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September 21, 2014:



Hi, Friends!
Warm welcomes to all our visitors today!  We are glad you came to check out our church and this website.  Pour a mug of coffee, come back here, take your time, and explore. Click all the boxes and view each page here so you don’t miss out on anything we have to offer this community. Dozens of volunteers put in more hours than you probably realize each week to bring you inspiring messages, columns, worship songs, Bible studies, online prayer lists, and opportunities to serve. If you see something that tickles your fancy, don’t be bashful if you wanna hop aboard. There are no strangers on this train, and we will always scoot over and make room for a new friend.

We had several people stepping out of comfort zones this morning, so let’s acknowledge and applaud them:  Tom Williamson, you were a natural on stage giving the announcements.  Just one teensy reminder that bulletins contain “Connection Cards”…NOT “Corruption Cards”.  No worries, though.  It was funny, and we all knew what you meant. The band also thanks you for helping unload heavy equipment at the band room after service. 

Kevin Spell, you juggled your previously made Sunday plans to beat those drums for us again today, and we just love your smile and consistent positive attitude even when called on in the 11th hour.

Nick Vanderveen, began his first Sunday as Director of Security, and we welcome him to this position of leadership.  He is taking over the position from Brad Merkel who stepped aside for new job related responsibilities that demand much of his time.  We thank Brad for serving well since we launched, and we will continue to worship with him and his family here.

Phil Graniczny is usually quietly thumping on his bass guitar, but today he sang an impromptu solo with the team.  Johnny Cash fans quickly recognized “Folsom Prison Blues”, and we had a good time with that before we began worship.

Thank you to Geno for helping clear the stage and for all the other new volunteers who decided to shoulder some responsibility and help out around here.  The “worker bees” notice!  We appreciate you!

Bob Smith conducted a quick meeting after service for folks interested in “Transforming Lifegroups”, also known as “small groups”.  Sign-up sheets were passed, but it is not too late to jump in if you are interested in attending, leading, or hosting a group beginning in October.

Remember this Saturday, September 27th, 9 - 11:30 a.m. Revolution Church will be serving the Children’s Hunger Fund in Homewood, IL.  This is a family friendly outreach to support other families in need.  Most likely we will be helping pack 20 lb. boxes with staple food items that will help feed a family of five for about a week.  Since we are scattered all over different communities, we will drive independently and not travel as a group.  You can contact Mark Fischer for more information at  You are welcome to join us!

It was a marvelous surprise to look up and see our Leslie Graniczny come walking through the door all smiley-faced today!  Couple months ago this lady was knocking on Heaven’s door, but God was good and let her stay with us.  She goes in for surgery again tomorrow for a couple of pressing issues related to that ICU drama, so remember this family in prayer this week.  You can find other online prayer requests on our Home Page, and we will be happy to include yours if you let us know.

For the first time since Launch Sunday there are no birthdays or anniversaries to share.  I apologize if I missed anybody, but I’m not psychic, so if you don’t tell me, I don’t know.  Thank you to each person who remembered to pass out the September sermon cards.  If those cards remain unseen, it is just money down the drain, and we sure don’t want that.  Leave them in public places, or share with friends and neighbors to publicize this church.  Today Pastor Billy preached about the Antichrist, and next Sunday ends the Revelation series with a message about the return of Jesus.  This is exciting stuff, so come join us next week at 10 am.  Have a productive week, and remember to be kinder than necessary because a lot of folks are fighting dragons you cannot see. 









September 14, 2014:


Hello again!


Those who made the effort to roll out of bed and show up at church today were rewarded with not one but TWO memorable services! In the first, Pastor Billy continued his series, “Revelation”, with a message titled, “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.  The 144,000 and the Tribulation were also covered. With text read from Revelation Chapter 6, verses 1-8, one by one the riders entered the stage cloaked, faceless, and menacing, and wandered silently while Pastor preached. Face coverings correlated with the color of their Biblical horses.  CONQUEST (Blaine Petersen) represented the white horse and carried a bow and wore a crown.   WAR (Phil Graniczny) represented the fiery red horse and wielded a double- edged sword.   FAMINE (Cynthia Petersen), carried an antique measuring scale and symbolized the black horse.  Finally, DEATH, (Bruce Smit) representing the pale horse, appeared carrying a reaping scythe and wearing a necklace of human bones. What attention grabbers! Applause for the Petersens’ costuming and creative imaginations that designed the look of the characters.  A special thank you to Howard Turner for lending WAR his sword that he brought home from a raid in Germany decades ago as a teenage soldier!


10 minutes after dismissal the second service was called to order, and we were tickled to pieces to be part of Revolution Church’s first wedding! Two of our launch team members, Allison Miller and Brad Merkel, are having a destination wedding in Aruba in a few weeks, but they were gracious to do a simple ceremony today so that we who cannot make the trip, could share in their joy. Little Braden served as Ring Bearer, and Noel Knott sang “All of Me” during their Communion. “Bless the Broken Road” was played while this beautiful couple stood on stage and soaked up the love, hugs, and good wishes poured on them in the receiving line.  We are forever grateful these folks are in our church family, and we wish them decades of happiness as they continue their life journey together.


