get a book, and YOU get a book, and YOU get a book… YOU ALLLLL get BOOKS!”  How generous!  Enjoy those.  Study them, be blessed, and pass them along to a friend who needs a faith lift.


Yesterday kicked off the September sermon series called “Rhema”, and the text was Luke 15:25-32.  We enjoyed the Angry Birds props, and three lucky folks toted home some pretty cool stuffed birds.  Do you still have your stress ball you were given?  Use it when you need it, and let’s see if we can cut back on the anger and increase our joy.  Come back next Sunday, and let’s see what the Bible teaches about connection.


Special acknowledgement to Luke Wetzel for so willingly joining the tech team and also helping us pack up the stage equipment.  It is a pleasure to see a smiling person saying, “I’ll help! Put me to work!”  We’d love to put YOU to work, too.  If you want to serve this church body, we have openings for you in a variety of areas, particularly in the children’s departments, and help with tearing down the equipment and loading the trailer after church. Help is also welcomed if you’d like to learn to film the service and/or the music so those online can enjoy our services if they have to miss.  It’s not difficult.  You just need a steady hand and a reliable alarm clock so you can start on time.   Mark your connection card or call Pastor if you will help.


Submissions for the church cookbook need to be turned in NOW. Several families have turned theirs in, but some of you are piddling and procrastinating, and this is making itstressful for the person responsible for the completion of this project. Sometimes there are not enough free stress balls in the world to make a person feel better when they are racing a deadline, so  please take five minutes and mail your favorites to   Include title, directions, and your name.


Josh Corbin turned 31 yesterday, and we all sang to him.  He is good to help us tote heavy things to the trailer, and we appreciate him and his family so much!  Our Robbie Fosen and Matthew VanderVeen both celebrated birthdays on the 3rd!  Diana Rowley who has been so good to film and post our music celebrates her big day on the 9th.  Corey Schuldt who drummed for us since our kick-off Sunday celebrates on the 12th.  If you see any of these good folks, show them some extra love and TLC.


Next week Rich and Chris Portwood will be with us in church.  We have not seen these folks since they moved to Hoffman Estates, and Lord willing, Rich will sing for us and possibly play on the worship team if he is physically able.  His brain tumor is back, and they are walking through very tough and rugged times, but their faith is strong.  Come out and give some love to these friends.  They helped us plant this church and were faithful to attend and contribute until the final Sunday they lived in this area.


If you have news you’d like to share here with your church family, shoot me an email, and I’ll do my best to include it the following week.  Thanks for all you do to show love and support for your brothers and sisters here.  We need each other, so be ever mindful to be kinder than necessary, because all of us are fighting some pretty tough battles.  Blessings to you all!









August 24, 2015:



Good Morning, All!


Some are still discussing and smiling about the wonderful service at Revolution yesterday! We were in the fourth message of the “RACE DAY” series, and 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 was the text for our healing service. Weak, plastic grocery bags splitting from the stress of heavy weights placed inside helped us visualize how we  can become so overstuffed with responsibilities, stress, and anxieties that physically, emotionally, and spiritually our “bags break” from the pressure.  The invitation was extended at the end of the service for those who needed any kind of healing to come forward for anointing with oil and prayer with elders and spouses.  This was much needed and was therapeutic for many of us.  It is unsettling to suddenly become aware of deep pain, fear, hopelessness and despair in brothers and sisters who faithfully sit among us in church each Sunday. It’s surprising what hides behind smiles and laughter.  Let’s ALL make the effort to look closer, listen more carefully, and watch after each other with more diligence so nobody is left behind.


The floors were JUST varnished and looked gorgeous, but that also meant the powers that be wouldn’t allow coffee inside.  Chocolate chip cookies, yes.  Coffee, no.  Sorry about that. Sorry, too, about the dim lighting during the worship service.  Apparently lightning stuck on Saturday and destroyed the dimmer, so it was all or nothing, but it was still ok, and Jesus still showed up. It’s what the old-timers called “just  burrs under the saddle”.  We should be back to normal next Sunday.


It was good to see new families in the crowd both this week and last! Welcome them, and if you see folks you haven’t seen before, don’t be shy.  Go say hey and make sure they are comfortable, know where to go, and have what they need.


Thank you to Oscar Hammerberg for joining the camera crew this week. He is usually greeting and handing out bulletins, but today he chose to try something new, and we appreciate that! Who else wants to learn to tape the service for online viewing?  It’s easy.  All you need is a steady hand to keep Pastor Billy in the frame, and you will make it possible for viewers in many states to become part of our church from across the miles.


