February 17, 2014:

Hello again!


The informational meeting regarding our March 2 launch has just wrapped up, and we are so pleased to report Aurelio’s banquet room was FULL! Thank you so much for coming out and showing your support for our mission. Nearly 100 of you turned out for Q&A and to meet the faces you see on the Leaders page. That is fantastic attendance for a bitterly cold night in February. New friends were made over pizza. Folks volunteered to serve in different areas of the church, and some went home to mull over the info and pray about hopping aboard this train. Mark and Shomari Fischer’s twin daughters created the most colorful pop-up birthday cards, and we all signed and surprised Tom Williamson, Ed Kirsch, and Tyler Yost with them. The Fischers were very thoughtful and provided birthday cake for all of us to nibble.


We deeply thank all of you who contributed to our offering this week. We are still shy several thousand dollars needed to open the church, but without a doubt, we believe God will give us every cent we need…. ON TIME. Very special thanks to Mark and Chris Leahy for your gift. God will more than repay you for your generosity and your sweet spirits.


We keep asking our readers to frequently visit our WISH LIST to see what we most need. This week Blain and Cynthia Petersen’s family wins the grand prize for the pile of supplies they donated. Construction paper, glue, children’s scissors, crayons, markers, binders, clipboards, copy paper, lidded cups and boxes of tissues were supplied. That is a LOT of stuff. But WAIT! There’s MORE!


We have been in dire need of an enclosed trailer to haul our supplies and equipment to and from the Founders Center. Out of the blue, one of Cynthia’s clients offered to barter an unpaid bill by letting us use their 20 ft. enclosed horse trailer indefinitely! It is currently buried in a snowdrift on a farm, but we expect it to be in our possession next week. Isn’t that PERFECT timing? We are whistling and cheering for the Petersens for this most wonderful answer to prayer.


Can you bake homemade bread? If this is something you enjoy doing, then do we have a job for YOU! We’re looking for a person to bake loaves to share at our monthly Communion services. This is an honor, so if you can put on your apron and help, please contact us so we can plug you into this special area of service.


FISHES & LOAVES meal ministry is in need of volunteers. If you are a decent cook and would like to brighten days for Revolution folks who have been hospitalized, have a new baby, or are temporarily out of commission, then see Shomari Fischer and join her cooking team. Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven. We want to take the very best care of each other, and this is an easy way to show that we will stand by our people in their time of need. 


We need volunteers for our SIGN MINISTRY. These people will be responsible for placing direction signs at specific sites along the roadways to lead visitors to our church. After service, signs must be picked up again. That’s all there is to it. This is an easy but vital task. Contact Pastor Billy immediately if you want to be “The Sign GUY”.


Extra special tip of the hat to you, Denny Norman, for coming alongside and speaking words of affirmation and encouragement. You have no idea how our hearts leapt after you spoke blessing over us. 


Check in again soon, as things are progressing quickly. WISH LIST and Prayer Request pages are regularly updated.








February 14, 2014:

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I hope you are stuffing your face with sweet treats while you read these updates. Hopefully, you can finish browsing our website before you lapse into a chocolate-induced coma.


If you click on the Leaders page, you can see and read about the newest faces to join our crew. It’s been a productive week as we have five leaders to introduce:


Nylls will be responsible for filming our services to view online so all of our long-distance friends and supporters can feel like they are here with us. If you want to get on his good side fast, surprise him with a bag of chocolate covered donuts and watch his eyes light up! 


Chris has been chosen to serve as church secretary and comes with years of experience from working at Elfco, their family’s business in Mokena. She is as sweet as puddin’, so get to know her. 


Blaine, our favorite “brainiac”, is now responsible for organizing crews to set up chairs so you will have a comfortable place to sit and worship. This setup/take down takes strength and stamina, so if you have muscles and can hustle, consider volunteering in this area. 


Revolution Church now has a finance team. Meet Dan and Mike who have the business smarts to help us run a tight ship. These men have made this journey much easier for us, and we appreciate all they have brought to the table. 


Remember to pre-register your children to save time at our first service. You will find what you need to do that on our Home Page. Check out the Prayer Requests as there are numerous updated listings there. Our really cool looking T-shirts are pictured on the Home Page and will go on sale March 2. You need $12 to take one home.


