February 1, 2016:


Good morning, friends!

Happy February!  Yesterday Pastor Billy completed his January sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer.  Many of you gave him positive feedback each week, and I believe we ALL certainly learned something new with the historical background, Biblical geography, and Greek language lessons along the way.  We will never again recite this prayer without recalling what we learned.


Yesterday was Family Sunday.  Nursery was fully operational for the squawkers, but the youth old enough to sit still were welcomed into the sanctuary to worship with the rest of us.  We also shared in Communion together.  If you recall, Communion is taken the last Sunday of the month.  The Moore family has the honor of setting up the tables, wine, juice, and bread for us, and we thank them for this.  All of our worship team was back in town this week, so it was good to have the crew intact.  “Spirit in the Sky” was the new song, and lots of you said you enjoyed that throwback to 1969.  How fun!


Graybars Project is at it again!  Thanks to all of you who worked before and after service signing cards to be sent to inmates who responded to our massive Christmas card mailout. These cards will be available for signing next Sunday, too, if you were not able to help today.  Everybody is welcome to join this team, and this current effort will only take five minutes of your time.   Next Sunday Tammy will give a recap of the Christmas project, and prisoner art, photos, and excerpts of feedback will be on display for all to enjoy.


Our friend, Christian Hively, is still in National Guard training, and could use some hellos and support from all of us back home.  A card was passed yesterday and will be available for you to sign through next week at the Graybars table.  He also had a birthday this week, so be sure and mention that, too.


Other January birthdays:  Madilyn Leatherman, Cynthia Petersen, Sue Mulder, Kim Schuldt, and Justice Petersen.  Show some extra TLC to all these good folks, because they are loved, and we appreciate them a lot!  Happy Anniversary to Bruce & Tammy Smit tomorrow!   I hope I haven’t missed anybody. Let me know if I have, and next week your name will appear here.


 “Hello, My Name Is…” breakfast will be Saturday, February 20, 9-11 A.M. at Heather Smith’s house in Mokena.  All ladies are encouraged to attend this fellowship event.  Sign up at the welcome table soon so our hostess can plan the food, please.


Clapping, cheering, and confetti is in order for Deacon Tom Williamson who has spent the last four years completing his schooling for an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in the field of Occupational Therapy Assistant at Brown Mackie College in Merrillville.  He is now preparing to take his exam to become certified and hopes to land a job at a long term care facility.   He should test near the endof the month or in early March, so let’s all pray he will be successful in this quest.   He wishes to acknowledge his wife, Ginny, for her financial and emotional support.  Way to go, Tom!


It’s almost tax season, so be sure and pick up your Giving Statements next Sunday from the welcome table. THANK YOU to all of our faithful and generous donors who continue to bless this church with tithes and offerings! Remember, we have an online giving opportunity on our home page if you are absent on Sundays.


We are glad to hear that Penny Knott is home and recuperating from surgery!  We hope she is enjoying her well-deserved rest.  This would be an excellent opportunity for you to volunteer in our children’s department or nursery to fill her vacancy while she heals.  That would actually be a really cool get-well gift if you are looking for something nice to do.


Speaking of surgery, our friend, Lauren Gross, the young lady who uses the wheelchair and ventilator is preparing for an operation and hospital stay.  A get-well card for her will be available next Sunday at the Graybars Project card table.  Please take a minute and write her some encouraging words as she and her family will be facing a rugged week and will appreciate all the support and love we can send their way.


We must also remember our eldest member, Mildred Ferguson, who is in extreme pain after a nasty fall that left her with a gash above her eye and a broken arm.  You are encouraged to write to her at 3574 Vanderwood Dr. Memphis, TN 38128 and let her know she is not "out of sight out of mind."


We hope to see you Sunday a bit before 10 so you can be settled to enjoy all the praise and worship.  Love on our visitors as we are seeing many new faces in 2016, and we want them to return and become part of our family..  Have a blessed week!








January 4, 2016:


Happy New Year to everybody!  We had a good crowd to show up to kick off the first Sunday of the year.  Elder Bob Smith in his crazy socks blessed us with a sermon called “Fearless” with text from 2 Timothy 1:7 – “…God has not given us a spirit of FEAR but of POWER, and LOVE, and a SOUND MIND.” Thank you, Bob for bringing us this message.


It is encouraging to see more and more new faces in the crowd.  We love visitors! Please go out of your way to be helpful and welcoming to these folks so they will want to join our church family.


We are so excited to watch our building fund total continue to climb! THANK YOU to those who have given and for those of you reading today who will decide THIS is your week to help us get the final dollars needed for sprucing up the place so we can move in.  Looks like the days of “portable church” are almost over!  (All the members of the set up/tear down/trailer crew just cheered!)


Our new prison outreach, “Graybars Project”, thanks you for your donation of holiday cards for 2016 Christmas distribution.  This is the time to buy while the cards are on clearance.  All donations are welcome and will be used, but we have learned white, plain envelopes and cards with no glitter, music, stickers, or glued on adornments are much more likely to pass inspection in the mail rooms of the facilities.  Right now, we are seeking donations of crochet patterns to send to some Texas inmates.  Surely in a church this size, we have crafters who can share a few favorites with some of these folks trying to be productive and stay out of trouble while they do their time behind bars.  Cards and patterns can be left at the piano each week.


While we are speaking of this outreach, we want to wish Sue Mulder a very happy birthday on the 5th! This woman should be wearing the “Christmas Card Queen” sash, since she donated and signed piles more than any other volunteer on the 2015 team.  She surely lived out Hebrews 13:3 last month!


Once again, we remind you there are multiple opportunities for involvement in various Bible studies or small groups.  Check out our homepage, or visit the table with the clipboards at the back door to see where you will fit best.


Opportunities to serve your church in this new year are numerous.  If you call Revolution “home”, we need you to step up and be a blessing here. Children’s ministry and nursery always have room for you! Stacking chairs, packing up stage equipment and loading the trailer after service are areas where strong, able bodies are in demand. The refreshment table set up and tear down might be the place for you if you wish to join the Hospitality Team. Ushering or Greeting is a good place to serve if you are friendly and enjoy being helpful.  The “techies” who sit at the long back table welcome those who wish to learn to do the overhead projector, sound board, or camera.  The Prayer Team is open invitation for those who wish to intercede for the prayer requests received each week.  Ask God to point you in the best direction for using your gifts and talents. We need all hands on deck!