Ladies: Thursday, September 18, 7-8:30 pm you are invited to an evening of snacks and “Girl Talk”, a video of funny lady Chonda Pierce’s newest show.  Also, beginning September 25, you are invited to a 5-week Thursday study called “A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study” at the Knott’s house in Manhattan.  Books are $10. Get more info and sign up at the welcome center.


Gentlemen:  Mark Fischer once again opens his New Lenox home 6-8 pm Tuesdays for fellowship and a new study.  Bring a Bible, pen and paper and join a great group of guys as they study the book of James and learn to be mature leaders for their families. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the complimentary Chex mix! That is always on the menu there.   Woo-Hoooo!  


Thank you for the volunteers who are now managing our hospitality table.  We are adequately staffed for this ministry now!  We still need a few more willing workers to shoulder some responsibility with our children. Muscles are always welcome to help pack and unpack the U-Haul each week.  Who would like to learn to video the messages to show online? If you want to help us in these area, we can certainly find a job for you!


“Transforming Lifegroups” sign-up began today.  If you are interested in attending, leading, or hosting one of these small groups, join us for a quick informational meeting immediately after church next week, September 21.  Bob Smith is director for this ministry, and we welcome him and his wife, Heather to our family!


We are so proud to announce we have now added Sunday classes for 4th and 5th graders. Bring your children, and see what we have to offer!


Happy Birthday on the 19th to our Cheyenne Rhoades!  Special belated birthday wishes are going out to our drummer, Corey Schuldt, who turned 25 last week.  So sorry this is late, Corey. We appreciate how many hours you volunteer on stage each month, so we certainly didn’t mean to miss your special day.  We don’t want to skip anybody’s anniversary or birthday here, so if you let us know a few days in advance, we will be happy to include you on this page.


Check out the “Home Page” for online prayer requests. Let us know how we can pray for you.  Click “Wish List” to see items we need donated.   Click “Watch” to view any sermons you missed. “Revolution Kids Newsletter” is also available just by clicking.  Go browse.


This wraps up the news for today.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Join us next Sunday at 10 a.m. as Pastor preaches about the Mark of the Beast as we continue to make our way through Revelation. Come check us out, and let's learn together!







September 7, 2014:



Happy September!


Welcome back, friends.  We hope you were blessed by today’s service as Pastor Billy began this month’s new series, “REVELATION” with a message called “Warnings and Visions”. You will want to be here next Sunday when he will teach about the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.  If you are interested in studying End Times prophecy, you can review today’s message online by going to the Home Page Monday night and clicking “Watch”.


We had two of the most precious surprises come strolling through the front door this morning!  Our Cathy Price who moved to Florida last spring was all smiles seated in the front row, and it was awesomely great to see her again.  Her sister, Su Parker, who mourned for weeks after she moved, was ecstatic to sit beside her.  We are so thankful Cathy’s relocation has gone so smoothly down there.


The jaw-dropper for us all was to see Chris and Rich Portwood worshipping in the crowd! We thought Rich was having surgery to remove a brain tumor on the 10th, but without our knowledge he went in days early.  He was discharged from the hospital last night, and they drove all the way from Hoffman Estates to come to church this morning.  He only had a couple strips of tape on the back of his head, and was standing much straighter and walking more steadily since much of the pressure has been removed from the brain.  They were showered in hugs and love, and that right there  - up close and personal -  is what an answered prayer looks like!


Another answered prayer in our circle is Leslie Graniczny! She was in ICU and rehab for many weeks after kidney failure but came home this week! Feel free to jump up out of your chair right now and join the family in doing the Happy Dance.  She definitely took a lickin’ but kept on tickin’! Continue to pray she regains all the sensation in her fingers and toes and keeps on keepin’ on.


Today we welcomed Matt Sharpe to the stage on the bass guitar.  In addition to being a fantastic speaker and silly announcement guy, he is also a skilled musician, and it was a joy to have him play with the team since Phil had to work this morning.  Speaking of Phil, we didn’t realize just how much STUFF that guy hauls for us in his van until he was absent today.  After 6 a.m. the team was at the band room loading their personal vehicles with outrageous amounts of musical and stage equipment.  We looked like a caravan of nomads packed as full as we all were.  Special acknowledgement to Rich “R.B”. Benco who heard of our plight and drove all the way from Joliet with his large pickup truck to haul away most of the gear after service.  He has never attended Revolution, and did not even come inside, but sat in the parking lot patiently waiting to get to help.  How kind and thoughtful is THAT??  Thank you so much, R.B.  God will bless you for that act of kindness!


Ladies: Thursday, September 18, 7-8:30 pm you are invited to an evening of snacks and “Girl Talk”, a video of funny lady Chonda Pierce’s newest show.  Also, beginning September 25, you are invited to a 5-week Thursday study called “A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study” at Penny Knott’s house in Manhattan.  Books are $10. Get more info and sign up at the welcome center.