Tom Williamson, Leader of Senior and Hospital Ministries, has a birthday which is “IMMINENT”! (Sorry, Brother Tom, but I couldn’t resist that one.) On the 15th, let’s all think of him and send him good wishes. Eddie Kirsch, who serves on both Security and Tech Team celebrates his birthday on the 17th. Eddie is such a nice guy. His mama raised him right. Not only that, but she is talented, too. She runs Edible Arrangements in Frankfort, and is so sweet to send our Bible Study group gorgeous fruit bouquets to nibble.


SUNDAY FEB.16th 6 p.m. is our INFORMATIONAL MEETING at Aurelio’s Pizza in Frankfort. BE ON TIME, and bring questions for the leadership. Pastor Billy will share his heart and vision, and we expect a lot of people. Attendance obligates you to NOTHING, so feel welcome to participate. 


See you Sunday! 






February 12, 2014:

Hello, Friends!


Rick Abbott, one of the directors at “The Hub” in New Lenox, IL is donating to us a Mackie 24 channel mixing board! (For all you readers who are as clueless as I was, here is a simple translation: A really cool guy gave us a board with a whole bunch of buttons on it that blend music and voices and make them sound better together.) This is an expensive piece of equipment that we couldn’t afford to purchase yet, so if you see Rick out and about, be sure and show him some extra love. 


Our favorite Cajun sweetheart, Allison Miller, went to Colorado to ski with her honey, Brad Merkel, and got surprised with a hunk of a diamond engagement ring! When the photos and announcement were posted on Facebook, we clapped and cheered from across the miles. Brad leads our Security Dept. and Allison will volunteer in the nursery. They are hoping for an October destination wedding. 


Revolution Church T-shirts will be available for sale after church on March 2. The basic ones are black with our logo across the front and range from small to extra large. These will be great advertising for our church as well as a cool souvenir to commemorate this very precious Launch Sunday. Start saving your money so you can take some home with you. 


Church, we are asking you to pray for one of our greeters, RON HAJEK, who was diagnosed today with a form of leukemia called AML. In his case, chemo is not an option. He and his wife, BRENDA, our Hospitality Leader, have decided to try a new drug called Vidaza which is normally used to treat bone marrow failure. They will be busy getting treatments started quickly, so let’s all pray hard and step up and help our friends do anything that is needed to make this rough patch easier. 


Speaking of prayer, there is a button on the Home Page that lets readers know our prayer needs. Please visit often and join in with us. If we can help you pray about something, please get in touch. We are here to help.


Come again, and bring a friend. It’s always nice to have visitors.








February 11, 2014:

Hey, Everybody! Good to see you again.


Our biggest announcement today is a reminder of our INFORMATIONAL MEETING SUNDAY, Feb. 16th at Aurelio’s Pizza 9901 W. Lincoln Hwy in Frankfort, IL. Pastor Billy will be sharing his vision for Revolution Church and explaining “who, what, where, when and why”. The folks you see on our Leaders’ page will also be there, so so you are encouraged to bring your questions for them. Attendance in no way obligates you to donate or join this church, so even if you are just curious, we still want you to come and bring a friend. There is no food purchase required, but we encourage you to patronize this restaurant in appreciation for them welcoming us to their banquet room at no cost. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. SHARP, so be courteous and be in your seat on time.


Our counseling and student ministry leader, Kristen Mahar, and her husband, Mike, gifted us with 72 glue sticks, construction paper, Clorox wipes and small plastic storage bins. Our Women’s Ministry leader, Su Parker, supplied us with many boxes of tissues, napkins, and bottles of hand sanitizer. Thank you folks for paying attention to that WISH LIST on our Home Page.


The “Exersaucer” for our nursery friends was just donated by the Matt Sharpe family. Our friend, Kim Price provided the “Pack and Play” and a “Bumbo”, so our little ones are gonna have fun, fun, fun. Thanks, guys! A large collection of toys was discovered at the Founders Center, so we now have PLENTY of those to use. What a blessing to not have to haul bins of toys back and forth for church.