January is the month for clean slates and resolutions to improve ourselves, so perhaps next Sunday we can determine to show up at God’s house on time.  Music is in progress at 10 am, so let us all do our best to be in our seats and settled for the first song as a courtesy to those worshipping around us. Pastor Billy begins his new sermon series on “The Lord’s Prayer” this week, so we expect to learn lots. Have a great week, and thank you for looking after each other during these winter weeks.                         


 --  Tammy







December 28, 2015:



Old Man Winter arrived in town with a vengeance this morning! I’m typing this newsletter with sleet pelting the panes and winds howling like a banshee.  Pull up a chair by the fire, and let’s hear all the happenings of this busy, busy holiday week!


Christmas Eve service was such a blessing!  The weather was mild, attendance was strong, music was both joyful and reverent, the message was brief and moving, and we finished the service passing along candle flames singing “Silent Night”.  Simple and beautiful.    The Poorts and the Strucks donated our Christmas trees which really brightened up the stage.  Aren’t you glad you went?


Two acts of generosity took place during that service.  The first was the presentation of the Knotts’ large gift basket which was filled with your cards, presents, and food treats. Thank you to all who contributed to this, and special thanks to Brenda Hajek for taking on the responsibility for collecting the items and wrapping them so fancy.


The second love gift was discovered in the offering basket after the service.  Are you ready for THIS?  $11,000 showed up, and that means we have enough for the down payment for our new building with a bit left over to begin the necessary sprucing up of the place!  Yes! Yes! Yesssss!  THANK YOU, good people who reached deep in your pockets to help us reach our first goal! We are on our way!


Yesterday Pastor Billy finished the December series with Communion and talking about the visit of the Magi with scriptures taken from Matthew 2:1-12  Cynthia Petersen is the lady responsible not only for the cello music, but also for the drama portion of the service.  Thanks to Blaine Petersen, Tom Williamson, and Robert Gates for portraying (as one child put it) “the three wiseguys”.  That was fun!


Speaking of the Petersens, this family deserves a standing ovation for pulling our trailer to and from Manhattan each week since we launched.  This is a tremendous responsibility, and they did it well.  This week Pastor traded his car for a truck, so he will now relieve them of this duty.  We believe they will relish in the well-deserved gift of getting to sleep a little later on Sundays.


While you are out enjoying the after Christmas sales, remember to toss some packs of those clearance holiday cards into your cart for the GRAYBARS PROJECT 2016 for inmates.  If we stock ahead, we can far exceed the number of prisoners we served this month.  THANK YOU to the people who are already donating cards.  Contact Tammy Smit if you would like to participate.


Remember, there are numerous opportunities for men’s and women’s Bible studies and fellowship groups here at Revolution.  Women now have two groups available per week as do the men.  This is in addition to small groups, AKA “Transforming Life Groups”.  Sign up clipboards are found at the back of the sanctuary.


Have you shared your favorite recipes with Michelle Grifford yet?  Several have been asking of the status of the church cookbook, so let’s hurry and get our contributions in so we can hold the finished book. From the looks of the potluck last week, we have some excellent cooks among us!


Sweet Mishel Rych celebrates her birthday on the 30th, so let’s all get in touch and send her some extra love. It has been a pleasure to have Christian Hively back with us these past two weeks.  He returns for National Guard training soon, so enjoy him while we have him.


Here’s hoping to see you all back with us next Sunday as we kick off 2016! 


 -- Tammy






December 21, 2015:



Happy Christmas, Friends!


Yesterday our church was filled with love, joy, food, friendship, a little bit of silliness and a whole lot of Jesus!   Pastor Billy’s message was from Matthew 1 and Luke 2. Thanks to all of you who joined us for Christmas worship and for our party following the service.   We saw many new faces and were thrilled to see some old friends drop in to share in the festivities, too.


Gilbert and Sarah Martinez and their beautiful children did scripture readings and lit our fourth candle of Advent for us. The final candle will be lit Christmas Eve.


Welcome back, Christian Hively!  He has been gone for months for National Guard training, and this was his first time getting a visit home!  He looked strong, healthy, and confident in his camo fatigues.  Pastor Billy and Elder Bob Smith prayed a special blessing, and the church gave him a well-deserved standing ovation.  Being thehard worker that he is, after service he was out there hustling stage equipment into the trailer just like old times.  We can hardly wait until he will be back for good here in a few months.


Fried chicken, pulled pork, meatballs, Italian sausages, jambalaya, pasta salads, veggies, and a table full of cheesecake, pee-can pie, homemade candies, gooey cakes, decorated cupcakes, and hot chocolate were a few of the items we narfed down at our potluck.  Thank you to all the cooks who contributed their favorite dishes to make the meal girdle-bustin’ GOOD!  Applause for Phil and Michelle Grifford for coordinating and making sure the lunch ran smoothly.  THAT was a lot of responsibility. Job well done!  (Michelle asks you to share today’s potluck recipes with her for the Revolution cookbook that is in progress.  Let’s get those in so we can hold thefinished product!)


“Magic Autumn” Hensle performed a 10 minute pre-meal show that had the children laughing and participating in his sleight of hand shenanigans and balloon artistry. So many of our little ones took home balloon creations made while they watched.  Thanks to Louie Martinez  For volunteering to be the magician’s assistant.


Raffle prizes were awarded to some lucky folks after the meal.  BBQ accessories, popcorn, candies, and chicken “wang” sauce gift packs were some of the treats winners carried home. The highlight of the party was the Ugly Sweater Contest! Many of you were good sports and showed up in your tackiest, most sparkly holiday garb.  We witnessed all kinds of doodle-bopper headbands, flashing necklaces, holiday socks, jingly elf hats, and oddball sweaters.  How fun!  After secret ballot vote, with a landslide win was Autumn’s outrageously classy red snowman suit with a clashing plaid shirt!   People couldn’t stop laughing.