Gentlemen:  Mark Fischer once again opens his New Lenox home 6-8 pm Tuesdays for fellowship and a new study.  Bring a Bible, pen and paper and join a great group of guys as they study the book of James and learn to be mature leaders for their families. 


Diana Rowley (known behind her back as “Miss Pepsodent Smile”)  has a birthday on the 9th, and we cannot let this special day pass without showing her some public love on this page.  She is one busy lady here at this church.  Not only does she set up Communion, and serve with First Impressions, but she is also the reason so many of you get to enjoy our worship songs on You Tube and Facebook.  She rarely gets to relax and sing along in the crowd since she is busy taping the team each Sunday and posting our songs online.  We truly appreciate her willingness to serve.


Let’s also show some appreciation to Doug Arnott, our sound man.  He worked his paying job all through the night and was exhausted this morning, but he still came in to do sound checks and help set up the stage before crashing into bed.  That earns high respect.  Thanks, Doug! 


Brittany Batsch also earns dependability accolades.  Those who read our online prayer request page have seen where her grandpa, John Paul, has been in hospice.  Mr. Paul died a couple days ago, and even though Brittany was grieving hard, she acted responsibly and showed up this morning to take her place behind the camera. When you are enjoying watching today’s sermon online, she is the dedicated human you can thank. 


Hope to see everybody at 10 a.m. Sunday.  Cookies, coffee, and hugs are always free.  Stay after church if you want prayer.   That's free, too.  Again today there was laying on of hands and anointing with oil for those who wished to participate. Remember we are in a Random Acts of Kindness campaign, so look around, pick an unsuspecting person, and find a way to be a blessing this week!










August 31, 2014:


Well, hello again!


Thank you for coming back to read our latest news from Revolution Church! With this being Labor Day weekend and Frankfort’s Fall Fest and parade just down the road we expected a sparser crowd, but the attendance held strong with many new faces.  We just love visitors, and we thank you for coming to see what we are all about. 


Today was the 5th Sunday of the month, so that means it was “Family Day”. With the exception of the littlest wigglers and screamers having a whoop-ti-do big time in the nursery, all the other children joined us for worship in the sanctuary. We shared Communion together, and then our Matt Sharpe delivered the final message in the “All In” sermon series that taught about pain and loss. To tie into Matt’s theme, the worship team had prepared a most appropriate song from the smash hit Disney movie, “Frozen”, with Noel Knott singing “Let It Go”.  Think how much taller we could stand and how much better we could sleep if we would bundle up all our wounds and disappointments and simply LET IT GO. 


Another thank you is extended to drummer, Kevin Spell. Not only did he substitute for Corey, but he also came in early to help do stage set-up which was hugely appreciated. Our ever-faithful Oscar Hammerberg stepped up this week and began serving at the door and as an usher.  Bree Drotts also helped us tear down the stage and carry bins to the trailer.  See?  It’s not difficult to shoulder some responsibility here, and you have fun at the same time.  These folks did it, and so can you.  We still have volunteer opportunities at the coffee and snack table, as well as in Children’s Ministry, so who is going to step up and take their turn?  Once a month.  How hard is THAT?  JUST TRY IT! 


Next Sunday Pastor Billy kicks off our September message series, “REVELATION” with a sermon focused on “Warnings and Visions”.  Make plans now to come join us.  Service starts at 10 am at Hickory Creek Middle School, but if you come a bit early, you can grab a snack, a mighty fine cup of coffee, chat and just be neighborly.  Take a stack of our September sermon topic cards with you and share with friends, or simply leave in public places. These are found on the table just before you enter the sanctuary. Facebook friends, how about posting these cards on your pages and sharing with everybody in your address book?  This is a free way to advertise our church. 666, Antichrist, end-times prophecy, rapture, and Mark of the Beast never fail to intrigue people, so let them know what will be taught here.


SAVE THE DATE! Circle Saturday, September 27th, 9-11:30 am on your calendar.  Underline.   In red.  With stars.  This is our day to serve the Children’s Hunger Fund in Homewood, IL, and it will be a family friendly outing to support other families in need.  While the organization ultimately decides our duties when we arrive, most likely we will be packing 20 lb. staple food boxes that will feed a family of five for about a week. Everybody is invited, so let’s have a strong showing from Revolution.  It has been said the only time you should ever look down on somebody is when you are reaching to pull them up.  Let’s reach out.  Mark that date.


Most of Revolution’s school system employees are back on the job as nearly all of the local schools are back in session now.  Pray for our students as they kick off a new academic year.  From new kindergarteners all the way to college freshmen and adult learners, we have so many who are in class. Study hard!  


On a personal note, we are super sad to announce that Rich and Chris Portwood have relocated to Hoffman Estates to be close to Chris’s job.  She led our hospitality ministry, and Rich served as greeter, singer,  and  harmonica player. He has a 10th brain surgery just around the corner, so pray all goes well for them during this unsettling time of great change.