Church of the Savior all the way up in Rochester, MN has supplied us with 28 NIV Bibles! We also have a church planting consultant bringing us nearly 100 more from Michigan. Special thanks to Pete, Jim and Nancy for sending us love from across the miles, and to our favorite veterinarian, Dr. Larry Klaaren, for getting this snowball rolling downhill.


Renate Benske did a Costco run and blessed us with tea, coffee, stirrers, creams, sugars, and napkins. You can tell she likes her coffee, and apparently she wants you to enjoy yours, too. We appreciate this, Renate, and a big hello to all our friends at the Parkview campuses who follow these updates.


Dirk and Linda Lee, we received your donation today, and we send a big bear hug through this screen for your kindness and support. We need lots more of you to follow the Lee’s example and open those checkbooks and help fund us. We are nearly two weeks away from launching and still need your dollars to reach our financial goals.


WE ARE IN NEED OF AN ENCLOSED TRAILER AND A VAN to help us with the storage and transport of our supplies and stage equipment to and from services. Pass the word, and keep your eyes and ears open, because we know somebody out there can step up and be our hero. All gifts are tax deductible, so keep us in mind, and give us a hand up! 


WISH LIST items need to be donated by February 15 so we can organize, inventory, and be well prepared for our first service. Get in touch TODAY if you plan to provide items on our list, and we will arrange for pickup or delivery. The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention, so no procrastinating! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! 


Pastor Billy and I were interviewed by Rebecca Susmarski, Assistant Editor for The Frankfort Station and The Mokena Messenger newspapers yesterday at Starbucks. She was an absolute joy, and we thank her for helping spread the word about Revolution Church all across our community. The article is scheduled to run the week before launch, so watch your mailbox, and keep your fingers and toes crossed that she will do us proud.


See you Sunday evening!








February 7, 2014:

Good Morning, Friends!


Since we’ve announced The FOUNDERS COMMUNITY CENTER in Frankfort, IL as our new church home, we’ve been receiving thumbs up from many of our readers. WE are so happy that YOU are so happy! Texts, calls, Facebook messages and emails are coming in like crazy this week from people wanting to hop aboard this train and share in our ministry.


It has been said that a “church” is NOT a building, but rather its people. That is a good thing, because while we cannot move into our building yet, counseling, home visits, prayers with the sick, and just tending to busted up people has already begun. As we said before, some things cannot wait until March 2. There is contact info all over this website, so if you are in a painful place, don’t be embarrassed to get in touch and let us come alongside. We are not perfect people, but we all love Jesus, and we will do our best to help you get moving in the right direction.


Take another look at our LEADERS page, and click on the bios and get to know us better. As you can see, we continue to welcome new faces to our core team, and are humbled and amazed at the quality of people God is directing here to fill these positions so we can best serve you.


We are excited our WISH LIST is getting so much attention. Diana Rowley gave us two wooden baby gates for our nursery and children’s areas. Our volunteers herding little ones will make good use of these. Blaine and Cynthia Petersen’s family made a HUGE dent in our list of wanted items. They provided copy paper, printer ink, glue, markers, crayons, and numerous items for our hospitality table. When you are sugaring, creaming, and stirring your coffee before service, just know what you hold in your hands is the Petersens’ treat to you. Thanks to all of you who continue to share offerings with us. WE NEED THOSE FUNDS TO OPEN THIS PLACE, so be generous. You can never out give God. NEVER. EVER.


We want to send a special shout out to one of Pastor Billy’s former youth group students who is serving in the U.S. Army. Private Second Class JACOB DOWNS, we appreciate your service and are covering you with prayer as you read this in Afghanistan. Be safe, and first chance you get come visit us at Revolution. We will save you and your mama, Ms. Sunshine, seats of honor. 


TYLER YOST, our Senior High Student Leader and worship team singer/musician, celebrates his birthday this week, so if you see him out cruising in his ambulance, wave and throw gifts at him. We love you, Tyler!


More updates will be posted soon, so come back often!








February 6, 2014:

Friends and Family, gather around! I’m climbing on top of this desk with my megaphone to shout loud and proud that REVOLUTION CHURCH has found its HOME! After feeling like little birds without a nest, we now have a place to land, and we thank God for providing better than what we had even asked for! This is your cue to burst into the Snoopy “Happiness Dance” with us!