Honorable mention went to Mildred Ferguson in her lime green sweater with Sasquatch in a red bikini marching across the front.  OUR EYES!!  THEY STILL BURN!!  That is the beauty of being 92 and not taking herself too seriously.  She can wear stuff the rest of us would be booted to the curb for!  Here’s the sweet part of this story. Autumn won the grand prize gift basket fair and square, but since this is the season of giving, and because his gifting is to spread happiness, he graciously turned and passed his fancy prize to Grandma Mildred. She was helped from her chair and led to the front for some preciously silly photos which you can see floating on Face Book. LOVE IT!


“Graybars Project” prison outreach Christmas card delivery to Indiana State Prison in Michigan City was a humongous success! THANK YOU, TEAM!  We far exceeded the number of cards we’d hoped to send to inmates, and that should bring us JOY! You will soon be hearing an update on this mission and some feedback from card recipients.  Please watch for clearance Christmas cards this week, so we can begin stocking for our 2016 Christmas project.  What other random act of kindness can bring a stranger happiness and a warm feeling for less than a dime?


Several small group and Bible study opportunities are available for you.  Check our website to see which days and topics best fit your needs.  Books must be ordered, so respond quickly, please.


We have several beloved members who celebrate birthdays this week.  When you give Elder Ken Poort his birthday hug today, make sure it is a BIGG’UN!  Deacon Phil Graniczny also celebrates TODAY.  Let’s hope his family is at home right now BACON him a birthday cake!    Camera guy and faithful trailer crew member, Bruce Smit, celebrates the 23rd.  Brenda Hajeck who gives THE BEST hugs, was born on the 25th. Yesterday her big brother, Harvey Jr., announced that SHE was the best Christmas present he EVER got! The only thing better was if she had been triplets!


Christmas Eve service is at 5 pm.  Please invite your family and a friend and come worship and sing with us.  It will be beautiful with the candles at the end.  Have a good week, and do all things with love.


                                                                                                                                                                --- Tammy







December 14, 2015:



Good Morning, Friends!


Didn’t we have a good service yesterday?  Pastor Billy’s message was from Luke 1:26-38. You noticed the worship team had a different look.  All were seated together on stage  for a more down-home acoustic feel as we ushered in more songs welcoming the holidays.  There were many compliments on the beautiful rendition of Cloverton’s “Christmas Hallelujah”.  Justin Graniczny broke in our new conga drums, and he sounded great!  Thanks to The Poort Family and the Struck Family for the twinkly trees on the stage that changed the whole atmosphere of the place.  Very nice, indeed!


Massive poinsettias purchased by some generous people who wish to remain anonymous were presented to Sue Mulder and Brenda Hajek since both recently lost their husbands. Don’t you just love random acts of kindness?  Even though the givers are unknown to us, God knows who does what, and he keeps impeccable records.


The scripture readings and the third candle of Advent was lit by Virginia Throne and Autumn and Rose Senecal. We love these people!


“Graybars Project” prison outreach launched last Sunday, and volunteers signed 200 Christmas cards for inmates after church.  Yesterday double the number of volunteers worked before and after service and some wrote til 11 pm to complete nearly 500 cards! Some families wrote theirs out at home this past week and brought those to church.  Here we are Monday morning, and MORE boxes of cards are showing up from good people who are trying hard to live up to Matthew 25:40 and do kindness “to the least” as Jesus taught us all to do.  How exciting to get to take part in a program that will bless total strangers – many who rarely to never get a visitor or a Christmas remembrance.  A handmade “LET HIM IN “ key ornament was given to each person at the end of the service to thank all of you for supporting this endeavor and to remind you to pray for people behind bars at this time of  year when loneliness and homesickness stings the most.  Please pray God will smile down on the mission and touch hearts when the cards are delivered at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City Wednesday morning.


“UGLY SWEATER SUNDAY” is next week, and nobody is allowed to be too proud or stuffy to participate!  Dress up, be creative, and let’s have fun with this.  Prizes for winning sweaters will be awarded after the Christmas Potluck which is immediately after service.  Invite friends!  Bring a passing dish and join us.  Our own “Magic Autumn” will be the entertainment, and who doesn’t love HIM?


Christmas Eve service is 5-6 pm on the 24th.  In all the boisterous crazy Christmas chaos that tends to snowball on top of us, it is needful to take some time out for quietness, peacefulness and reflection to honor the birth of Jesus. The music will be beautiful, the message brief and sweet, and there is a candle with your name on it. Please do come.


Michelle and Penny invite all ladies to Bible Study on Wednesday and/or Thursday nights. Contact them for details regarding times, meeting places, and book orders. You are welcome, even if you cannot attend every week.


Sending out several Happy Birthdays long distance to those who follow us from afar: Lisa Rizzo in AZ, Pat Sennet and Harvey Ferguson, Jr. down in the great state of TN, Dakota Floyd in Atlanta, Gawja, and sweet little Jo’lissa Williams right here in IL.   Claps and cheers for Jillian Corbin who is the newest employee at Silver Cross Hospital.  We pray she will love her new position and be very happy there. YAY!


See you all next week in your ugly sweaters.  Attendance will be large, so come early and get your seat before the first song, so you don’t have to climb over people trying to worship. 








December 7, 2015:



Good morning, faithful readers!


Thanks for worshipping with us yesterday.  We had more first time visitors, and that always makes us happy!  December’s sermon series, “A Thrill of Hope”, kicked off with a message from Luke 19.   Jason and Kristen Hippenhammer and their three tiny princesses had the honor of doing scripture readings and lighting our second Advent candle of the season.   The band has begun pulling Christmas favorites into the mix, and a lot of you said you particularly enjoyed “O, Holy Night”.  We have some good music on the horizon between now and Christmas - traditional carols in addition to more contemporary holiday songs.  We believe you will be blessed.