Happy Anniversary to Doug & Marlo Siegers on the 30th!  Matthew Vander Veen and Robert Fosen share a September 3rd birthday.  Matthew will be 11, and Robert turns 19.  Happy Birthday, guys!


Being a human is tough some days, so look after each other, listen between the lines, and be kinder than necessary.  We want you to live your best life, so get in touch if we can help you do that. We will post prayer requests online, if you let us know what you need.  Thank you, truly, for your labor, firm financial support, and encouragement as we continue to water and nourish our church plant.










August 24, 2014:


Hi, Friends!

Those of you sitting in the front row today might’ve wished you’d worn your rain ponchos and packed an umbrella after you got splattered by frigid water. While we are known for having church in nonconventional ways, what you witnessed was NOT a newfangled way of baptizing believers. Today we participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money to help find a cure for the dreadful muscle wasting illness also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.  Today’s three nominees were good sports and got drenched in a kiddy pool on stage after the message was delivered. Pastor Billy, our fearless leader, went first, then Matt Sharpe and Darren Rych stepped up next. Photos and videos are online now if you would like to see the fun we had. Owen and Lucas Arnott, Brittany Batsch, Brenda Hajek, Michelle Grifford, Penny Knott, and Becky, Makayla and Logan Sharpe have also already participated.  Several more from this church have already been nominated to take the challenge, so we look forward to seeing these videos posted on Face Book.

Visitors, we hope you felt welcome and were treated kindly. Kathy and Brooke Hoy from Seattle joined us, and then Dennis and Dena Matteson drove all the way from Wisconsin to see what we are all about.  We think that’s awesome that they made such effort.  How many first time visitors hop up and start helping pack up the stage?  Thank you, Dennis!  Ya’ll come back anytime.   We will see the rest of you back here next Sunday at 10 a.m. as we conclude the August message series, “All In”.  Now surely if people can drive all the way from Wisconsin and arrive early, the rest of us local folk can roll out of bed and get here on time. Next week will be Family Sunday and Communion, so children will get to stay with their parents in the sanctuary. Nursery will still be provided for the youngest wigglers and screamers, so there will be something for everybody.


We welcome our friend, Bob Smith, who is excited to serve as director of “Transforming Life Groups” or “small groups” as some of you call them. If you are interested in joining, leading, or hosting a group, Bob is the guy you wanna see. Click to email


High fives to Men’s Ministry leader, Mark Fischer, for hosting a BBQ at his home last Tuesday.  Many of our men enjoyed playing bags, hotdogs and hamburgers, and just hanging out together. Mark invites all men to his home Tuesdays at 6-8 pm for fellowship and Bible study.  This Tuesday they will watch a movie called “Courageous”  For directions or questions write

Big thanks to Geno O’Brien for heeding Pastor’s call for volunteers.  He helped us pack up and clear the stage today, and we truly appreciate his desire to not be a “Revolution couch tater”.  We still need more help.  Children’s Ministry has several openings since some of our wonderful volunteers are on vacation, in the hospital, having to work on Sundays, or have moved to other places to serve.  Follow Geno’s example, and ask us how you can help do your part.  If we all do a little, nobody has to do a lot!

Chris Portwood, the Director of Hospitality (think cookies and coffee) celebrates her birthday on the 25th. Kristen Mahar, who has worked with our youth and also served as a counselor, celebrates her special day on Aug. 31.  Happy Birthday, ladies! We love you!   Congratulations to Ed and Brittany Kirsch on purchasing their first home! We expect they will pack years of laughter and love in this house!

Remember to put your complimentary poker chip in your pocket or lay it out where you can be frequently reminded to be “ALL IN” and love God with all your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength! Thank you for all your volunteer hours. Bless you for your offerings that pay the bills.  Remember that the people here at Revolution are like pyramids.  The noticed few on the top could not be here without the firm support of the many unseen underneath them. God Bless!









August 17, 2014:



Happy Sunday, Friends!


Thank you for clicking on this page! We so enjoyed being in God’s house with you this morning.  Attendance was up, and we met several visitors who promised they will come back. Today you heard a different voice on the worship team.  Our harmonica player, Rich Portwood, sang “Draw Me Close”, and it made our hearts rejoice to hear him sing in public after many long years of sitting out because of physical difficulties from 27 years of brain cancer. There were tears, then cheers as he hit that final note.  Rich goes in for his 10th brain surgery in about two weeks, so make certain you remember to pray that he will get good results and fast healing.  He told us, “I’m gonna give that surgeon a piece of my mind!”  He is hilarious, and we can’t say enough nice stuff about this guy. You hit a homerun today, Rich!  If you want to hear his song again, it is posted on Facebook.


Attention MEN:  You are invited to an end of summer BBQ at Mark Fischer’s home Tuesday, August 19 from 6-8 pm.  Many of you remember how much fun it was the last time you met for supper there, so make plans to go again. You are encouraged to bring a friend or go make new ones there.  If you need directions or have questions, call Mark at 630-581-5539.  He is one of the nicest fellas you will ever meet, so don’t be shy about dialing that number.  RSVP today!