March 2, 2014 we will launch our first service at the FOUNDERS COMMUNITY CENTER, 140 Oak Street, in Frankfort, IL. Anybody who has been to Frankfort’s famous annual FALL FEST is familiar with this building that houses arts and crafts during that busy week. Those who have taken cover from summer storms during the town’s Concerts on the Green have enjoyed many a music show at this site. And now, it is our home base! 



We were forced to plant months earlier than ever expected, so we’ve been feeling behind the proverbial 8-ball trying to cram months of preparation into a few weeks to get the doors open and start serving our community. Between zealous realtors and many of you suggesting locations, Pastor Billy kept the roads hot checking out all the leads from warehouses and empty restaurants to gyms, cafeterias, and auditoriums within numerous Lincoln-Way schools. More than anything, we wanted an auditorium with a stage since music is such a humongous part of our church. For various reasons each site was either unsuitable, unaffordable, or unavailable. With our March 2 launch date nearing, we had eager followers but nowhere to put them. The skies kept snowing and snowing, and the clock just kept ticking…ticking… ticking. Oh, Lord, what to do??


At 11:17 a.m. yesterday, Pastor Billy sent an email to many of you asking you to join us in prayer in regards to finding a location. We thank all of you who took this seriously and helped us pray, because nearly an hour later, “God showed up and showed out!”


Although Pastor had already been to the Founders Center, hours later, he pulled over while driving and was praying for guidance when he felt impressed to return to that building near closing time. Psalm 37:23 tells us the steps of a righteous man are directed by the Lord, and we believe it, because at the end of the afternoon the Executive Director of the facility, Tom Carstens, stepped up, and with a heart wide open, turned our “mountain” into a “molehill”! Not only did he offer us a full gymnasium with a stage for our sanctuary, but a complete children’s area with a full nursery, a kitchen AND a fellowship area! But wait! There’s MORE…. Mr. Carstens then said instead of $800 a week we can have it for only $500! How awesomely gracious is THAT? These are more amenities than we ever dreamed of asking for and for much less than we would have paid at any of the many schools toured. We feel so grateful and humbled that we are serving an “on-time God”. This is a great reminder that sometimes rejection is just God’s way of saying “WRONG DIRECTION”.


We have a bit over three weeks to get this church in order, so there is no time for dawdling or piddling. If you have gifts and talents and desire to minister to The Last, The Lost, and The Least, speak now. Let us know you are out there so we can help you find the perfect spot to plug in with us. Go visit our WISH LIST, and go shopping TODAY. We still need your prayers and financial contributions. We still have room for people willing to push up their sleeves and help launch Revolution Church. Ask us what you can do to help!


Smiling til my cheeks hurt,








February 2, 2014:

Good Morning! Grab a chair, and let me tell you about our busy, busy week.


Revolution Church has an official number now, so be sure you enter this into your phone: 779-216-0376.


Larry Klaaren, our favorite “Pet Vet” is blessing our church with many NIV Bibles. These will be distributed during preaching for those who need to borrow, or given to those who don’t own a personal copy. So, Dr. Klaaren, for your generosity we PAWS to say we are FUR-ever grateful!


Steve Crabtree, owner of Beat Boogie Quality Custom Drums in Schererville, Indiana was most gracious to us and slashed – no— MUTILATED the price of a drum set. The Dean Schuldt family stepped up and purchased the set so our worship team could make some beautiful music for the Lord. 


Mr. Crabtree, this is your personal invitation to come to our March 2 launch and see how much joy your gift will bring to the community. We appreciate you more than you realize! Patronize Steve's business. We want to help those who help us.



Our lips are zipped, but an ANONYMOUS FAMILY slipped us a sizeable donation this week. Even though we can’t share your identity, God knows who you are, and we pray blessings all over you for investing in this vision. Thanks to DIANA & MIKE ROWLEY for their very special financial gift that made us whoop and holler! We appreciate every single one of you who has reached into your pocket and shared what you have with us.


WISH LIST -- Go there. Read. Shop. We need these items.


LEADERS’ page – We have MORE new smiling faces! Oh, thank You, Jesus, for people brave enough to step forward and say, “I’m willing. Use ME.” Click on each face to get to know these folks better. We want you to feel like part of our family, so read their bios. As we’ve said before, there are no strangers on this train, only friends you haven’t met yet.