Standing ovation to the Women’s Ministry leadership team (Antigone, Penny, Michelle, and Jan) for treating Revolution ladies to a Christmas Brunch Saturday morning. Antigone was so gracious to open her home to host us.  There was a snowflake theme, and each guest was given a sparkly snowflake ornament as a party favor.  Penny read a devotion teaching how each of us is unique like a snowflake. Tables were festive and fancy, and the homemade cake pops and decorated snowflake cookies looked so professional we hated to bite them!  (This is Monday, and I am STILL smiling at my goodies safe in their Ziploc!) There were photos taken, ornaments exchanged, and names drawn so each lady can focus on praying for and friending another woman from the group.   We made new friendships and strengthened oldones.  A+


Revolution is proud to announce we now have yet ANOTHER opportunity to reach out to THE LAST, THE LOST, and THE LEAST!   Tammy Smit is leading our new prison outreach ministry – GRAYBARS PROJECT- and you are invited to participate in its first endeavor, a massive Christmas card delivery to the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. Did you see all the volunteers pulling up chairs to sign cards after service?  HOW FUN!  Tammy has been polling inmates for many weeks asking what they most need to make life behind bars more bearable, and each time she  heard the same response:  “Can we just get some mail?”  She learned from staff that many of the prisoners rarely if ever get visitors, and that a simple piece of mail is a humongous wonderful surprise.  Members of Revolution are donating cards, some are signing at home, others will come early or stay a bit late next Sunday to spread some joy and let these folks know that even though they are out of sight, they are not out of mind.     We invite everybody to participate, but there are specific guidelines from the facility that we ALL must follow for the cards to pass inspection in the mail room. Contact Tammy for guidelines ASAP before you pick up a pen.  If you have a special inmate in your life who would appreciate a card, we would love to include them, but you must speak now. 


Second time visitors are being treated to a free lunch with Nick and Antigone Moore after service each Sunday.  If you would like to participate, they would be honored to share a meal and get acquainted.  Let Pastor Billy or the Moores know.  That’s it.  No strings attached.


Christmas Potluck on Dec 20th!  Have you signed up yet?  If not, stop piddling, and do it so the people that are doing the work will know how many to expect.  Nothing makes a grown man cry like watching the last piece of fried chicken get forked when he is waiting in line still holding an empty plate.


Christmas Eve at 5 pm. Candles, short message, beautiful music.  It will be a magical evening of love between friends adoring their Savior.  Please come.  It’s all supposed to be about Jesus anyway. Make room for him in all the chaos of the season.


See you next Sunday! Next week’s sermon is about PEACE, and at this time of year, Lord knows we all need an extra heapin’ helpin’ of THAT.  Remember to come a bit early for coffee and to sign GRAYBARS PROJECT cards.  If we all write a few, nobody needs to write a lot.  Minimal random acts of kindness for maximum joy.  Where else can you give a forgotten person a genuine thrill for less than a dime?   Go look up Hebrews 13:3, and have a blessed week!







November 30, 2015:



Good Morning!


Yesterday was “Family Sunday’, and all of our youngsters who were old enough to sit still and behave in church joined us in the sanctuary for the entire service, and boy, did they have a good time.  Pastor concluded November’s “At the Movies” series with spiritual truths hidden in the movie, “Minions”.  Text was taken from Matthew 25 It was GOOD, and the children were encouraged to participate during the message.  For a special treat after service each child was given their own Minion balloon creature personally twisted by our resident balloon artist, Autumn Hensle.  How cool is that? ( I wanted one, but was too proud to ask.)  This guy is like the Pied Piper with a line of giggling children tagging along behind him wherever he goes after church.. What a unique talent to grow God’s Kingdom!


Yesterday was also Communion, and the music team debuted a new song, “No Longer Slaves” (Jonathan and Melissa Helser's version) for this time of worship, and several of you were blessed by those lyrics.  We will definitely be singing that one again soon.

Leah Meyers, and her children, Collin and Ashley had the honor of doing the scripture reading and lighting of the first candle of Advent for us.  This season of Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and ends on ChristmasEve.  Each Sunday until then a different family from among us will read and light another candle as we move toward the 25th.


THANK YOU to the families who contributed to our building fund with the return of your special offering envelopes this week!  We are getting there thanks to your faithful giving.  More of you say you are planning to contribute, and for this, we thank you! Remember, we have a Pay Pal option on our Home Page for those who were absent.  Won’t it be absolutely wonderful to have our very own facility!  YES!   The answer is YES!


Saturday from 11am-2 pm is the Ladies’ Christmas Brunch at Antigone Moore’s home.  Thank you to all who paid for your ticket in advance.  Those who have RSVP’d but haven’t paid can do so at the event. Remember to wrap and take an ornament if you wish to participate in the optional exchange.


Have you visited Revolution more than once?  If you have, Elder Nick Moore and his wife, Antigone, would like to treat you to lunch after church.  They want you to feel welcome and be able to recognize friendly faces while you are still new and making friends, so take them up on their hospitality. What a gracious gesture from this couple!


Have you RSVP’d for our Christmas Potluck for Sunday, Dec. 20th?  The church is providing beverages, pasta and chicken, and the Petersen family is making pulled pork! What is needed from the rest of us is sides, salads, and desserts.  You can sign up at church, via the email invite, or online on our webpage.  Please come and bring friends.


Remember our FIRST Christmas Eve service will be Dec. 24th at 5 pm and will last no more than an hour. Make plans now to attend.  There will be beautiful music, candles, and a brief message.


Zack Smith celebrated his birthday on the 26th.  If you are shopping in Whole Foods this week, be sure and find him and wish him a belated Happy Birthday.   My church e-mail has been broken for the past two weeks, so apologies if I missed anybody else’s anniversary or birthday.  Let me know, and I will remedy it pronto.


We will look forward to seeing all of you back next Sunday BEFORE 10 am.  Singing BEGINS at 10, so let’s  try to be seated before then to minimize distractions during our worship service. We’ve had lots of visitors lately, so let’s be welcoming and mindful of them and make sure to help them find what they need to have the most positive experience possible at our church.  Have a blessed week!







November 23, 2015:



Welcome back, friends!


With the first big snow of the season arriving Saturday and some roads still treacherous, we didn’t expect many folks to brave the cold, but there were LOTS of you who bundled up and ventured out (one drove all the way from Indiana), and  aren’t you glad you did?  


Pastor used scriptural truths that were hidden in “The Lion King” for his fourth message from the “At the Movies” sermon series.  We will never again watch that movie without remembering our Father’s love for us. See this message again Monday afternoon by going to the webpage and clicking WATCH.  The band debuted a new song, “Open Up The Heavens”, and you guys seemed to enjoy that one. Poor Phil got called in to work because of the power outages, so Luke Wetzel stepped up to play bass for us, and it sounded good!


We had an “Oh Nooooooo!” moment shortly before service when we learned that Robert, our drummer, had car trouble and couldn’t make it to church. What to do??  Enter Deacon, Blaine Petersen, who immediately said “I’ll get him”, and roared off all the way to Calumet City to fetch Robert and his drum kit so we could have good music this morning.  THANK YOU, Blaine for salvaging the team on a brutally cold day.