Leslie Graniczny remains in ICU since her kidneys got a wild hair and just up and decided to take a vacation. This has been an exhausting week for her family as they got up close and personal with the wonderful world of dialysis.  As of this afternoon, it appears things are finally looking up, and for that we are so grateful! We are praying hard and rooting for you, Leslie! Hurry back to us.  While Leslie is absent we need some folks to help fill her shifts in Kid’s Ministry.  Please, will you be a good soul and take a turn serving?  We need three people. THREE.  In a church this size this should be a piece of cake.


John Sharpe turns 14 on the 19th. This is one super fine boy – always polite and helpful and is an A+ helper when it comes to watching out for his younger siblings. Happy Birthday, John! Bree Drotts’ daughter, Lindsey Roe, turns FIVE the 21st .  Happy first day of kindergarten, too! Congratulations to Tom & Ginny Williamson on their IMMINENT anniversary. Tom leads our Seniors and Hospital Ministries, and is faithful every Sunday to help set up chairs and put out signs, and we love him for always showing up.


Today Pastor Billy preached about loving God with all our soul.  Next Sunday he will preach about loving with all our strength.  Come join us at 10 a.m. at the Hickory Creek Middle School, and let’s learn together.  There will be anointing with oil and prayers following the service for anybody who would like to stick around and participate. The last couple of weeks we have done this, and it has been a blessing for both those who need comfort and for those who enjoy praying for others. Nobody has it all together all the time, so don’t be embarrassed if you need some help. No judging. Just arms wide open to receive you.  We promise.


Loving each one of you even though it is probably not said near enough,









August 10, 2014:



Hey there!


Thanks to all who came out and joined us for worship at the Hickory Creek Middle School! We had two people accept Christ in our service last Sunday, and Jesus showed up again today. The message about loving the Lord with all our mind was spot-on, the music was energetic, and at the end of the service was a time of anointing with oil and laying hands on those who wanted special prayers for sickness or emotional pain. This type of group prayer was well-received and will most likely be seen again soon in future services. There is something greatly warm and encouraging to stand close and support each other in times of calamity or overwhelming distress of the human spirit. People are often fighting battles we know nothing about, so be generous with your kind words and hugs whenever you join us.


Remember that Revolution Church is in a Random Acts of Kindness campaign to spread love and make our presence known in this community.  The idea is simple.  Do something thoughtful for somebody and leave our calling card for the person to discover. Go to the Home Page and print out as many as you need. Use your imagination to make this fun.  Microwave popcorn bags left at Netflix boxes, nail polish left in a public bathroom, a watermelon left on a neighbor’s porch, magazines taken to a nursing home, a candy bar left on a co-worker’s desk….. Simple little pick-me-ups will brighten someone’s day. Go to our church Facebook page and share what your family is doing so others can be inspired.


We’re clapping and cheering for Darren Rych who just landed a fantastic new job. He is the network systems administrator for a large municipality near here. He manages the day-to-day installation, configuration, maintenance and life-cycle of servers in that city and also helps plan for future expansion. Darren reminds us, “God really does answer prayers, but only in his time.”  We know there are some other folks in this church who are busy preparing resumes and psyching up to sit for job interviews, and we are praying that you find favor and get hired where you can shine the brightest.


Remember to pray for Brenda Hajek as she is traveling to TN, SC, and FLA to visit family this month.  She will be driving for a total of 60 hours, and asks that we pray for safe travels and for her tires to hold up, because nobody has time for roadside drama.  Brenda, enjoy your vacation, and we will see you back August 25th. Give bear hugs to Pat and Grandma Mildred for us when you make it to Memphis.


Happy Anniversary to Denny & Patti Norman on the 12th! Happy Anniversary to Matt & Becky Sharpe on the 16th. We wish both of these couples many more years of happiness together. Happy 65th birthday and Happy Retirement wishes going out to our globe-trotting buddy TOM WOZNY.  We love you and Pat bushels and pecks, and are thankful for your encouragement as we nurture this church plant.


Diiiiing-Donnnnggg!! ….  No, you are not hearing the Avon Lady on your porch; that is the sound of wedding bells!  The Graniczny family was floating on endorphins this week, as they announced the engagement of their daughter, Heather, to Tim McDonald.  The couple has not chosen a date yet, but say they will probably marry next year, and we hope to be there to help throw rice. It’s been said, “What a difference a day makes”, and that is the case with this family.  Shortly after the engagement was announced Leslie was rushed by ambulance and admitted to ICU in acute renal failure. She had surgery Saturday and began dialysis today in hopes to get those kidneys doing what they are supposed to be doing. Leslie was on the schedule to help in children’s ministry, so we need some of you readers to step up and cover her duties while she is down for the count.  Who will help in NURSERY, and SIGNING IN OUR CHILDREN?  WE NEED YOU NOW.   Opportunities to serve are also open in YOUTH MINISTRY, CAMERA, and HOSPITALITY.   Help us grow!  Don’t be a couch tater.  Take your turn!