The past two weeks our core team has been meeting for prayer, updates, clarification of job descriptions, and fellowship. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16, we swing wide the doors and welcome ALL OF YOU to come mingle and see what we are about up close and personal. The leaders you see on our website will be there as well as behind the scenes supporters, and Pastor Billy will be answering your questions about Revolution. We promise not to body slam you against the wall and pressure you to join, so it is ok to just be curious and come and listen. Let me repeat: LOOKY-LOOS ARE WELCOME! We start at 6:00 pm at AURELIO’S PIZZA at 9901 W. Lincoln Hwy, Frankfort IL. While we provide no food at this informational meeting, you are encouraged to stay and purchase your own meal afterward. We do believe in patronizing the businesses who support us. Thank you, JOE PASCALE for the banquet room!


Be blessed. Come again soon!







January 28, 2014:

Hi, friends! Thanks for your interest in Revolution Church. It’s good that you are here again, because we are just busting to tell you how good God has been to us as we move closer to our launch date of March 2! 


We are giving a standing ovation to an awesome church in Orland Park, IL for coming alongside and taking us under their wing so our children’s program can debut with a bang. From stacks of coloring and activity pages, unused curriculum, wall hangings and banners, to colorful, comfy, carpet-squares to keep your child’s behind warm on winter floors, this church saved us a pile of money! How kind for an established ministry to give a hand-up to an infant church that is baby-stepping.


A mom at Penny Knott’s preschool has offered to go through her children’s belongings and donate items we need to get us off to a good start. If you have pre-loved things in good condition you feel would be useful, check the Wish List on our Home Page, or write to Penny@theRevolutionChurch.org


You definitely want to check out the new section for CHILDREN on our Home Page and see what we have to offer. Staffing is almost complete, but we are still looking for a few more good souls to volunteer to serve just once a month with our little ones. Once a month. Seriously, that is not asking for much, folks. Raise your hand if you want to help. You are needed!


Sending a special shout out to Cathy Price for donating a popcorn popper to aid us in upcoming outreaches. She was the first to respond to our online WISH LIST, and we are most pleased that she got the ball rolling. Chris and Dan Gleason, how can we ever thank you enough for having tender, giving hearts that bless Revolution Church in ways the rest of us can only do in our dreams? Thank you for believing in us.


Mr. and Mrs. Sabey from Evilena’s Red Dresser in Frankfort, IL have offered to help spread the word about our church by permitting us to post our advertisements at their shop. How nice! Who else reading this page will let us post at your business? You can help be a part of this planting, and it will cost you nothing except a bit of window space you weren’t using anyway. 


I’ve been receiving frequent compliments on how inviting and professional this website looks by people mistakenly thinking it is my work. That needs clarification so credit goes where it belongs. I compose this newsletter, but the actual design is all created by Pastor Billy, our Web Master. He dedicated long hours and many days laying out what you see. Come here often, save us in your “favorites”, and tell your friends about us, too. 


If your heart hurts and you find yourself struggling with painful life issues between now and our launch date, please muster the courage to get in touch. Remember that this ministry exists for broken people who need some patching up. If that sounds like you, take comfort in knowing you will not be shamed or judged here. Some things just won’t wait until March 2, so we are here if you need us. Like Tom Bodett at the Motel 6, we’ll even leave the light on for you. 


Thanks for stopping by.






January 24, 2014:

Well, hello there, and welcome back to “What’s Happening”.   We’re so glad you are visiting our website again today.  If you click back to our Home Page you will see some new additions to our menu.
First, check out the WISH LIST.  This is a page where you can see the stuff we need to get this church up and running by our launch date of MARCH 2. With prices of items ranging from “El Cheapo” to “WHOA!! Are you SERIOUS?!” everybody can find something to donate that fits their budget.  When you give with love, God multiplies the gifts, and we will have all we need right on time.  This list will change frequently, so check in often.
Next, you will see our new BAPTISM and BABY DEDICATION pages. If you are interested in being baptized or having your children dedicated, talk to Pastor Billy who can answer all your questions and set a date for you. How exciting to be the FIRST baby blessed or to be the FIRST put under the water at our brand new church! Who will it be?  Photos will be posted on this page following these special events.
We have a new PRAYER REQUESTS page, too.  This will be updated frequently, so check it often to learn how you can best pray for our needs.