Pastor gave each family a special envelope to contain our gifts for the down payment of our own building.  Is this exciting or WHAT?  Many thanks to those of you who have already contributed.  Pray hard, and listen to what God speaks to your heart regarding this offering.  We need all hands on deck to push us over the top to reach this goal.  We need to act quickly!


Once again “Magic Autumn” had a circle of children agog in the lobby as they watched him create his remarkable balloon creatures after service.  This guy is incredible, and we can’t believe our good fortune that he chose Revolution as his church home.


Women’s Christmas Luncheon is Saturday, Dec. 5.  Most of you have responded to your invitation and paid your $5 ticket.  If you have not RSVP’d, hostess, Antigone Moore, needs you to do that ASAP so she can plan the food and the seating.  Remember to wrap an ornament and bring for the optional exchange.


Women’s Bible study will continue meeting on Thursday evenings at Su Mulder’s house, but in January Penny Knott will host a second study on Wednesday evenings called “Power of a Praying Woman”. Sign up at the welcome table. You will need to purchase a book for the Wednesday series.


Christmas Potluck is immediately after service on December 20th! Revolution will provide entrees, and the rest of us need to bring desserts and sides.  Let’s have fun with this.  It’s a great week to bring visitors, but you need to invite them in advance.  Christmas Eve service is December 24th at 5 pm.  There will be beautiful music, candles, prayer, and a brief holiday message.  Bring your family and guests and join us for this blessed night.


Next Sunday is Communion.  Pastor will also complete the November series with spiritual truths hidden in “Minions”.  Your children will love this one!  The band is already busy learning new music, so make it a priority to be here.  Thursday is Thanksgiving, and several folks have extra places at their dinner tables, if you need somewhere to eat that day.  No holiday orphans at this church if we can help it. Not a one.  Contact Pastor Billy if you would like to be connected with a plate of turkey and the fixin’s.  Don’t be bashful.  Call.


Sweet thoughts are going out to Brenda Hajek on what would have been her and Ron’s 44th wedding anniversary on the 27th. While we are digging out of snow, she is celebrating under the Florida sun. Happy Birthday to our favorite biker, Kevin Ward!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!  Remember to have an “attitude of gratitude”, and let all that you do be done in love.   







November 16, 2015:




Many thanks to Elder Bob Smith for delivering the morning message.  He spoke about Jesus being the vine, and us being the branches with text taken from John 15:1-11, It was good!  You can watch that sermon by going to our website and clicking WATCH.


We want to appreciate Kathleen Milligan for teaching our children in kids’ ministry this morning.  She is a teacher by vocation, so this is an example of her blooming where she is planted.  Thanks to those of you who stayed after church to pick up chairs, pack the stage, hospitality, children’s supplies, and load the trailer, too.  That is a humongous help, and remember:  IF EVERYBODY DOES A LITTLE, NOBODY HAS TO DO A LOT!  (That is a H-I-N-T!)


And on that note, IF EVERYBODY GIVES A LITTLE, NOBODY HAS TO GIVE A LOT! Thank you to the contributors who are striving to help us get our own building. We are cheering each week to see that building fund total climb.   If you just pop in at 10 am, enjoy the service and hit the door, you have no idea how much time and work is involved in order to have a successful portable church.  Those who roll out of bed early and those who stay late to clear the recreation center after the final “Amen” are more than eager to get a permanent address.  Will you help us? Think on it.  Pray on it.  This church needs your support for the downpayment!  Dear readers and faithful online followers: consider donating to this fund as a HOME MISSIONS CHRISTMAS PROJECT.  It’s noble to give to overseascauses, and to send money to support strangers in various charitable organizations in countries you can’t pronounce, but it is also blessed to help young American churches meet their needs, too.   We are so excited!


Thanksgiving is next week.   Are you new to the area without friends or family? Will you be alone that day? Let Pastor know, and let’s see if we can link you up with a family at Revolution who will pull up an extra chair at their holiday table for you.


Women’s Christmas Brunch is Saturday, December 5 at Antigone Moore’s home in Mokena.  Your ticket is $5, and RSVP is needed.  Please reply to your invitation ASAP as a courtesy to your hostess.  There is an optional ornament swap this day.


December 20th is our Christmas potluck luncheon immediately after church. If it is anything like last year’s meal at the Hickory Creek Middle School, you might wanna wear your stretchy pants with the drawstring!  Food sign-up sheets will be available soon.  Mark your calendar NOW, because December tends to get crazy busy.


Some have been asking about the status of our church cookbook.  The goal is still to have that ready for you in time for the Christmas holidays.


Next Sunday is our Thanksgiving service with our “At the Movies” series focusing on scriptural truths gleaned from the story of “The Lion King”.  Come worship. The band is already preparing some selections about saying THANK YOU to the Lord for his many blessings upon us.   We have had several visitors the last few Sundays, so come a little earlier to get a good seat. There is always hot coffee (you’re welcome) in the lobby thanks to our Hospitality crew, so take advantage of that in this chilly season.  Have a wonderful week, and look after one another until we meet again.






November 9, 2015:



Good Morning!


Thanks for stopping in to read this week’s news from Revolution Church! We appreciate all who came out to worship yesterday.  Pastor Billy continued his November sermon series, “At The Movies”, by focusing on the character of Batman from “The Dark Knight” and correlating this to the story of David defeating Goliath found in 1 Samuel 17.  David had no reason to win.  He possessed no superpowers; he was not a hulk of a muscle man.  He was ordinary – like us. Yet he didn’t fear what was in front of him, because he knew Who was behind him.  If you missed hearing this message, go to our webpage and click WATCH to see Sunday’s video which is usually posted by Monday afternoon.


Can we get a hand of applause for Phil and Tom who were good sports and permitted Pastor to wrap them in white sheets to represent mountains for his living illustration?  Somebody said they looked more like soft-serve vanilla ice cream cones, but, hey, sometimes you’ve gotta allow for some creative license, and use your imagination.  Nobody can EVER say Pastor’s sermons are boring!