Thanks to all who have placed Revolution Church signs in their yards to make our presence known.  We appreciate that!  Another thank you to those who are taking our sermon series business cards and are leaving them in public places or sharing them with inquisitive people.  TAKE SOME from the back table.  We ordered 500, and don’t want to waste them.  This is an easy way to help publicize this church.  Frankfort Station interviewed Pastor Billy and wrote a very positive article on pg. 10 about our church’s relocation and mission. You will want to read it and save it for your scrapbook.  We have highest regards for reporter Becky Susmarski at that newspaper.


Remember several of our worship team songs are floating around on Facebook and YouTube, so check us out! Past sermons can be viewed by going to the Home Page and clicking WATCH.  We love you and look forward to seeing you Sunday.  Get in touch if you need us before then!









August 3, 2014:


Hi, Everybody!


Come in close, and let me tell you the latest news for Revolution Church! Attendance is still strong, and this morning we welcomed many first-time visitors who left smiling and saying we would definitely see them again. How wonderful!  Today was the first message in our August series, “ALL IN”, and we were inspired and encouraged to love the Lord with ALL OUR HEART.

Noel Knott has been busy in children’s ministry for a good while, so it was really fun to have her back in front of a mic again.  We tease her that there is surely a phenomenal black woman trapped inside her  fighting to get out, because this little white chick was born with an amazing set of pipes and an extra heaping helping of “soul”.  She sang “I Will Always Love You” – and YES, she DID hit the high notes! Whitney Houston would’ve been proud, and that’s saying a lot!  It was a year ago that Noel was in ICU on a vent after a horrendous car accident, but God was gracious, and she eventually got up out of that wheelchair and seems good as new now.  Thank you, Lord, for restoring her sass and sparkle!


Next Sunday we will learn what scripture teaches about loving the Lord with ALL OUR MIND. The message is called “Am I Losing My Mind?” With all the pressure and life stress we’re muddling through, I suppose most of us ask ourselves that question every now and again. I know I do.  Gonna be good, so get out of bed and be here. Straightjacketed folks are welcome, too, so if that’s you, then just come on as you are. We’ll feed you cookies and free coffee and be generous with the hugs.  You’ll like it here.


Our usual drummer, Corey Schuldt, was performing in a play downtown, so Kevin Spell from the band “Badd Penny” played drums with the worship team, and people loved him! The man never asked for a cent.  He just stepped up because he is a good human, and we highly respect that. Thank you, Kevin, for being so wonderful to give to us your Sunday morning and share the incredible talent God has put in your hands.


Congratulations to Kevin Ward on finally saving up enough money to purchase a motorcycle!  This guy has been working ridiculous overtime to achieve this goal, and today he came proudly cruising up on his Honda Shadow 1100 classic.  A few minutes before service was to begin Pastor Billy apparently heard the highway calling his name, so on he hopped, and off he roared leaving us to eat his dust and pick up our jaws off the sidewalk. Nothing wrong with a little joy ride on a gorgeous summer Sunday, but we were mighty glad to see him come rolling back up in time to start church with both kneecaps intact.   


Several of our ladies felt they took a trip to bayou country Thursday night.  Allison Miller, the sweetest little thang that ever came out of Louisiana, opened her home for “Cajun Night”, and it was a hoot.  Brenda Hajek helped her with hours of food prep on Wednesday, then Allison simmered jambalaya and gumbo all night. Those attending brought a side dish or a dessert, and had a real good time just eating and gabbing.  We had some new people show up, so that was fantastic! Next time Allison offers to cook, elbow to the front of the line to sign up!


Friday Blaine Petersen celebrates his birthday, and we just cannot brag on this guy enough.  From overseeing the packing and unpacking of the U-Haul every weekend to leading the chair ministry, Blaine is consistently faithful to do his jobs and do them with a standard of excellence. He is quiet, but he is one of the most intelligent people you will ever know.  If ever you are stumped on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", and you need to phone a friend for help, call HIM.   Thank you, Blaine, for doing what you do to help Revolution thrive. You are so loved!


Special thoughts are going out across the miles to “Cornelius”, a quiet, behind the scenes supporter, who is recuperating from some emergency surgery.  Don’t be discouraged, friend.  August will treat you kinder than July did.  It will get easier.   Hello to Lisa and Brittany who wanted badly to be in church but had to work.  Let us remind you girls and the rest who missed service that previous messages are online.  Just go to the Home Page and click “WATCH”.  Our praise and worship songs often appear on Facebook and You Tube, so remember that, too.  While you are on the Home Page, check out our prayer request page.  We will be happy to include your needs if you let us know.  WISH BOOK is also on the Home Page.  Go there and see what items you can donate to help us.  The biggest need right now is an enclosed trailer to haul our equipment and supplies to and from church.  Weekly rental has been expensive, so be on the lookout for a trailer.  This is a NEED not a WANT.


If you would like to place one of our Revolution Church signs in your yard to help advertise, contact Pastor Billy. Also watch the Frankfort Station newspaper this week for another article about this church.   We’ve been busy, busy, busy!   Have a fantastic week, and call us if you need us.  God bless!