Click LEADERS to meet our newest staff members. We are humbled and  thrilled to welcome these willing hearts who are eager to roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches to help birth Revolution’s ministries. We may have all come over on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now, and the excitement is palpable!  Positions are still being filled as you read this, so help us pray that those good folks who share our vision and are stepping forward asking to serve will find their perfect niche so their talents can shine brightest for God.  Is there a fire in your heart to reach the LAST , the LOST , and the LEAST in our community?  Contact Pastor Billy right away and ask how you can plug in and make a difference. There is still room for YOU!


We currently have two contracts in the works to use a local school for our meeting place. We are hip-deep in red tape and paperwork as you read this, so we have to wait a few more days before posting our location.  Sorry about that.  As soon as we know, we’ll post it here so you can know, too.
Thanks especially to the Evans Family and the Mahars for their generous gifts this week! Oh, how we appreciate you! May God smile on you for what you have done. Next week we will post photos and tell you all about what the wonderful people from a neighboring church did to kickstart the ministry for our children here at Revolution Church.  It is amazing how people are coming out of the woodwork to help.  We can use YOU!  Get in touch TODAY.
Have a fantastic day, and we will see you again soon.




January 18, 2014:

Hi, Everybody!  I’m Tammy, and as editor of “What’s Happening”, I welcome you to our website! I hope you visit here often to read updates as we inch closer to the launching of REVOLUTION CHURCH. You can expect progress reports and a “Wish List” at least weekly, so you can share in our journey. Our kick-off service is Sunday, March 2, 2014.  There is so much to do, and so little time to do it, so we encourage you to climb aboard and use your gifts, talents, and resources to help us birth this ministry to reach the LAST, the LOST, and the LEAST in our community. There are no strangers on this train, so pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let me tell you our good news for this week.


What an exciting day this has been! We expect to have a dynamic music ministry here at Revolution Church, so we purchased a brand spanking new digital keyboard for our worship team Friday! Humongous thanks to Jason at Guitar City in Country Club Hills for looking at the grand total and saying, “Nah, we can do much better than THAT!” He cut us a super deal, and blessed us with his generosity. We appreciate Dean and Corey Schuldt for hauling it home for us.


We give a tip of the hat to Dr. Bruce Smit (podiatrist) & Dr. Pete Kahlhammer (dentist) for donating use of a spacious office for Pastor Billy to use for private spiritual counseling.  How nice!  Thank you so much, gentlemen!   Address is 9875 W. Lincoln Hwy., Suite 4, Frankfort, IL 60423.  This is on Elm St. beside Aurelio’s Pizza, close to Jewel on Rt. 30. You CAN’T miss it.  This is by appointment only, so no fair just showing up.


Dan “A Friend Indeed” Gleason, and Tom & Pat Wozny, you go above and beyond as supporters. What a blessing when friends joyfully share their decades of “business smarts” and teach us how to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.   Brad Merkel, George & Mary Schaeffer, Allison Bulot, and our two Anonymous fans, THANK YOU! God saw that.


The question we’ve been asked the most this week is WHERE are we meeting?  Contracts are under negotiation as you read, so within a week or so we should be able to announce the location we have chosen.


We do have a new mailing address to share:

Revolution Church

21201 S. Elsner Rd.  Suite 298

Frankfort, IL 60423


Between licenses, fees, leases, purchasing equipment and supplies just to open the doors, birthing a church is expensive! Who knew?? Claps and cheers for the many kind people who have already opened their hearts and wallets to help finance us.  If the Lord taps you on the shoulder and nudges you to give, we will joyfully add your donation to the pot and watch it grow.  People, this is a huge undertaking, but if everybody does a little, nobody has to do a lot.  Now….Who wants to help?


You can now contact us at Pastorbilly@therevolutionchurch.org . We will post our new phone number next week. 


Have a fantastic week, and whenever we come to mind, send up a prayer for us. Church planting ain’t for sissies!

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