It is once in a blue moon that Bruce and I miss church here, but Sunday we traveled hours up north to worship with Matt and Becky Sharpe, share an early Thanksgiving fellowship meal, and take a tour of the church they are pastoring in Muskegon, Michigan. What a joy to see them again!  God is blessing this family and is growing that flock under Matt’s leadership. They seemed pleased to hear that many of you still speak of them, continue to miss them, and even now ask about “that funny announcement guy”.  They send their greetings to the congregation and an open invitation to take in a service should any of you ever be in their neighborhood.


Get a pen and open your calendar to December, because we have three special dates for you to mark now before the holiday obligations fill up that page.  Women’s Ministry Christmas Lunch and Ornament Exchange (ornament is optional) is Saturday, Dec. 5th.  Tickets are $5, and this is open to all ladies who call this church HOME. Hostess Antigone Moore has a sign-up sheet at the welcome table.   


Our Christmas Potluck Lunch is December 20th immediately after service here at the church.  There will be online and clipboard sign-up for food in place soon, so please plan now to stay and celebrate with us. Last year we had soooo much fun!  December 24th is our Christmas Eve Service at 5 pm here at the church.  This should last around 45 minutes total, and will allow us to come together in love as a church family to honor our Lord on this highest of holidays.   Please make every effort to come. Children and grandbabies are welcome, too!


Michelle Grifford, our deaconess, we wish you a very happy birthday today!  Much love going out to Kim Price on her November 14th birthday!  Happy FIRST Anniversary this weekend to Greg and Debbie Struck.  They are the sweetest and most loving couple, and we send them best wishes as they celebrate.  Apologies if I missed any of you.  Let me know, and you will see your name here next week.


See you Sunday a little before 10 am.  Get your babies settled in the nursery, visit the hospitality table for a complimentary hot drink, and be in your seat ready to worship for the first song. Next week’s message will feature scriptural truths pulled from the movie, “Mission Impossible"! 


   ------- Tammy









November 2, 2015:





We had a good-sized crowd today, didn’t we? Perhaps EVERY Sunday should be “Cinnamon Roll Sunday”! Last night was time change, and most of you gave up a portion of your “extra hour” to show up early and enjoy the pastries, coffee, and orange juice and get better acquainted with other members of this church. We appreciate that!


Pastor Billy appointed deacons this morning, including Blaine Petersen, Tom Williamson, Phil Graniczny, Darren Rych, and Michelle Grifford. We applaud these people for their efforts to help Revolution grow and prosper.  


Luke Wetzel was also honored today as Pastor installed him as the leader of Revolution’s Addiction and Recovery Ministry. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drugs, please talk to Luke and allow him to help you learn to make better choices so you, too, can enjoy sobriety.  He is approachable and easy to talk to, so be assured you will not be judged or shamed by asking him for help.  We also appreciate him joining the worship team as one of the guitarists.


Pastor began his November series, “AT THE MOVIES”, with spiritual truths gleaned from Disney’s “Frozen”.  The main point came from 1 John 4:18 which is the familiar "there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear". After using that as a launch point, the main teaching text preached from was John 8:2-11. Next Sunday’s message focuses on “The Dark Knight”.  Ushers had to set out extra chairs twice today, so come a bit before 10 am to get a good seat.


Because of the rainy Halloween weather, “Trunk or Treat” was moved from the parking lot to tables inside the recreation center.  There were lots of trick-or-treaters, and your candy donations helped defer expenses for those who participated from Revolution.  “Magic Autumn” Hensle was rumored to be the most popular participant with his balloon artistry skills being in high demand.


Antigone Moore is collecting $5 per ticket to attend the Women’s Christmas Brunch at her home on December 5.  There will be an optional ornament exchange at this event, so keep your eyes open for your favorite since holiday items are now appearing on store shelves.


Happy Anniversary wishes are extended to Jason and Kristen Hippenhammer on Friday!  Many thanks to Darren Rych for pulling the trailer so the Petersen family could have a break.  Much appreciation to Robert Gates for drumming again this week.  He has a sweet spirit and is quite skilled on the drums.







October 26, 2015:



Hi, friends!  Welcome!


Pastor Billy wrapped up the month by serving Communion and then answering many questions submitted by our local members and online friends.  Some were ofgeneral theological nature, but most were focused on the paranormal/occult theme since we are nearing Halloween. From “preaching to the dead”, Satanism, grottos, bottle trees, the tradition of throwing wedding rice, to the name of Beelzebub (BeelzeBUBBA for our readers in the Deep South!), we surely all learned something we didn’t know from scripture readings from audience volunteers. It was informative and fun!


Thanks to Brenda Hajek for coordinating Pastor Appreciation and for putting together that beautifully wrapped box of your gifts, food treats, cards and other sweet things to bless the Knott's for this past year of service to us.  If you were not notified of this surprise, that means you are not yet on our church mailing list.  To fix that all you need to do is write your name and contact information on a connection card and drop it in the offering basket or the floral box on the welcome table.


Our awesomely talented Autumn Hensle created the most fantastic angel and devil balloon figures to finish up October’s sermon series!  Did you see them after service?  Instead of making a stampede for the door after the dismissal, many of our youth stayed in the lobby enthralled with watching “Magic Autumn” twist all kinds of funkadelic balloon animals and flowers for them to take home.  This is usually how he makes his money, but he did this for us for FREE just because he is such a nice guy.  Folks, that right there is how you can bloom where you are planted and put your unique gifts and talents to work in God’s Kingdom.   If you have need of a clown,party magician, or balloon artist for upcoming events, consider hiring Autumn.


Women going to AMC Theater in New Lenox this Tuesday for the Chonda Pierce documentary, “Laughing in the Dark” are asked to arrive near 6:30 pm in hopes everybody can sit together at the 7 pm showing.


The “Act Like Men” fellowship supper at the Smit house was well attended Tuesday. Some of the guys had never before tasted collards, smothered chicken or Great Northern beans.  Living in America, how could that be??  They enjoyed themselves, and several took dessert home for family.   This group is not exclusive, and welcomes new male faces.  There is no meeting October 27th.

“Trunk or Treat” is Saturday here at the church parking lot.  Show up at 9 am if you are decorating your car.  Thanks for the candy donations!  Remember Halloween is the perfect time to drop a sermon card into the candy pails of your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters.  Don’t miss this prime opportunity for free advertising!