July 27, 2014:


Welcome back to “What’s Happening”!  Thank you for stopping in again to read our weekly news.  We had a good crowd with many new faces this morning, and that is exciting!  We hope you enjoyed the snacks and coffee and felt comfortable with us.   We completed our July message series, “Debunking Spiritual Myths”, by answering questions most frequently texted to Pastor Billy this month.  The plan was to cover only three, but he was flooded not only by our actual church family, but also received questions from several out of state supporters, so he answered ten!


Feel free to continue to mail Pastor your questions for possible inclusion in a second “You Asked For It” message coming soon. Monday night you should be able to view the message by going to the Home Page and clicking “WATCH”, but in case you missed, here are today’s discussed topics:


Is it a sin to drink?


Are tattoos sinful?


Can I lose my salvation?


Do people who commit suicide go to Hell?


Do gay people do to Hell?


What about children in Heaven?


Is it ok for people from other churches to judge me?


How can creationism and evolution both be correct?


Is it a sin to cuss?


And finally…..What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it’s all about?    




Next Sunday at 10 a.m. Pastor begins his August sermon series, “ALL IN”, which will teach us how to better love the Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength.   Surely, by now you know this will be good, so invite your buddies and come out to see us. 


Thanks to all who are participating in the Random Acts of Kindness outreach to our community.  The idea is simple.  Do something thoughtful for a stranger and leave them a pre-printed note explaining they have been blessed by somebody from Revolution Church. Contact info for the church is on the card, so this is a great way for us to make a good impression.  Visit the Home Page and print out what you need to get started.   Be creative and have fun with this!


Let us also encourage you to pocket a stack of our August business cards that announces each week’s message topic.  These are perfect to hand out to people who might be curious about this church.  They are also easy for bashful folks to leave in busy public places.   Last week cards were seen atop a vegetable scale, inside a coke cooler, and even wedged into a bunch of bananas down at the Wal-Mart.  This takes minimal effort, and makes our presence known.  We do not want to find even one card left untaken four weeks from today.


We need volunteers!  If you attend regularly and are blessed by the music and messages, and your babies are enjoying children’s ministry, then we are asking you to step up and become a PARTICIPANT instead of a SPECTATOR.  About 20% of the people are doing 80% of the volunteering, and there is something wrong with this picture.  We are currently in need of helpers in nursery, children’s ministry, and Wednesday night youth group.  This might come as a shock, but the donuts, cookies, and your complimentary beverages are not magically set out overnight by coffee fairies.  Hercules does not stop by to pack and unpack our U-Haul each Sunday. Real people just like YOU are shouldering responsibilities to keep this machine running smoothly, and some of them need a breather.  The jobs are NOT hard. Can you lift heavy things? This is a portable church, so ask about tear down and set up.  Can you burp a baby and operate a rocking chair? Do your grandkids think you are a super cool granny or papaw?  Our youngest members in this church can hugely benefit from what you have to offer.   Please get in touch to see where you can best serve. 


Happy Birthday to our beautiful 15 year old Annie Bowes on the 29th !  Matt Sharpe, better known as that hilarious “announcement guy”, celebrates his birthday Wednesday. Besides Alpine yodeling, duck herding and Yak wrestling in his free time, he helps with check-in and anything else that is needed here, and we love and appreciate him for bringing to this flock the gift of laughter.  Happy 23rd, Matt!   (Insert claps and cheers here.)




Haters gonna hate, but don’t get weary and quit! Remember that what God knows about us is infinitely more important than what others say about us. We have good folks faithfully attending Revolution who never had a church home until we opened our doors.  We have others full of anxiety and sorrow who show up online asking for counsel and prayer days after Sunday’s final amen.  Our praise and worship videos shot by Mike & Diana Rowley and Su Parker are being viewed and shared all over the internet.  We are doing many good things that are helping to build God’s Kingdom.  Come alongside and help us!


See you next week! Call us if you need us before then.  We are here 24/7/365.









July 20, 2014:


Hi, Friends!


We sure enjoyed worshipping together today at our new location at Hickory Creek Middle School in Frankfort. It is spacious, modern, and comfortable, and we are grateful to have relocated where we are visible to thousands of passing motorists. Next week finishes the series, “Debunking Spiritual Myths” and Pastor Billy is asking for YOUR input for this final message. If you have a question that puzzles you about life or the Bible, message it to Pastor.  The most frequently asked questions or topics will be addressed next Sunday, so put on your thinking caps and submit your ideas. Nothing is too off the wall, so speak your mind.


Our Leslie Graniczny and her daughter, Heather, both celebrated birthdays this week.  Leslie has been faithful to serve in the nursery loving on the tiny ones. Sending out very special 19th birthday wishes to Lauren Gross down in Kankakee, IL.  Lauren is on a vent and has no way to get to Frankfort to worship with us, but she follows our progress from afar via laptop.  Lauren, when you and your dad read this, know this church loves you!