Next Sunday is our baptizing, so be good members and pitch in to help us clear the stage and pack up the trailer at turbo speed so we can all get out and go support the folks who are taking this next step in their Christian walk.  There is still time for you to be included if you talk to Pastor Billy. Location is at Bob and Heather Smith’s house.


There are still two tickets available for the Women of Faith Conference in September.  Contact or  if you you’d like to join the group of women already going. Guys, this would make a fantastic gift for your special lady…especially if you are in the doghouse.  Alrighty then……  Moving right along.


If you cannot attend the conference, perhaps you would enjoy the newest women’s Bible study called “NOT A FAN” which begins in September. Books are being ordered now, so no dillydallying! Contact Penny for questions. If you haven’t already done so, please take 30 seconds and complete the survey for women’s ministry found in your bulletin. The leaders are striving to schedule studies so more of us can attend, so your feedback is crucial.


Cookbook Project:  Do you realize only four months from today is Christmas Eve?  Four months!  This cookbook will be ready in time for the holidays, so SEND IN YOUR RECIPES now!  We don’t want to see a skimpy book.  We want a hefty book we can all be proud to share for gifts, and we want EVERYBODY represented in it.  Men, women, and children are all encouraged to participate.  Mail to Michelle at the above address.


School is back in session for most of our young people now. Pray for them as some have rougher transitions than others after weeks of lazy summer sleep-ins.  Diana Lopez and the Fosen brothers are all in college, so let’s pray they do well as they continue their education.  Pray for the school employees that attend Revolution. Juggling family, studies, work, church, and trying to have a shed of a social life can leave some of us feeling unraveled. Be kinder than necessary, and lend a hand when you are able.


We know Chris Portwood lives up north now, but we still speak of Rich and her often.  Her birthday is tomorrow, so if you are friends on Face Book or can give her a call that would be really nice.  Birthdays or Anniversaries?  Let me know, and I’ll be sure to include you here.


See you again Sunday AT TEN O’CLOCK.  Not in the parking lot…. Not on Laraway Rd….. See you at 10 A.M. in your seat for the first song.  Your music team works hard to prepare good music, so don’t miss out on this important portion of the service.   Love you all!









August 17, 2015:



Hi, friends!


Special welcome to our first time visitors to this page! It was good to see you in yesterday’s service, and we hope you will join us again next week. We’ve had lots of good feedback for the “RACE DAY” series, and Sunday’s message, “Makin’ A Comeback”.  Scripture from 2 Chronicles 33:1-13  reminded us that no matter how far behind we feel we have fallen in our spiritual race, with God’s grace and our self-discipline, we can catch up and still cross the finish line a winner.  Click WATCH on the Home Page Monday afternoon to view this message again.


Speaking of crossing the finish line….. Virginia Cubalchini, Tom Williamson’s mother-in-law, won her earthly race on Friday.  Condolences to Tom and Ginny and family.  Their past few months have been entirely devoted to her comfort care, and they get A+ for faithfully loving and tending her until her final breath at their home.

Visitation is 3-8 pm, Tues. Aug 18th at Panozzo Bros. Funeral Home, 530 W. 14th St. (Lincoln Hwy) in Chicago Heights, IL.   There will be 10 a.m. Mass Wednesday at St. Laborius Church, 35th St & Halsted Blvd in Steger. Please attend if you are able.


“Act Like Men” will not have a lesson this Tuesday but will instead meet at 7 pm at Bruce Smit’s house for a home-cooked meal and fellowship. All  you men are welcome, even if you do not typically attend the class.  You must RSVP for this by Monday evening, so enough food can be prepared. 815-353-8216 or 815-474-7787.  Last Tuesday they celebrated our greeter, Oscar Hammerberg’s, birthday. If you have received a bulletin at the door, mostly likely it came from his hand.  It has been said before that you must get up early and stay up late to find a person as likable as Oscar, and we are so proud he is part of Revolution Church.


Ladies, if you have $10, then we have exciting fashion news for you! The women’s ministry at Lincolnway Christian Church in New Lenox has invited us to their “Shop the Sister’s Closet” event August 21 and 22.  On sale days your $10 ticket earns you your choice of ten items! How fun! There will be zero to plus sizes available.


I know of another family compiling their favorite recipes for the church’s cookbook project which is in progress, and that is great! Thanks for all the ones that are already submitted!  Michelle needs yours, too, so let’s remember to get this done in a timely fashion.