Ladies, a new six week study called “Advent of the Savior” begins Thursday, November 5th at Sue Mulder’s home. 6:30 pm is fellowship, and study is 7:00 - 8:30 pm. There is no book to purchase, and the course is FREE.  Also, your new women’s ministry t-shirts have arrived. $20 is due when you pick up your shirt.


Several names are already on the sign-up sheet for the women’s Christmas luncheon at Antigone Moore’s home on December 5.  Cost is $5.  Ornament exchange is optional.  She is excited to open her house for this, so let’s have a good attendance and strengthen some friendships!


Gianna Tamya Baker celebrated her 11th birthday last Monday, October 19th!  We just love this smiley-faced girl, so next time you see her, be sure and give her a great big birthday hug.  Greg Struck, we are sending you Happy Birthday wishes on the 29th!  Our “sound guy”, Doug Arnott, celebrates his big day on the 31st! 


Next Sunday is CINNAMON ROLL SUNDAY. It is also TIME CHANGE.  Roll your clock BACK an hour.  We are asking you to arrive near 9:30 next week to enjoy your coffee and pastries with each other and get to know the people you worship with here.  It will be fun.  November sermon series will be “At the Movies”.  Bring a buddy, and check it out.   Look after each other, and we hope to see you Sunday!








October 19, 2015:



Good Monday morning to all of you stopping here to read today’s newsletter!


We appreciate all who came out Sunday to hear Pastor Billy’s third message, “Witchcraft and the Occult”, in the October “Angels & Demons” series.  His text was primarily from Deuteronomy 18, with references to 2 Corinthians 5,11,12, and 1 Peter 5.  Among other topics, he taught us what the Bible has to say regarding Ouija, Tarot cards, astrology, séances, and palmistry.  If there are questions rolling around in your head regarding angels, demons, or anything else related to the paranormal or spirit world, this is your last opportunity to send those questions to him in time for them to be addressed in next Sunday’s Q&A service.  Our long-distance, online followers are also encouraged to send in questions. Phone, text, or email is fine.  Thanks to all of you who have already participated.  We expect to learn a lot.


We appreciate Robert Gates for drumming with the worship team.  It was his first Sunday, and he showed up well prepared and hit the ground running..  The crew immediately liked him. Thank you, Robert!  Thank you, Sue Mulder for helping the guys stack chairs after service.  Appreciation to Darren Rych for pulling our trailer and giving the Petersen’s a well-deserved rest.  Volunteering is noticed here and much appreciated!


“Act Like Men” Men’s Ministry group will share a home-cooked meal together October 20th, 7 pm at the Smits’ house in Frankfort.  The guys have requested a “southern supper”, so go expecting “smothered fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and all the country fixin’s.  (Gravy will be considered a beverage.) Even if you don’t usually attend, this would be a good night to check it out. If you are not a regular attender, be a good human and RSVP totammy@therevolutionchurch.org so she will know how many chickens to pluck.


Antigone Moore is excited to open her home for a Women’s Christmas Lunch on Saturday, December 5th!  How hospitable is that! The invitation is extended for ALL ladies who call Revolution their church in an effort to help us get to know each other better.  Some of us have small children, others work evenings, some live too far, and some are simply uncomfortable attending weekly home Bible study, and that is all understandable, so here is an alternative activity that should be fun and stress-free.  Watch for the sign-up sheet soon.  Mark your calendar now!


Ladies, your usual “Time Out” date has been changed this month.  Tuesday, October 27 at 7 pm you are invited to attend Christian comedian, Chonda Pierce’s, movie, “Laughing in the Dark” at AMC Theater in New Lenox. This is a one night only showing.  Tickets are $12.50.  Michelle has purchased a block of them so that everybody can sit together, so contact her at michelle@therevolutionchurch.org to RSVP.


If you haven’t done so, and want to participate in “Trunk or Treat”, go shopping THIS WEEK, and bring some bags of candies or fun holiday treats for us to share with the community’s children on Halloween. Put your donations in the large trash can marked “CANDY” at the door. Our families who are decorating their cars for the event appreciate you helping fund this outreach.


Happy 52nd Birthday wishes going out on the 24th to cowboy Randall Parker, one of our online friends who loves us from afar!  Saturday is also our sweet little Diana Lopez’s birthday, so shower this young lady with lots of love.  From Launch Sunday to now, this girl has been a faithful nursery worker and stage packer-upper, and so often has encouraging words to share.  She is a diamond, and we wish her much happiness this year.


We want to see you back next Sunday for Communion and for the conclusion of the sermon series.  Again, make an effort to be a tad early so there is minimal distraction to the worship service in progress.  Your music team works hard to prepare, and if you are late, you miss out.   Thank you, visitors for coming. Thank you, members for staying the course.   Have a blessed week!                   --------- Tammy









October 12, 2015:



Pull up a chair, friends, and let’s talk about what is happening at Revolution this week!


We continued our “Angels & Demons” series with the second message, “Satan and the Church” and another comical “Interview with the Devil” video. (Now you guys know why your BBQ grill’s gas tank is so frequently sitting on “E”.) Scripture text was from Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, and Matthew 4.  Remember that the last Sunday of the monthPastor Billy will answer questions we have about Satan, spirits, occult, and anything related to angels and demons. You may write your question on your connection card or text it to him at 425-501-7479 or email him at:  PastorBilly@theRevolutionChurch.org 


Thanks to the Smiths for hosting our “Next Steps” membership class and pizza lunch after Sunday’s service. We appreciate those of you who showed up to eat and mingle with Pastor and other leaders.  We hope your questions were answered, and we hope you will choose to stay and worship here.


The Women’s Ministry “Hello My Name Is” breakfast event was well attended, and there were many positive comments regarding this Saturday gathering. Michelle Grifford shared her testimony, and Jan Poort served as hostess.  Thanks to those who rolled out of bed and attended.


Orders are now being taken for Women’s Ministry T-shirts.  You can see the design by going to Revolution Church Women’s Ministry page on Face Book.  The order is being placed Tuesday, so be sure to specify your size.  Cost is $20, and payment is due in two weeks when you receive your shirt.