Darren and Mishel Rych celebrated their fifth anniversary on the 18th.  This couple has been so valuable to Revolution by volunteering in children’s ministry and also helping with anything computer related.  Darren was the guy always perched atop a ladder hanging stage lights at Founders Center.  Thank goodness our new site has fantastic lighting that only requires the flip of a switch, so Darren gets the gift of being able to sleep later on Sundays.   Lucky dog!  Now, if only we could install a switch that would unload the U-Haul and staff the nursery, we’d all be happy campers!


Sarah Kawka has just been accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing.  Her classes begin in September. YAY! Congratulations! There is always room in this world for another smart and caring nurse.


Our beloved Ron Hajek would’ve turned 68 on the 21st.  His military memorial service will be Monday, July 21stat 2:30 pm at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood.  You are invited to attend this, and also go back to Brenda’s home to enjoy hot dogs and Ron’s favorite treats afterwards. If you are planning to eat, be sure to RSVP to Brenda TODAY, because we know how those hospitable Tennessee women love to lay out a spread for guests.


Attention LADIES!  A new Thursday Bible study, “Unglued”, begins August 7 from 7:00-8:30 pm at Pastor Billy’s home.  For questions or sign up, email  This is a great opportunity to make new friendships and strengthen old ones.


So many of our people are still galavanting all over the country on vacation, so to those of you reading this column from your hotel room or poolside know we miss you and are eager to see you back  with us very soon. Go to the home page and click on WATCH to view the sermons you have missed.   Huge thanks to all the good people who are pulling double duty while other volunteers are away enjoying summer.  Even if we fail to thank you enough, God keeps good records of all your efforts.


See you next Sunday at 10 a.m.  As always, free coffee, free hugs, and warm welcomes no matter what your story.









July 13, 2014:




So how did you guys enjoy our first service at Hickory Creek Middle School? Wasn’t that a comfortable and nice looking facility?  How ‘bout them donuts?  Don’t know about you, but FREE is my favorite flavor!  In the least attended month of the year we had even more folks than we had last week, and that is exciting! We must tell you about our newest blessing to Revolution Church.  Jerry Hall, the building manager at the school, must be hiding wings under his T-shirt, because the guy has been an angel to make us feel so welcome.  Jerry is one big dude, and his heart is just as large.  Thank you, Jerry for making us new kids on the block feel at home.  Thank you for scurrying around the stage to help us successfully set up and be able to kick off on time.  We look forward to a most pleasant working relationship with you!


Pastor Billy no longer answers to “Hopalong” since that dreadful, clunky leg cast was removed Thursday.  YAY! Knee surgery and physical therapy can be a booger - not to mention a nuisance - when there is a church to plant, so pray that he can regain 100% mobility quickly, because the man has stuff to do!  Lisa Rizzo fell inside a horse trailer and is suffering almost the same injury as Pastor’s, so remember to pray for her Tuesday when she goes in for surgical repair.  Grace Bowes’s back surgery to correct scoliosis was successful!  She is recuperating at home and has been walking and making improvements.  Slow and steady, Grace! It will get easier.


We have heavy hearts to announce we are losing one of our favorite people here at Revolution Church. Today was the final service Chris Cahill will worship with us.  He moves to Missouri this week, and we contemplated putting a boot on his truck to keep him here in town with us just a bit longer.   From launch Sunday back in March until today, this man has been faithful to attend and nurture this church since it was a mere sprout. Never has he had a sour attitude.  Never has he said one bad word about anybody.  He came early, and he stayed late.  If we were handing out awards, Chris would win “Most Hustle” hands down! Today Pastor Billy called him up on stage where friends laid hands on him and blessed him for the journey south.  He was also surprised with a giant goodbye card with dozens of our signatures and love notes on it just in case he gets the blues before he makes new friends.


Claps and cheers for Deborah Cook-Kawka who just landed an excellent position as Marketing Director for Arden Courts of Hazel Crest, an assisted living facility for people with Alzheimers, dementia and other memory related disorders.  Good for you, Deb!  Now we will pray you can fill up that place with residents.   Congratulations to our Jordan Knott on getting her first job ever!  She is now an official salad maker at Aurelio’s Pizza and has the t-shirts to prove it!    


Big thanks to the following people who braved the muck and drizzle Saturday to help Brenda Hajek clean up her overgrown flower beds and lawn so her house can have more curb appeal for potential buyers. She and her mama, Miss Mildred, rewarded the laborers with a home-cooked lunch.  Thanks to the following people who got their hands dirty for Jesus this week:  Justice, Christian, Diana, Calvin, Bruce, Debbie, Shomari, Tammy, Mark, Penny, Blaine, Cynthia, Jordan, Su, and Pastor Billy.


Happy Happy 8th Birthday to our sweet little Lainey Leatherman!  Brittany Batsch’s mama just had a birthday, too, so we are sending good wishes to you, Diane! We adore your daughter!


Join us next week at 10 am as we continue the message series, “Debunking Spiritual Myths”.  Come early just as you are and get your hugs and free coffee, and then let’s worship together.   We love visitors!






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