The newest women’s bible study is in the sign-up, book ordering phase.  “NOT A FAN” has good reviews, and we believe this will be a blessing to our women and guests you wish to bring. Sign-up clipboard is found at the welcome table in the lobby.  There is also a women’s ministry survey on the table if you did not complete one online. Please take a minute to answer the questions so we can best meet your needs and host studies and events at the most convenient times for you and your family.  We want to see growth in this group! can answer any questions.


Remember we are having baptizings after service the last Sunday of August.  Plan to come support and cheer for the ones who will be getting dunked.  This is a big day for them!  If you want to be baptized, speak to Pastor Billy now to be included.  There is also information about what we believe about water baptism on our Home Page if you are unfamiliar with this practice.


We need more volunteers to help once a month with our little ones.  If you consider Revolution your church, then you need to volunteer in some area of service, and this one currently has the most availability.  Mark your connection card in your bulletin if you are willing to take a turn here or in any area of ministry, and we will help train and place you were you can be the biggest blessing. Thank you to all the busy bees and financial supporters who do their part to help keep this ministry strong!  Thank you to all who are taking advantage of PayPal on our Home Page to contribute your tithes and offerings when you are absent. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!


Happy Anniversary wishes to Tom & Ginny Williamson on the 20th even though we know they are not feeling festive.  If you would like to see your birthday or anniversary mentioned on this page, just let me know a week early.


See you all back at church next Sunday! Remember to say prayers for all our students and school employees who return to campus this week. Looks like Summer Vacation 2015 is officially OVER.  Get in touch if you need prayer or help between now and next Sunday.  Pastor Billy and the elders are here to serve your families and help make your journey easier







August 11, 2015:



Welcome!  Thanks for checking out our webpage today!


Congratulations to Nick Moore who was installed as Revolution’s newest elder this morning. Nick and his wife, Antigone, have been a blessing to this body, and we appreciate all they have contributed to help strengthen us.  She volunteers with the hospitality table, and he will begin leading 7-8 a.m. Saturday Men’s Ministry at his Mokena home in September.  Some of our men find it difficult to get off work in time to attend the usual Tuesday night gatherings, so we hope more of you can make the early morning group and still get home in time to finish the “Honey-Do List” and spend time with your families.


Ladies, if you have $10, then we have exciting fashion news for you! The women’s ministry at Lincolnway Christian Church in New Lenox has invited us to their “Shop the Sister’s Closet” event August 21 and 22.  From now until August 16 you are invited to clean your closets and drop off your women’s items that are in excellent condition at their church. On sale days your $10 ticket earns you your choice of ten items! You can purchase multiple tickets. How fun! There will be zero to plus sizes available.


Speaking of women's ministry, ladies, have you completed your survey? There has been an online survey circulating on Face Book and also paper surveys on the  Welcome Center table. Please take 60 seconds and help us know how to better meet your scheduling needs and also if you are willing to either host or lead a women's Bible study.  It's next to impossible to find times and locations that are optimal for everybody every time, but we are trying hard to make it as convenient as possible, so speak up!


Our Cook Book project:  What’s up with the procrastinators?  Some of you have been prompt to mail in your favorite recipes, but we know many more of you have not yet done so.  Can we make this a priority so Michelle is not slammed with piles of recipes to type close to deadline?  Let’s try and have every family in this church represented inside the pages.  This is a great way to honor beloved family members who make those special recipes that have kept your tummy happy over the decades.  Send what you have to


We are incredibly proud of our Christian Hively who has taken his first steps into the world of the National Guard.  He looked so handsome in his new military fatigues and boots today.  We expect nothing but great things out of this young man!


Our next water baptisms will be held after church on August 30th.  If you wish to be baptized, speak with Pastor Billy now to be included on this special day! 


We are certainly enjoying the RACE DAY sermon series! Today Pastor taught us using Hebrews 12 how frustration, confusion, and accusation can hinder us, and we were encouraged to get off the sidelines and step into the race God has planned for us. If you missed it, go to our home page and click “WATCH” after Monday afternoon.  Next Sunday the third message is called “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over…Makin’ a Comeback”.  Join us.   Invite some new people to come with you.  It’s always good to look up and see visitors smiling up at us.  Much love and thanks to all of you who continue to volunteer so faithfully to this ministry can continue to run smoothly.







August 3, 2015:



Happy Monday, Race Fans!