Ladies, your usual “Time Out” date has been changed this month.  Tuesday, October 27 at 7 pm you are invited to attend Christian comedian, Chonda Pierce’s,movie, “Laughing in the Dark” at AMC Theater in New Lenox. This is a one night only showing.  Tickets are $12.50.  Michelle has purchased a block of them sothat everybody can sit together, so contact her at michelle@therevolutionchurch.org to RSVP.


The “Act Like Men” Men’s Ministry Tuesday night group will share a home-cooked supper together October 20th, 7 pm at the Smits’ house in Frankfort.  Even if you don’t usually attend this gathering, this would be a good night to check it out. New faces are always welcome. Email tammy@therevolutionchurch.org to RSVP so she can plan the food.


Many thanks to our newest volunteers who see a need and step up to fill it. Yesterday’s chairs were quickly put away because a couple of the fellas jumped up and just did it. There are so many areas where your service is needed.  Muscles are always appreciated to pack up the equipment and tote bins to the trailer following service. Children’s Ministry, Ushers, Greeters, Tech Team….. There is place for YOU if you will help us by taking your turn.  None of the jobs are hard, and we will quickly teach you what you need to know so you can do a good job.  Look around next Sunday.  If you see someone doing something that interests you, ask them how you can do it, too.  You can also mark your connection card to volunteer.


Please consider sharing our GO FUND ME page on your Face Book, so we can get the funding needed to purchase our own building!  You can see a photo of the property on Revolution Church’s Face Book.  THANK YOU to the families who are supporting this opportunity!  Many of you and your circle of friends give to charities near the holiday season, and this year we ask you to consider donating to us.  We need you to act quickly before our window of opportunity closes. What an incredible blessing it would be to have our very own home and skip all this set-up/tear-down each weekend!


Happy 23rd Anniversary wishes are going out to Phil & Michelle Grifford this week!  Also, Cole Thomas Rogers celebrates his FIRST birthday today! YAY!  Who else is celebrating?  Let me know!


We wanna see all of you back in church next week.  Come a little before 10 a.m. so you can pour your coffee, have your children settled in the nursery and be in your seat ready to worship with the first song.  If you haven’t done so, and want to participate in our “Trunk or Treat” outreach, go shopping this week and bring some bags of candies or holiday treats for us to share with the community’s children.  Just drop your goodies into the specially marked trash can near the door. Thank you for doing this, and thank you for everything else you do to keep this church operating smoothly.  Next sermon is “Witchcraft and the Occult”…. a most timely topic for the approaching Halloween season. Come listen!







October 5, 2015:



Happy Monday, friends!


Yesterday Pastor Billy kicked off the October message series, “Angels and Demons” with a hilarious “Interview With The Devil” video and text from Ephesians 6, Acts 19, and Mark 5.  This is promising to be a highly interesting month with much Biblical teaching about Satan, the supernatural, spirits, the Occult, and paranormal activity.  Remember the final service of the month will be devoted to answering YOUR questions about these topics.  Several of you have already sent in your questions, and he thanks you for that.  You may text yours to Pastor at 425-501-7479 or write it on your connection card and drop in the box on the welcome table or in the offeringbasket.


So many of you commented on the great big basket of balloon flowers on the hospitality table.  That unique arrangement was created by Autumn Hensle, a local balloon artist/entertainer, who was visiting for the first time. Those latex blooms were certainly popular with the children, and when he stepped up and began helping pack up the stage after church, he quickly became popular with the tear-down team, too! We just love folks who are willing to work.  Thanks so much to Bryan Milligan for lugging lots of the heavier stuff to the trailer for us.  We appreciate people like him who see a need and fill it.

We were happy to welcome Luke Wetzel and his gorgeous guitar to the music team yesterday. He is another newcomer who steps up and says, “I will help”, and gets busy assisting the tech team or packing up the stage. Thanks to Justin Graniczny for drumming and carrying lots of our equipment back and forth both early and late. Thanks to Josh Corbin for volunteering with camera ministry so our long-distance friends can enjoy watching the sermon online.  We appreciate EVERY person who serves in any capacity at this church, and for those who don’t hear it enough, hear it now: THANK YOU!


Appreciation to those who are bringing bags of Halloween candies for “Trunk or Treat”.  We expects LOTS of trick-or-treaters in the church parking lot, so if you cannot decorate your car, please support our families who ARE participating by sharing some treats for them to pass out to the little ones. There is a large garbage can near the sign-up table that is clearly designated for your donations.


Jan Poort is opening her home on Saturday, October 10th for a Women’s Ministry breakfast!  Michelle Grifford will be sharing her testimony that morning, and all women are invited to join them.  How nice is this?  Thank you, Jan!  Please be thoughtful and let them know you are coming so they can plan the food.  just email: Michelle@theRevolutionChurch.org 


Are you going to the First Steps class on October 11? Bob and Heather Smith are hosting, and they invite you to come hear what Revolution Church believes and to hear our vision for this ministry.  This is an opportunity to meet with many of the leaders and ask whatever questions you have.  There is no obligation to join. No strings attached.  Just check it out.  RSVP to PastorBilly@theRevolutionChurch.org so they can plan for enough food.


Money is coming in for the down payment for our own church building, and we invite you to help us reach our goal!  THANK YOU to the families who are stepping to the plate and contributing to the fund. We know many more of you are planning to donate, including those in our long-distance viewing audience, and many who come to this page to read every Monday. Don’t just be a “looky-loo”!  We need your support, and we need it now. Put your money where your mouth is!  If you are a person who habitually goes to Starbucks to tell Pastor how much you appreciate him and this church, then help us with this fund.  If you regularly message him from Washington, Wisconsin, Georgia, and states in between to compliment our music or check on our progress, then we ask you to help us financially, too.  If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t keep emailing us and showing up on this page week after week.  If we all open our hearts and our wallets, this is so very doable!


Our Christian Hively arrived safely at his National Guard training camp in Missouri Tuesday.  If all goes as planned, we expect to see him again near the Christmas holidays.  We will post his mailing address as soon as we have it.

Before closing this down, we have a birthday girl we must recognize.  Little Elisabeth Hippenhammer turned “four fingers old” on the 1st, and she is such a cutie pie.  We are glad her family has joined our family here.


I hope I haven’t missed any of your birthdays, anniversaries, or special events.  Give me a heads-up a week prior, and I will be sure to include your news from your small group or area of ministry.  See you Sunday at 10 am for “Satan and the Church”.








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