Yesterday Pastor Billy kicked off the August sermon series, “Race Day”, and he shared an encouraging message from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 to spur us to discipline ourselves to run this Christian race as though we are “in it to win it”. Checkered flags, NASCAR, and the “Talledega Nights” video clip of racer, Ricky Bobby, attempting to say grace (but failing miserably) brought a lot of laughter and smiles as we learned together.  You will want to come back next Sunday for Part 2.


Congratulations to the Hippenhammer family as they dedicated sweet little Avery Nicole to God during the morning service.  So many of their family attended to watch, and we hope they felt welcomed and will visit us again.  If you would like your child dedicated, talk to Pastor or mark it on the connection card found in your bulletin.


We said goodbye to Mildred Ferguson, our oldest member, since she is returning to her Memphis home today after an extended visit here.  It’s always wonderful to look up and see her there on the front enjoying the hymns. Safe travels to her and Brenda today. As much as they keep the highway hot, their theme song could be Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”!


Congratulations to Christian Hively who was huffing and puffing through his first National Guard drills today! How exciting! He has taken his first steps into a career with the military, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.


It’s surprising how many of you are still unaware that Revolution is compiling a cookbook in time for the winter holidays.  Handouts for this Women’s Ministry project are found on the Welcome Center table..  We want your best-loved recipes sent to ASAP. Yes, children can participate!  Yes, men are encouraged to contribute, too.  Let’s make this a fun family project with all of us represented on the pages.


Remember that through this month our children are enjoying Summer Fun Worship outside as weather permits. As one child was overheard saying, “Church just gets funner and funner!” Thanks to the volunteers who invest in our smallest members and are teaching them to look forward to coming to God’s House.  You are so appreciated!


Water baptism is scheduled at the end of this month, so if you would like to be baptized, contact Pastor now to be included or to simply learn more of what this act is all about. You can also click on the baptism box on our Home Page for additional info.


Elder Bob Smith invites you to attend his money management classes beginning in the fall.  He is a pro at financial stuff, and he is eager to teach the rest of us what he has learned from years in this field of work.  Sign up at the Welcome Center table or email him at  While you are mailing him, how about also typing him a “Happy Birthday!” since he celebrated his this past week.


Somebody saw the Blended Family Fellowship Group sign-up sheet Sunday and said, “What in the world is THAT??”  Apologies for assuming everybody understood.  Let us clarify.  A “blended family” is a family that includes children from the couple’s previous relationships, and additionally, sometimes children from their current union. Most of us who are navigating these waters have now and again encountered some rough seas.  This group is for those who wish to assemble with other families who understand these unique challenges and who can offer ideas and support so all of us can live in more harmonious environments. Throw food in the mix, and this should be a really good group.  The Vander Veen family is leading the way with this one. 


Young people aged high school through post-college are excited to invite you to join their group that is nearly ready to kick off. Jake Grifford, the super nice security guy with the huge muscles you often see in the lobby is looking forward to working under Pastor Billy’s wing to help get the ball rolling in this ministry.  Sign-ups are at the Welcome Table.


Women continue to meet for Bible Study Thursday nights 6:30-8 pm.  There is a monthly “Time Out” at a local restaurant the last week of the month for food and fun, so watch Face Book and announcements at church if you’d like to attend.  Guys continue their “ACT LIKE MEN” study Tuesdays 7-9pm in Frankfort, so feel free to join in.  There’s always food and fun stuff, and they’ll leave the porch light on for you!


Blaine Petersen has a birthday August 8th!  He leads our Discipleship ministry, sets up chairs, is responsible for coordinating everything surrounding the packing/unpacking of our trailer, and has the sweetest attitude to do ANYTHING at this church that he is asked to do.  In addition, the man can cook like a BOSS! We wish we could clone him. We love you, Blaine.  Thank you for EVERYTHING since Day One.


See everybody next week! Look after each other, and if you see a need, do your best to fill it..  People are fighting tough battles, so remember to plant nothing but love.






July 27, 2015:



Good morning, folks!


Aren’t you glad you went to our church yesterday?  We shared in Communion and Pastor Billy wrapped up July’s message series with a sermon about being proactive in your spiritual life instead of passive (using Acts 23:12-24). THEN the organ fired up the wedding march, and here came the bride down the aisle looking like a million bucks! Congratulations to Josh & Jillian Corbin and their children as they begin this new chapter in their lives.  Thanks to all of you who came early and stayed late to assist with their reception.  It was really great to mill around eating chocolate cream cheese cake and sipping punch while we met their relatives who’d come a long way for this event.  Several of us stayed a bit after service to watch the wheelchair softball games in progress on our facility’s grounds. THAT was inspiring!  It was a blessed Sunday.


Shifting gears here.  Are your finances in a mess?  Are you so broke you can’t even pay attention?  If you would like to learn how to better manage your money and help your bank account grow, listen up.  Bob Smith, one of our elders, is a pro at money management, and he invites you to attend his classes this fall.. If you are interested, sign up at the welcome table or indicate your interest on your connection card inside your bulletin. 


Maybe your piggy bank is not broken, but your family IS.  Now’s YOUR turn to listen.  The Vander Veen family is organizing a support/fellowship group for blended families.  If you are squinting saying “What’s a blended family?”, then this group is probably not for you.  Sign up at the welcome table or mark your connection card if you have interest.


If you have emailed your recipes for the church cookbook, grin big and raise high your spatula.  Thank you, to all the eager beavers who already got this ball rolling.  We know everybody is busy with kids, work, gardens, and general STUFF TO DO, but take 10 minutes to contribute your favorites so we can all have a book to be proud of in time for the holidays.  Mail 


Annie Bowes celebrates her birthday on the 29th!  Matt Sharp who is reading this column up in Michigan celebrates his big day on the 30th.  We still often speak of the Sharps, and are so glad they are settled into their new home and are growing the church they pastor there.


Remember Tom and Ginny Williamson’s family this week as Ginny’s mom is expected to soon pass.  Some of us went to their home after Sunday service for prayer, scripture reading, and hymn singing with Miss Virginia.  What a sweetheart she is! There’s something precious about seeing a follower of Christ be strong in the faith up to their final day.  Check on the Williamsons, and let’s make this week as easy as possible for them.


Thank you, volunteers for doing what you do.  Thank you, contributors for giving what you give.  Thank you, visitors for joining us and seeing what Revolution is all about!  We hope to see you next Sunday as Pastor Billy kicks off a new message series for August called “RACE DAY”.   Between now and then be good to one another and bask in these sunny days, because you know how it goes living in Chicagoland….. We have June, July, and WINTER!








July 20, 2015:



Hello again! Thank you for coming here to read what’s happening here at Revolution!


Thank you to Bob Smith, for being our guest speaker and enabling Pastor Billy to enjoy a bit of “down time” to relax and reel in catfish this week while some others in his family traveled to spend time with far away family.  Thank you to those who took responsibilities in the children’s ministry so it could run smoothly in Penny’s absence.  Vacations and simply doing “fun stuff” now and again is good medicine for the soul, and the Knotts are certainly deserving of some “R&R”.


Did all of you get to meet little Avery Hippenhammer who was slipped into the back row?  What a beauty! We are all so thankful Kristen had an uneventful and healthy delivery. Congratulations to this awesome family!


Have you mailed your recipes to Michelle yet?  Remember, Revolution’s cookbook is in the compilation phase, so while you are thinking of it, how about typing up your family favorites and emailing them TODAY so she can stay busy with this project.  These books could make nice little Christmas gifts, and it is fun to see your or your children’s names inside.  Thank you to those who have already contributed.


Single parents who are dating, step-families, re-coupled parents, we have encouraging news for you! The Vander Veen family has a dream to create a support and fellowship group for blended families like yours.  This is in the planning phase now, and they hope to kick off soon, so they desire your input.  So many of us here at church fall into this category, and it will be refreshing to partner with families who understand our adventures in “recalculating” our living arrangements and relationships.  Mark your connection card, or sign up at the welcome center if you are interested or have questions.


We consistently get compliments on our music.  Did you know many of our worship sets are online? Mike Rowley’s Face Book page houses lots of them under “videos”.  Just click, and enjoy songs all the way back to our Sundays at the Founder’s Center..  Diana and Mike have been sweethearts to record for us most weeks, and we thank them!


Baby dedications and water baptisms are being scheduled now, so if you would like to participate, get in touch with Pastor Billy right away to be included.


Samantha Jasinski celebrates her birthday on July 24.  This teenager rarely misses a service, and we are so proud she is part of us!  The 21st marks Ron Hajek’s birthday, and we remember this beautiful gentleman with fondness this week.  He sure was loved, and he sure is missed. 


Next Sunday you will NOT want to miss!  Communion will be served.  There will be anointing with oil and prayers for the sick at the end of the message about healing.  Some of us are physically ill, while others among us are simply heartsick and weary.  Sometimes being a human is just plain HARD, and we all need to feel the love and support of our church family gathering around us during our times of trouble. There will be special refreshments served after dismissal, so plan to stick around and enjoy these with us, too.  It is going to be a GREAT day in the Lord’s house!









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